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The Best WayBack Machine Alternative

The wayback machine at has recently made changes and as a result it had me and my team scrambling to find an alternative.

April Business Update – My done for you private blog network service has re-opened with 15 spots. If interested in reserving your spot please sign up here. If interested in a larger custom order please contact me. has been a key part of my processes for a few years! It along with is(was) the best source to review a site to see if it had been abused.

The WayBack machine now only shows the history for live sites. Meaning if a domain is expired it will simply give an error. My hope is this is a bug with the new site and it will be fixed shortly but for those of us that are finding clean expired domains an alternative is needed!

You can provide feedback to here

jon is the best WayBack Machine Alternative

There are many alternatives however most of them focus on providing a service of monitoring pages you select moving forward (such as

We need something that will show how a site looked historically and will do this.



  • It shows exactly how the site looked including images
  • Has very good historical coverage compared to any other alternative
  • Shows additional DomainTools information in a handy reference window


  • Site is only an image and can’t not see destination of links
  • Sometimes the image is too low of resolution to read text/anchor text
  • Does not have as good of historical coverage as

Another alternative which is not as good but does the job is 

Changes to Our PBN Building and Domain Finding System:

Instead of checking we must now…

The results will be the same with a complete backlink and archive check but it will result in increased complexity when building PBNs.


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