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Top 10 Black Friday Hosting Deals 2013 – That I Purchased

The popularity and demand of my done for you private blog network service has been great. One thing I have been having to do is add more and more hosting accounts to my network since no clients site is on the same hosting account. One exciting project I am working on is creating a very detailed comparison of all these hosting companies speed, support, etc and will share my finding in a couple months.

So Black Friday has offered a great opportunity to add accounts at steep discounts.

After my VA’s have done research these are the 10 accounts I added to my network today so I thought I would share that research with everyone…



The 10 Unlimited Hosting Accounts I Purchased on Black Friday 2013

All these hosts offer unlimited domains, CPanel or similar and are popular reliable hosting companies.

Each of these hosts I am now (or again) a customer of. I haven’t obviously had time to try them all out but my VA’s did a lot of research to recommend these 10 for adding to our network.


1. IPage – 88% Off – $1/month

This is a huge sale from a host that has been pretty solid to work with in the past.


2. WebHostingBuzz – 75% Off – $1.74/month

Quality CPanel hosting with good uptime and fast servers is the not so unique selling proposition of WebHostingBuzz. I will see how they perform.


3. HostGator – 75% Off – $1.98/month

Although the service has dropped their discount makes it hard to pass up – 75% OFF!


4. WebHostingPad – 80% Off – $0.99/month (UPDATED)

This hosting company has won a lot of awards, unfortunately they are all a few years old. I will have to see if some of the more recent reviews turn out to be true and they don’t have the best up time.


5. Eleven2 – 25% Off – $5.00/month (UPDATED)

I am excited to try this host. I have had them on my list to add after hearing about their high speed and their new age looking interface.


6. FatCow – 65% Off – 3.15/month

FatCow has been a solid host for me with great up time and limited other problems of any sort.


7. iPower – 65% Off – $3.25/month

iPower I am sure is another member of one of the larger hosting conglomerates. I expect reasonable service but I always like to try and get hosting companies outside of the conglomerates for data centre IP diversity.


8. MyHosting – 50% Off – 3.25/month

I am surprised I have never used this company before since it is a trusted name in the hosting world. Popular choice with good reviews and unlimited hosting.


9. Arvixe – 50% Off – $3.25/month

Arvixe has been getting pretty solid reviews for a number of years and so expect to get exactly what I am looking for out of them. I have little concern with Arvixe and think they will be a great new host.


10. BlueHost – 50% Off – $3.95/month

BlueHost has been really annoying lately for me, lots of too many file warnings etc but it is still a very popular service so hosting a small portion of my done for you clients sites on it just makes sense.


After my VA’s scoured the internet these were the 10 unlimited hosting accounts I decided to add to my network today.

Are there any better ones that I missed?


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