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Update on Google PBN Deindexation

With over 1,000 sites I am happy to be able to share what I have seen over the last week and what changes I will be making to my processes.

This post will be broken down into 4 parts…

  1. What Happened?
  2. What Others are Saying
  3. How Have Sites I Have Built Been Affected?
  4. Theories
  5. 3 Changes Moving Forward

What Happened?

Over the last week Google has rolled out a TON of deindexation penalties to A LOT of private blog network sites. Not only were the PBN sites themselves hit but also many money sites for people were targeted with a manual “thin content” penalty.


What Others are Saying?


How Have Sites I Have Built Been Affected?

I will break this down into 3 parts…

  1. My Money Sites
    1. Both ones using expired domains for 301 redirects, building out a money site and PBNs to promote
  2. My Premium Service
  3. Done For You Private Blog Networks

Money Sites

Only 1 fully penalized…

500 visitors per day to 0

500 visitors per day to 0


This was a lower quality site that used PBN’s extensively for linking and although the traffic was solid it was not earning over $100 so it’s loss is minor.



Other similar services such as RankHero were unfortunately completely wiped out. Luckily my service has only experienced a 30% deindexing rate (still painful but far from a death-blow).

LR PBN Indexation


Client Done For Your PBN’s

These 797 smaller “silo’d” PBN sites seemed to hold up well. Out of the 797 sites that have been built only 83 sites have been deindexed (EVER).

These are lower powered sites than LightningRank but are truly private with ONLY the customer using them.

With a little under 10% of sites ever getting de-indexed within the last year it is a solid vote of confidence that I am on the right track with my niche relevant, quality site truly private PBN strategy.

Clients PBN DeIndexation rate



Manual Spying – False – Google becoming a customer and then outing all sites on the network – Because not every site has every customer I was able to cross reference who has posts on sites that were deindexed. My theory was that someone would have say 20 posts and all 20 sites would be de-indexed. What I found was the highest rate of deindexation for someone with more than 1 post was 67%.

Auction Watching – False – Google watches domain auctions and deindexes sites that were clearly built as PBN’s. Many of the domains I bought at auction are still strong.

Combined Algorithmic and Manual – Likely – My current theory on how this penalty was applied is that Google spent time building a case to determine with a level of certainty what sites were part of PBN’s. Once they had built up a large group of sites they thought were part of PBN’s they attacked them all in one big wave to generate fear/publicity/buzz.

VERY Simplified Summary of How I Believe Google Has Approached This Problem…


3 Changes

Based on what I have seen in the data and the difference in the networks that have been penalized I think the following changes are in order…

  1. Saturation Limit Lowered for Shared PBN’s – If a PBN is linking to multiple sites the saturation in that PBN should be 25% or lower.
  2. Application Process for Shared PBN’s – If a PBN is linking to multiple peoples sites a review should be done to ensure the quality of the site and the sites backlinks will not be an “infection point” for the network as a whole.
  3. Silo’d niche relevant truly private PBN’s are the safest and I will continue to use/build

All these changes are being rolled out to my networks.

Adapt and evolve…



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