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Does Submit Url To Google Without Signing In Works In 2019?

Submit URL to Google without signing in. This is a search query I have found a few days ago with the help of my keyword research tool. According to the record, almost 1,600 searches per month is the volume for this specific keyword. That means about 1,600 times per month people look for the solution to submit URL to Google Without Signing In.

Here is the report:

submit-url-to-google-without-signing-in-Google Search

The term, “submit URL to Google without signing in” is a little bit confusing. How someone can submit the website address or sitemap without signing into Google. Because Google Webmaster tool doesn’t provide access to any user without signing in to his/her Google account.

This is pretty much similar to asking for submit URL to Google without having an account. But there is a possible case that the user asks for submitting URL without logging in every time during submission. However, when I start searching for more details about it, I found that previously it was possible to submit an URL to Google without signing in.

Previous Method Of Submitting URLs To Google Without Signing In

In past years, users have an option for ‘submit URL to Google‘ directly from the Google search engine. This was a pretty quick method to submit the URL right after the publication of post/article.

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Here’s how to submit URL to Google without signing in previously: (This method doesn’t work now)

  1. Go to Google.
  2. Search For Term “Submit URL to Google”.
  3. A new box will appear “Have a new page! Let us know”.
  4. Copy and paste article URL.
  5. Complete the captcha and Submit.

This feature was closed somewhere in the middle of June 2017, according to the reaction of some users to an article which described the procedure of such submission.


However, if you are looking for submitting post updates automatically without logging to Webmaster tool every time, you can use the following procedure. Remember that, these procedure works only if you are working with a WordPress based website.


Submit URL to Google Without Signing In Every Time

This method of submission is completely legal and no harm will be caused to your website. Most webmasters already know about it. The reason I’m mentioning here is to make sure that this is the only procedure to fix the requirement automatically.

Nighter you have a login nor you have to take action every time. All you need to connect the Webmaster tool with your website and generate the sitemap. After that, all your post and page URL will be automatically submitted to Google.

Yoast SEO plugin:

  1. Find and install Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress.
  2. Connect your site with webmaster tool (With Yoast)
  3. Configure your sitemap inside the Yoast plugin.
  4. Now go to Webmaster tool and submit the sitemap.
  5. Once submitted, Yoast will update your post URL automatically and Google will keep fetching the updates.


Rank math SEO plugin:

  1. Install Rank-Math SEO plugin.
  2. Connect your site to webmaster tool (using Rank-Math)
  3. Configure your sitemap inside the plugin.
  4. Go to the webmaster tool and submit the sitemap.
  5. Once submitted URL will be updated automatically

There are more SEO plugins which can do the same work. Such plugins are All in one SEO, SEO framework, Squirrly etc. All these plugins should contain options for sitemap configuration and Webmaster connection. Try to find it inside the plugin settings. After configuration the process of submission is identical.

Follow these steps, to stay away from manual URL submission to Google. Remember that in this process your sitemap will be crawled by Googlebot maximum twice in a week. Hope this article will help you find the solution for submission of URL to Google without signing in.

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