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Traffic Diversion Technique

Today I am going to share a foundational technique I use for all my new websites and the websites I am continuing to promote. This technique results in some highly relevant, very timely but lower quality backlinks going to my sites but more importantly FREE TRAFFIC!!

I call this my Traffic Diversion Technique and below I will share exactly how I do it and how it can be easily outsourced.

The Traffic Diversion Technique – Easily find and get involved in the conversations already happening online about your topic, ADD VALUE and a backlink diverting some traffic back to your site

The site I will use as an example is not my student loan or insurance site but a “hobby” site I created to document my recovery from my 2nd (damn knees) ACL Surgery.

Using almost only this traffic diversion technique (+ some YouTube videos) I grew it to a 1000+ visitor/day website before getting hit by Google for some poor on page optimization (my only site to ever be badly hit and I wasn’t even doing any grey hat stuff! – but I digress)…

ACL Graph

ACL Graph

There is nothing too complicated or earth shattering with this technique but it works!

Quick Overview: Set Up (One Time Activities):

  1. Define the audience you are wanting to reach
  2. Set up your GMail you will be using (may involve creating an Alias)
  3. Set up Google Alerts
  4. Create a Yahoo Answers Account & Set Up Your Saved Searches

Daily Activities:

  1. Log Into Gmail
  2. Check Google Alerts for relevant posts and leave comments where appropriate
  3. Log into Yahoo Answers and leave helpful answers to relevant questions


Step by Step Example – Part 1 Set Up:

Person Pre ACL Surgery  (looking for information about the surgery process, which graft is best and how to set themselves up for a successful surgery and recovery)

  1. Person Post ACL Surgery (looking for information/products that will help them return to the sport/life of their choice as quickly as possible and minimize the pain)
  2. Set up your GMail you will be using (may involve creating an Alias)
  3. Either use your real name or create an alias
  4. Go to and create an account which will be dedicated to the purposes of driving traffic to your site.

Set up Google Alerts – VERY POWERFUL STEP!

  1. This is where some of the magic happens. Google is crawling and indexing the entire web every day and you can use that to your advantage. Instead of going out and randomly searching hoping to come across a relevant article/post Google will deliver timely relevant articles and discussions occurring around the web to your inbox.
  2. Here are the alerts I use…
    • My ACL (this alert gets me a lot of people talking about their ACL. If anyone writes “did I tear my acl” “I tore my ACL” etc anywhere on the web I will be sent a link to the page where it is written.


    • ACL Injury (this alert will show most news stories associated with someone injuring their knee. It won’t produce as relevant articles as the alert above but it will provide some useful articles to get involved with)
    • Torn ACL (Similar to the alert above this will capture some news stories not captured above)

Create a Yahoo Answers Account

  • Yahoo Answers is a great place where people are coming with all kinds of problems and looking for help. If you can answer peoples questions and direct them back to your website or product for more details everyone wins.
  • Go to – & create an account
  • Make sure to set up your profile with an Avatar picture
  • Example of my Yahoo Answers Profile –
ACL Surgery Recovery

ACL Surgery Recovery

  • Go to My Activity then My Saved Searches
Yahoo Answer Account

Yahoo Answer Account

  • Click Go to create a new saved search


New Saved Search

New Saved Search

  • Create Your Saved Search


ACL Search

ACL Search


  • Create as many saved searches as you see fit
My Saved Search

My Saved Search

Bonus Tip  – Set up RoboForm for easy registration

  • Many sites that will show up in your Google Alerts will require you to register before you can submit a comment. By getting roboform you will be able to pre load your form details into roboform so that when you need to register it is as easy as a click of one button.
  • Try Roboform – Free Trial


Bonus Tip – Set up dedicated link for your promotion

  • If you are promoting a specific product directly you can create a dedicated link. By deciding on this up front you can measure the success of your promotion campaign.
  • If you are using WordPress then Pretty Link Lite plugin will do this job perfectly.


Step by Step Example – Part 2 – Daily Activities:


  • Log Into Gmail
  • Check Google Alerts for relevant websites/blog posts and leave comments where appropriate
Tear ACL

Tear ACL



Leave Comment

Leave Comment


Repeat for however many posts you choose

If you have to register at a website to leave a comment Roboform can make it very very easy!

  • Log into Yahoo Answers and leave helpful answers to relevant questions
  • Go to “My Activity” then “My Saved Searches” and go through your saved searches to answer any related questions you have not answered.

Find the questions to answer…

Yahoo Answer

Yahoo Answer


  • Answer the questions…
Yahoo Question

Yahoo Question


How to Outsource This Activity

Step 1 – Post a job on ODesk

  • Title – Excellent English Virtual Assistant Needed – $2 per hr
  • Description –
  • I require a VA to help answer questions related to (insert your topic) following the strategy outlined here – (URL for AuthorityWebsiteIncome Post).
  • The VA must have excellent English and be available to work 5-10hrs/week minimum with excellent feedback.


Step 2 – Hire a Virtual Assistant (VA) for $1-$3/hr @ (ODesk)

○     Pick the VA with the following…

  • Best English skills (no broken English in their profile or application)
  • Most hours of work on ODesk
  • Best feedback 4.5+ Star Feedback
  • Most related experience with previous jobs
  • Lowest Cost

○     My philosophy is hire fast, fire fast and NO INTERVIEWING! Put up the job and 24hrs later hire the best candidate with NO INTERVIEW.  Have them start working and if they don’t work out end their contract and hire the next best person. This is the fastest way to get a great candidate.


Step 3 – Send Them Instructions

○     Here is the ODesk Message I send once hired to get them going…

Subject – Welcome to the team!

Body –

Hi, thanks for applying to my job and welcome to my team. I am excited to work with you.  Here are the instructions for the job…

1. Reply to this message confirming you have received these instructions within 24hrs of being hired

2. Review the article here –

3. Follow through the set up instructions and document the username and password for the accounts according to the Google Document here (this will be the place for all tracking)

4. Once you have created the accounts please send me a message to review them

5. Once you have sent the accounts you created for review I will give you approval to begin executing the strategy. Make sure to document all links generated on the 3rd tab of the Google Document


Step 4 – Spend 5-10hrs/week executing this strategy and tracking it on this Google Document Template –



This is not going to drive thousands of visitors per day but it will result in both better off page SEO and most importantly highly relevant warm traffic!

If someone were to follow this strategy for a 1/2hr per day for 2 months I am extremely confident they would be able to generate 100 visitors/day to their site using this strategy.

One thing to note is that I have completely ignored the use of social media in this post but want to say this is just the basis of how to find great relevant content to engage with and bolting on a social media campaign to this traffic diversion technique works seamlessly.


About the Author Jon

I am a 33 year old husband, father of 3, engineer and a huge fan of developing systems to build useful and profitable websites. The reason I build online businesses is to provide financial independence for my family and yours AND so I can spend time outside skiing and biking with my family.
Jon Gillham, Online Entrepreneur

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