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Where To Sell Your Website For Free – 5 Options

Selling your website that is currently making you money is obviously a big decision. 

You have worked hard to produce valuable content, attract links(maybe), monetize it well, stress about Google Updates or commission changes and now you are ready to cash in. 

But, you don’t love the idea of…

  • Paying to submit your website to only maybe be able to sell it
  • Someone receiving a sizeable chunk of the value you have created
  • Jumping through endless hoops to get your website sold
  • Not being able to sell your website fast
  • Speaking on the phone with potential brokers and buyers

Instead of needing to pay up to $250 to submit your website to see if it is worthy of being listed for sale or paying a listing fee regardless of whether or not it sells, like Flippa, here are some alternatives. 

Here are 5 options that will allow you to sell your website for “free”

1. MotionInvest 

I am a part-owner so obviously biased but…

MotionInvest is the only online website broker that provides an option to sellers where they can sell immediately for a fair all-cash price. 

  • Zero Fees for direct sales
  • No Listing Fee’s Ever!
  • No waiting months
  • No phone calls or speaking with buyers
  • Ability to get top dollar for your site if we sell it on the marketplace

Have a look at the cash offer you will receive along with the other selling options using the MotionInvest valuation tool – Free Website Valuation Tool 

There is never a listing fee at MotionInvest. 

Special Short Term Promotion!

For the next 4 days, we are offering another industry first! Instead of charging you to submit your website to sell we will pay you $100 if you start the process of selling your website in the next 4 days and we either list it or end up buying it directly. 

2. Outreach – Sell to a Competitor

The second option to be able to sell your website for free is by selling to a competitor directly.

If you are deeply involved in the operations of your site then you already know who your current competitors are and which ones are investing heavily to try and beat you. 

They may be excited about the opportunity to quickly expand and could be interested to hear that you are thinking about selling. 

Since they already know how to successfully operate a website in the niche you are in they could be an ideal acquirer.

If this strategy is interesting here is a very detailed tutorial on how to execute cold outreach for sales that can be applied to sites in your niche.  

3. Outreach – Sell to a Customer or Partner

Depending on how your website is monetized this could be an interesting way to sell your site with no fees. For example, if it sells a product or service and has one large customer they may be interested in acquiring the business. 

This can be a very risky strategy since they will end up fully understanding what your margins are and negotiate down their price or value your business as if their revenue within your business did not exist. 

The other strategic acquisition opportunity would be to one of your monetization partners (ie affiliates). 

If for example, you are earning as an Amazon Affiliate website you are clearly not going to sell your website to Jeff Bezos, however, you could look to sell to the brands of the products you are promoting. If you are looking to sell a lead gen, affiliate or display advertising monetized website look at who you are generally sending traffic to and approach them to see if they are interested in selling. 

Again this tutorial will be helpful in performing cold outreach. 

4. Put a Banner on Your Website

Depending on your website you may already have someone interested in acquiring it visiting it. 

You can simply let people know using a header bar like HelloBar or other similar tools. 

As a side bonus of this approach, there are some people out searching for “website for sale” or similar versions so I would make sure the text is searchable and not an image.

Don’t be afraid to also let your email list know you are looking to sell, you never know who is on it and might be interested. 

As with all the strategies above there are some downsides to this approach. If for example, you have a brand people really resonate with people who may feel like you are abandoning them and that will do damage to the value of your website. 

If you do this make sure your contact form is working.

5. Facebook Groups to Sell a Website

There are several Facebook groups focused on getting private deals done for buying and selling websites. 

Most of these are focused on smaller content sites which might be an option for you.

Here are a few…

Putting your website into these groups is an option to get offers for a sale with no fees. 

But as with all option beware of both time vampires (people who suck up your time with no chance of actually buying) and scams. Using services like help but add a lot of costs to the sale process. 

Bonus Tip – Personal Network 

The last option to explore for selling your website with no fees is to let your personal network know you are looking to sell your business. 

If you have built a network of like minded people working on similar projects they may be interested in learning more about the website you are looking to sell. 


Selling your website is a process that takes planning, time and effort to be done well. 

It can be a very painful process that takes months, involves a lot of fees and wastes a TON of your time. 

Or… with some of the suggestions above it might turn into a smooth process that results in selling your website for free quickly.

If you are exploring selling your site I hope this article has helped and would recommend reading this in-depth guide to selling your website or visiting to get a free website valuation


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