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Top 5 Best Affiliate Programs That Pay Per Click [Updated]

Affiliate marketing targets real traffic to merchants or advertisers. The merchants make money from affiliate programs that pay per click by displaying their product on niche sites. However, publishers get paid to display the advertisements on their sites by best selecting the affiliate program. When visitors click on the advertisement, the publisher gets paid per clicks.

Though there are the trends of fraud clicks, most of the merchants prefer to pay per lead such as free sign-ups. Other options sellers are using to promote their product include Influencer Marketplaces like The mentioned affiliate programs use highly advanced technology to pay only for high-quality referrals if publishers send real targeted traffic for their products.

Best affiliate programs that pay per click

Here, I have mentioned the best affiliate programs that pay per click which provides high qualitative affiliate marketing options.

1. RevenueHits

RevenueHits is the self-service ad network which optimizes earning with best performing offers for publishers. Publishers can easily monetize their digital asset and receive the value for their ad space. The services use smart algorithms which identify the audience as well as the context of your web. It provides customized high-performance ads and allows to place ads when you intend to put. After optimization, you can easily check the statistics data of best performing ads. The service also provides an AdBlock Pop solution for easy money making. But you can’t put 3 ads on one page and you can analyze the statistical data of ads. The service CPA-based network, so you need to increase the volume of traffic for increasing your revenue. However, they work around 5000 impressions per day. Payment can be done by three methods such as PayPal, wire, and Payoneer. The minimum threshold is $20 and $500 for wire transfer. Moreover, it consists of various pricing such as CPA, CPM, CPI, etc. You can easily choose from 5000 advertising option to choose. You will be provided with many ad formats such as display banners, pop ads, interstitial and sliders, however, you can also make extra earning by referral programs. You will get 10% of revenue in the first year, who earns at least $1500, and the publisher will be given 5% revenue who earns less than $1500.

2. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is the also self-service affiliate program where optimization meets transparency. You will find various ad formats including PPC ads. The minimum payout is $10 with various payment options such as PayPal, wire transfer, Payza and crypto coins, etc. you can easily monetize your website, tools, and mobile apps, etc. It provides smart links, it is CPC based from which you can easily send the direct link to targeted traffic. It has multiple ad formats such as display banner, XML, pop-unders and smart inks. The affiliate program also contains a real-time bidding ecosystem which allows you to access billions of impressions. However, it comes with the highest detection of security against malware actions. It also serves with powerful targeting capabilities which reach to targeted audience relevant to your advertising campaigns. Moreover, for additional revenue, the service is providing referral programs. You just have to place the referral link on the website and when the user signup with the program you will be credited. The amount of credit depends on whether the user is signing up as an advertiser or publisher.

3. Shareasale

Shareasale is one of the best affiliate programs that pay per click. From the program, you can earn money by PPC (pay per click), PPL (Pay Per Lead) and PPS (Pay Per Sale). The platform serves both merchants as well as affiliates. It provides a real-time tracking system which quickly generates the commission. It has clickstream attribution technology from which you can view the recent clicks prior to the purchase. For uploading, separate data feeds by categorizing them which integrates multiple stores in one account. Custom link creation allows you to turn the deep link into shortened URLs which can be shared easily on social media. You can set up recurring commissions by approving or declining the affiliates by merchant API. You can also find merchants by Product API. However, it provides merchant services such as developing affiliate tools, crafting and distributing affiliate communication, promotional and seasonal dynamic ad banners, etc.

4. Skimlinks

Skimlinks is a content monetization platform. The platform servers all the core players of affiliate marketing such as publishers, merchants, and audience. Moreover, it serves over 60,000 publishers who entrust the platform for effectively monetize their commerce content. The service aggregates access to 65 affiliate networks. So that publishers enables to earn money from 48,500 merchants. However, it drives 25% revenue from commerce content. The service automatically turns ordinary links into affiliate links. As soon as users buy the product through links, it monetizes them on the desktop as well as mobile. The minimum payout is $10. In merchant services, it contains all the detailed insight data which is broken down by publishers such as clicks, CTR, AOV, and CR. It helps merchants to enhance their exposure to publishers. Merchants can join Skimlinks partner program in less than 100 pounds to enhance the exposure.

5. Adblade

Adblade is a native advertising platform which provides an effective monetized solution. The service is content-style ad platform which ensures 100% premium branded content sites. The service is entrusted by many agencies because of its highest brand safety rating. The ad platform ensures well content monitoring and website screening. Adblade’s NewsBullet delivers 3x more clicks than standard display ads. The advertiser can easily monitor the insight data regarding ad performance on the publisher’s site such as no of impression, CPC, CTR, and CPA, etc. However, the service enforces the brand safety control. So, you need not worry about inappropriate advertiser buying inventories. Moreover, Adblade’s proprietary technology provides the roadmap of CPM values for every placement. Payments are received through checks or choose ACH direct deposit at the end of a net 30 days of each month. If you are being paid through ACH then you must have earned at least $100. If you select an international bank wire then you must have earned at least $250 for your payment.


However, you will find multiple CPC affiliate program but only a few of them provides a large pool of advertising options, high CPC rates, and advanced tracking. The mentioned affiliate programs that pay per click contain all the core player of affiliate marketing. However, with advanced technology and security, you can easily generate good revenue by choosing appropriate merchant.

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