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Watch Hayden Miyamoto Find 1 Clean Expired Domain Per Minute

As I have mentioned several times (about 4 different posts) on this site a person I have learned a lot from is Hayden Miyamoto from (formerly Today I have a unique  opportunity to feature a guest post from him on how him and his team go about SPAM checking expired domains.

After finding and selling thousands of expired domains/building PBN’s I know this is the step in the process where skill and experience pays off. It is the toughest skill to teach to my VA’s and he has an additional checks that my SPAM checking process does not include.

In this post Hayden will show…

  • A walk through one of his in-house pieces of software that he uses to find 1 clean domain per minute for his Private Blog Network.
  • Some spam checking and PBN site setup tips
  • An opportunity to ask Hayden and his partner Greg any PBN/expired domain-related questions in the comments
  • A reader giveaway > your chance to secure 72 hours access to Hayden’s in-house tool!

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Hayden and his background, he is a serial entrepreneur, having founded NoHatMedia, RankHero and DomainJawa, among other businesses.

He is perhaps best known online for continually being on the cutting edge of SEO and internet marketing and for bringing the use of Expired Domains to the forefront of SEO tactics.


Now it’s over to Hayden!

I’ve been following Jon for a while now and he has an impressive list of expired domain/PBN-based service offerings for the community, so I reached out to offer an inside look into one of my in-house tools that significantly reduces the time it takes to find clean expired domains because I think it can be of value to many of you.

In fact, the tool I am about to demonstrate is very simple for a programmer to put together and my aim is to demonstrate how the tool works so that you can re-create something similar for personal use.



Key Takeaways From the Video

Tips on quickly identifying spam:

While you’re browsing through domains, you can get a pretty good ideas if they look spammy or not just by their domain names. Too many characters, dashes or numbers thrown in there are signs of spam. Avoid domains like “CheapestLouisVuittonShoesFor” at all cost!

Anchor Cloud:

The anchor cloud is a culmination of all the anchors that have been used to link back to the site. If you see anchors related to poker, pills, porn, or foreign links, that’s spam, so move on.

WWW vs Non WWW:

Using OSE (Open Site Explorer) you want to make sure and note which version has the best metrics for you to be able to launch your domain on. You’d be surprised as to the variations you can find here, so verify both and you’ll be good to go.

Top Pages:

This is a crucial part of launching a site. By checking the Top Pages in Ahrefs (my weapon of choice when it comes to checking backlink profiles for spam), you can see which pages are receiving the most links.

More links = more juice, so you want to either see if you can recreate the already existing page(s) with similar content in order to keep the current links in place OR 301 redirect the Top Pages it to the homepage OR launch your site on a subdomain/page with the best metrics. You do not need to setup your site on the root domain.


Huge indicator of spam here. Many SEO’s pick up expired domains and then exploit it’s sub-pages/sub-domains. Keep an eye out for this when combing through the distribution of links and the pages they point to. Look for sub pages that clearly do not match the former site.


Using the WayBackMachine, you need to check for obvious signs of previous de-indexation. I should note here that sites are dropped and picked up all the time, so just because a site may have been recreated, it doesn’t mean it’s spam and can’t be picked up and used as part of your PBN.

If you see big snapshot gaps like in the image below, make sure you take a closer look. There is a possibility that the site may have been penalized/de-indexed and that is why it has been dropped.


I steer clear of any domains that have been previously setup as a PBN, with my theory being that it is highly likely the domain was let go by an SEO due to it being de-indexed.


The Truth About PBNs

PBN links are proven to rank sites and it’s now almost getting to the point of being more un-common than common to find serps that do not have at least one site that is ranking due to PBN links. It has got to a point where you are at a significant disadvantage if you do not have access to PBN links, purely because they are so powerful and so quick to perform from an established PBN.

As someone who has over 1000 PBN sites however, I understand first-hand how time-consuming it can be to setup and maintain a PBN.

Between finding the domains, checking for spam, setting the sites up correctly, searching for unique IP hosting, adding content, and then link building your money sites, there is a ton of work required in setting up a single domain. And the hunt for expired domains is not without danger, given that there is no guarantee that an expired domain you acquire will get indexed, or not get de-indexed for that matter.

It’s for this reason that I have invested in software and tools to help streamline the process, but this is obviously not something that will appeal to everyone given the upfront costs.


Your PBN Options

The way I see it, you have four options when it comes to generating PBN links.

1) Do not bother with PBN links, instead favoring other link building tactics

2) Invest the time and resources into building your own PBN. The learning curve here can be steep, so you need to weight up the benefit of investing precious time into developing your own PBN vs utilizing services available to you where you can get access to the links, minus the time or expense of setting an entire network up.

3) My team and I have recently introduced a Links4Life Program, where Internship and Private Training Course graduates are able to submit one or more suitable quality domains to a graduate-only network, and in exchange receive 6 article credits per month, per domain submitted to the network. It saves a ton of time and cost for our graduates and is a significant benefit to going through our training courses.

4) The final option is to buy the links either at auction, or through Jon’s PBN service. And really, if you are in a position where you either struggle to find expired domains or build a network, or if you are working part-time online with limited hours to work on your online projects, quite often just paying for a done-for-you network makes a ton of sense.

Want access to my Spam Checker?

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Got questions?

Myself and my business partner Greg, who runs all our training courses, will be available in the comments for the next few days to answer any PBN-related questions. Fire away!

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I am a 33 year old husband, father of 3, engineer and a huge fan of developing systems to build useful and profitable websites. The reason I build online businesses is to provide financial independence for my family and yours AND so I can spend time outside skiing and biking with my family.
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