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List of 7 tools for becoming a successful freelancer

It is hard enough to be a success in freelancing. It is not only about being a good specialist in your area but about having other capacities. For example, to be a good sales manager, to be good at spelling and managing one`s time.

Each freelancer strives for earning more money, but does she/he use all the accessible tools for reaching out the purpose?

The main tools of a successful freelancer are head and hands. A distance work requires being flexible, to develop faster than others, at that to monitor the Internet all the time and handle everything around.

Do you want to receive many offers? Are you ready to accept payments from three different channels and communicate via five different messengers?  If your answer is yes, you are more than welcome to read this article.

Basic tools to become a successful freelancer:

1. Payment systems


So, let us begin with the most interesting part, which is how to receive money. If you work as a freelancer, you will most likely need e-wallets at least Qiwi, Webmoney and Skrill and Bitcoin of course. You need a bank card of the biggest bank in your country let alone Payoneer.

2. Messengers

There are many of them. The most popular facebook messenger, Whatsapp, Viber, and Telegram. However, in accordance with statistics, most people prefer communication through good old Skype due to different reasons. They more messengers you use, the higher your connectivity is.

Install mobile applications of all messengers to one device, for example, a mobile phone.  In that case, you will always see messages from different channels and will be able to answer the urgent ones, to inform a client when you have a chance to be near your computer.

Despite the opportunity to communicate through messengers, remember that you need to have the main conversation with a client in the working area of the project on the freelance service. No less than important messages and especially results of work are better to duplicate.

3. A task planner


Yes, it is highly important nowadays. It is rather a bad idea to write thoughts down on paper but if those are multi-colored stickers, progress will definitely be seen.

It is very comfortable to note accomplished tasks, to manage one`s time, to write down contacts and make notes in a specially designed service such as Asana, for example. There are many analogs of this planner. For instance, TeuxDeux, Trello, Todoist, and Pomotodo.

Just make your choice, which one is better for you and estimate your efficiency after some time. In order to focus on accomplishing a task and do not distract, use a technique of tomato. Any timer will do for using it although there are plenty of programs for both a computer and a mobile device.

4. A remote office and  file storage


The author of these lines confesses that she began using the tools recently. It happened not by choice but a necessity. She had to change a laptop for the first time, secondly, pulling out information of a bot-infected D-disk.

Being rather distrustful when it comes to all the new things appearing in modern software I have to admit that Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive are good solutions for remote file storage.

I will simply remind of Google Sheets, Google Docs so you did not consider it as advertising. To sum up, remote office capabilities from Google will surprise you pleasantly.

5. Social networks, principal platforms, blogs, a website of one`s own


Let me tell you as an artist to an artist. Despite the fact that our occupation is creative, it is important to remember that no one will advertise your services and attract clients on freelance service but you.

The more you represent yourself online, the higher your inflow of orders will be. One can use accounts on social networks at least for portfolios, and to share one`s own experience let alone to leave a permanent link to your blog for customer engagement in a website of your own or a blog.

6. Smart notes


There is no need to point out all the useful programs and services, which can make your work on freelance more effective. To pass by Evernote just like that is not an option.

Evernote is a web service and software suite to create and store notes such as text, table, web page, photos, and audio file. The even hand-written text is identifiable, which is a huge advantage of Evernote so it makes it possible to search and share notes with your clients.

7. Intelligent systems

If you feel yourself a professional freelancer, I suggest you have a look at one more helpful tool, which is IFTTT. Far from everyone can use it, because, in fact, those are advanced features.

The core of the tool is that all your applications and devices are possible to gather in one application in that applications and devices can «communicate» with one another making «a smart working space».

Settings require some certain knowledge, however afterward your expenditure of time to work with different applications and devices will decrease in size.

This list of tools, which are used for work is surely far from full but they are basic. Depending on specialty, Advego Plagiatus or Photoshop, Jira or Visual Studio and for some, one of the time trackers or Facebook, each of us use our own professional tools. The only thing that matters is so they were used effectively and helped to receive an expected result.

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