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Top 5 Best Webcast WordPress Plugin You Need To Try Once

Webcasting is broadcasting the video or audio over the internet which can reach a single source of information to over 10000 people like your TV and Radio. If you have to deal with daily conferencing or you want to learn online courses or you want to deal with the persons who are not available at your place then you can go for the webcast.

The term webcast is not only limited for commercial sectors but also helpful for marketing your brands and educational sectors. If you have some great ideas and are willing to explore those with people then you can feel free to do that by starting webcasting.

There are many software online to do that. But how would you embed or integrate your webcast videos or audios with WordPress? I remember when I was starting to work with WordPress I couldn’t even embed a youtube video there inside a post. It’s been half of the day to complete the work and the result was not that good.

Sometimes the video load but sometimes disappears. That’s because of the page loading time and optimization also.

So here I want to mention a few information about what you can webcast and what are the best webcast WordPress plugins to use with your WordPress site.

What’s Gonna Webcast?

Webcasting or let’s say streaming is not easy stuff like pressing one single button and you are viral now. Some quick start apps are available like Periscope or even just the plain ol’ Facebook app which allows you to make a creative cut and modified video.

If you are planning to start a higher quality webcasting with your WordPress site as home then you gonna need to select the niche exactly what you are going to stream.

>> Video Games


Live streaming or webcasting video games are big business these days. You’ve got, built-in streaming platform on current-gen consoles, and even YouTube Gaming is also there. Cheers for you that game streaming needs less specific setups than any other kinds because you’re going for just gameplay.

All you need is just a PC, a microphone (a headset would be nice), and a decent webcam to show your facial expressions over your headshots and amazing drifts and so on. If you are a sponsor or product reviewer then I have some more options for you select the niche.

>> You and Your Sponsored Stuff

Webcast wordpress plugin review

Much like gaming, if all you want to do is live stream about any stuff that has been sponsored then starting with webcasting Vblog will work for you. All you should keep in mind is that if you’re not using external software to modify the video and good hardware like camera, mic, lights, etc.

Your video will definitely appear at a lower quality, or at the very least, it will appear far more amateur.

>> Interviews and Discussions


Talking about multiple video streams, if you’re thinking of live streaming interviews, things can get a little more complicated than you may expect. For this, your streaming software will need to be set up to handle multiple video and audio feeds, and also they need to be able to organize and overlay them in a non-confusing layout.

>> Share Your Skills, Puppies, Pets or Any Other Miscellany

skills-webcast wordpress plugin

Mainly, I just wanted to mention that because sometimes it’s not comfortable for everyone to talk behind the camera. If you want to stream something other than yourself or your computer screen, choose about You, Yourself, and…Your surroundings and turn on the camera toward your stuff.

Which Webcast WordPress Plugin Will Be Useful?

I suppose that now you’ve chosen your niche, and you’ve downloaded and configured your video editing software. So your studio is set up, and it’s time for a switch on the lights, camera, and action– But wait! There’s one last thing to do.

What about getting that stream to your amazingly built WordPress site?

How will you broadcast your amazing videos with smiling face talking about your actions to your audience via WordPress? So here is the list of five webcast WordPress plugin to start showcasing your videos.


1/ Jock on air now

jock on air now

Jock on air now is one of the best Webcast WordPress Plugins in the business. This Webcast service is not only supporting multiple businesses but also individuals such as project management, Web design, Web hosting etc. You can easily upload good quality of video or audio produced by the professional software during the time of your event which gives you customizable streaming.

It doesn’t matter your event is free or pay per view as it supports both feeds. Some plugins allow limited sources from which you can do live streaming but this service will allow you to do live streaming on any preferred platform such as TDN TV, TDN Radio, Life 101 Radio etc.

It has also app development services from which you can easily create an app for streaming the videos or web content. It integrates all your social networking profile just in one app. Your users can simply follow the app to watch the live streaming or news or radio. They will also help you in the promotion of your event, ticket selling, and revenue generation by providing Island Event ticket services.  

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2/ Broadcast Live Video

Broadcast Live Video is the second best Webcast WordPress Plugin according to my choice. The Plugin allows users to broadcast live streaming channels from various sources such as Video playlist, mobile or desktop.

The live broadcast is displayed with chats and tips. There should be specific hosting for functionality.

The service also supports for HTML5 HLS/ MPEG DASH live video delivery. You can directly stream live from your site.

If you are using your mobile phone, with this plugin, you can broadcast live video with the help of WebRTC with specific hosting requirements.

There is an option of access control on broadcasters and viewers using membership levels and per channel by the broadcaster. You can easily update show title and chat with the viewer.

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3/ EmbedPress

Let’s say none of these plugins worked well for you. let’s take a look into EmbedPress then. You will get access to control over your content you embed, and it’s ultra-easy to embed the content: just paste the URL.

The drawback of this plugin is that YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia embeds are add-ons that much be purchased. but you can easily customize you a video that matches your website design. As the service is supporting google drawing, you can easily display charts and diagram in your video.

You get bunches of non-stream embeds, which can be edited easily. Those embeds can be useful, like Google Drive (docs, sheets, etc.), Hulu, DailyMile, Reddit, Scribd, and so many more. So EmbedPress is another good Webcast WordPress plugin to choose.

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4/ Chatroll Live Chat

Chatroll live chat is a real-time platform which can be used on any website for broadcasting your videos. The service gives you an interactive experience with your audience with the ability to interface in a variety of language which impacts on a global audience.

The service is cloud based so you don’t have to install any app or plugin. It will give you a seamless user experience by providing true scalability of their service. This HTML based platform can be accessible to the desktop, mobile, Android and iOS.

You can easily add permission setting for users who can see your events or you can manage users by sending private messages to administration or moderators and band users.

There is a real-time content feature to control inappropriate language by filtering it. You can also manually approve the messages before they go into the live chat.

It can easily viral the promotion of your event on social media to attract the audience. It also shows you the real-time response analytic chart of users and participation.

This service will allow you customizable chats including the webinar, live Q&A’s and online TV with no Ads. This is the platform on which you can build trust and engage them with you and with each other.

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5/ SermonAudio Widget

SermonAudio plugin will help you to embed and customize the different widgets from SermonAudio’s website. It allows you to stream online or download the video or sermon immediately.

There are two types of membership plus and free membership. Plus membership is for listeners who want to enjoy all the features as the listener. Free membership is for the broadcaster who wish to broadcast their sermons.

You can set multiple widgets on your website. Once you are done with your widget setting, use the shortcodes in your posts or pages. There is local church finder in which you can find any location of the church and listen or read their sermon in form of PDF.

You can see the comments and top sermons. You can easily search any broadcaster by entering different categories and countries.

Moreover, you have to apply for full membership to broadcast your video or sound by entering the type of broadcast. All the broadcaster must cling to Article of faith which keeps the site free of churches with liberal theology.

Caution: This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress.

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I have mentioned the top 5 best Webcast WordPress Plugins. As all the plugins are of different versions so make sure you are using the latest version of WordPress during the installation process.

If you have a start-up plan for your business or you are learning online seminars or courses or you have to handle a commercial meeting then you can go through the above-mentioned plugins

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