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I will show you everything but my password! This site is dedicated to providing you USEFUL posts on how to build profitable authority sites. I share the systems I have setup to produce great content and properly use expired domains and private blog networks to rank quality sites.

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​Over the last several years this site has really grown and now has hundreds of posts and thousands of comments. For someone new this can be daunting!

​My focus area for the site is sharing exactly what I am doing to build my online income and be as USEFUL AS POSSIBLE! 

With that goal in mind of being as useful as possible I have created a resource that for anyone new they will be able to quick pick a topic that interests them and get to the best of the best of AuthorityWebsiteIncome!

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In an effort to make this page as USEFUL AS POSSIBLE for you I have broken out for each category...

  1. The best of AuthorityWebsiteIncome - 6 best/must read posts for each category!
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Money Site Creation Category

Money Site Posts

  • Money Site Must Reads
  • Recent Money Site Posts
  • Free Bonus - My Complete project control Spreadsheet
How to Setup Amazon Affiliate Websites on WordPress
Today you will get to see exactly how to setup an amazon affiliate websites on wordpress with great looking and[...]
How to Systematically Build a Six Figure Website
Todays post is from Adam. He is an impressive guy who I have learned a bunch from on a topic[...]
Complete Guide to Outsourcing the Creation of a Niche Dominating Round Up Post
This post isn’t just a “how to” post but it is a “how to… have someone else do it for[...]
How To Systematize a Successful Guest Posting Campaign
The highest quality of link that is easily obtainable is through guest posting.  By following this straightforward plan I have[...]
How I Setup an Authority Website With WordPress
Setting up an authority website has a lot of the same steps as setting up a micro-niche or any other[...]
Cheap Article Writing That Doesn’t Suck – Is $2 Per Article Possible
Getting high quality articles written for a very low cost is a key strength for my online business. In this[...]

Money Site Required Tools & Resources

Amazon FBA Business Category

FBA Posts

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  • Free Bonus - 19 Profitable FBA Products
How to Use Ahrefs for Keyword Research
It's good to have a few trusted keyword research tools under your belt.  Our teams at Content Refined are currently[...]
Podcast PR Specialist – Marketing Hack of the Year for Young Businesses
Whenever I’m trying to gain some recognition for a young business, I put someone on my marketing team in charge[...]
ListingEagle Failure To Soar – A Case Study on a Failed SaaS Project
With the success of some of my recent projects and the income number I will be sharing next week I[...]
FBA Case Study – How to Leverage External Traffic and Build Sales Funnel
Setbacks are a part of any business and mine is certainly no different. The best kind of setbacks I have[...]
Amazon Affiliate Site to FBA Business
Today’s post I get into the weeds of how to analyze an affiliate site you either own or are considering[...]
How I Sold My FBA Business for Six Figures and Generated a 530% ROI in 8 Months!
Today’s post is an exciting one! The success of my authority site conversion to an Amazon FBA brand has been[...]

FBA Required Tools & Resources

PBN and Expired Domains Category

PBN Posts

  • PBN & Expired Domain Must Reads
  • Recent PBN Posts
  • Free Bonus - My PBN Management documents
301 Building Block Strategy – Part 2
Last week I introduced a new strategy I am using to combine powerful expired domains, epic posts and a silo[...]
301 Building Block Strategy – Part 1
Update - Part 2 Here As part of the six figure challenge I have been testing out a new strategy[...]
Update on Google PBN Deindexation
With over 1,000 sites I am happy to be able to share what I have seen over the last week[...]
How Many Backlinks Do You Need to Rank on the First Page of Google? Is 1 Link Enough?
Are you wanting to know how many links you need to rank number 1 in Google. Well … unfortunately no one[...]
Ultimate Expired Domain Guide
UPDATE - Every strategy originally listed still works but there have been a few changes. To ensure this resource continues[...]

PBN Required Tools & Resources

PBN Services My Team Offers

Done 4 You PBN

Headache free PBN creation and hosting!

Use My PBN

Get rankings fast! Buy links on the most powerful PBN!

Expired Domains

Buy niche relevant, spam free (very clean) domains.

Team Management & Outsourcing Category

Team Management Posts

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  • Recent Team Management Posts
  • Free Bonus - Scorecard & Wkly Mtg Agenda
Career Opportunity for New B2B Offering at Content Refined
It’s been a while since we’ve had a post like this. Your opportunity to join the team! Over the past[...]
Assessing Client Needs for Business Growth – The Smart Way!
We don’t do much of the “fill out this form”, “how did we do today?”, or “rate our services online”[...]
Keeping Connected with Remote Employees and Freelancers (4 Tips from Experience)
I work in-house with a really fun and committed team of employees, who work with me on several projects and[...]
Guide to Publishing Articles on WordPress
Whether you have a bunch of sites or just one, it’s always an easy task to outsource your publishing to[...]
5 Tips for Managing Writers
Building up any website takes a lot of working with writers to get the most useful quality articles possible.  Across[...]
Benefits of Using a VA and Our Top 4 Uses for them!
When I first started off in the online world, I was working full-time at my day job as an Engineer.[...]

Team Management Required Tools & Resources

Mindset and Motivation Category

Mindset and Motivation Posts

  • Mindset Must Reads
  • Recent Mindset Posts
  • Free Bonus - List of 5 life changing videos
The Power Of Continuous Learning
As Henry Ford once said: “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning[...]
Assessing Client Needs for Business Growth – The Smart Way!
We don’t do much of the “fill out this form”, “how did we do today?”, or “rate our services online”[...]
How to Stay Focused and Productive When Working
Working on multiple business and trying to stay focused on tasks can sometimes be hard, and sometimes my time on[...]
Alias – What Are Your Thoughts?
In 2012 I decided to document my journey of building up one of my online businesses and this site was[...]
1 Year Quit Anniversary – What Has Changed?
It has been one year since I left the day job and pursued my online business activities full time. I[...]
5 Simple Rules To Evaluate Ideas and Control the Bright Shiny Object Syndrome
This post is about a handful of rules I have tried to adopt when evaluating new opportunities. I don’t want[...]

Mindset & Motivation Required Tools & Resources

Income Reports Category

Income Report Posts

  • Income Report Must Reads
  • Recent Income reports
  • Free Bonus - Reveal Gross Revenue & Get My Spreadsheet
Annual Online Income – 2014 Wrap Up Report
As I talked about a few times the last few months of the year were unreasonably busy and I had[...]
July Business and Income Report – $15k/month
Things are continuing to move in the right direction and I am happy to report on both some of the[...]
May Income Report – Record Income Achieved – Milestone Crushed
Well it has happened! In this months report I get to share the great news that record earnings have pushed[...]
April Income Report – So Close to 15k
Well April was another great month, last month my earnings were down but I was able to see a solid[...]
Oct Income and Traffic Report
October was a busy month for me with holiday travel, business travel and personal travel I was on the road[...]
Month 11 Income Report – Record Traffic but also Failures
It was another record traffic month! But my nothing but good news story had to stop at some point and[...]

Income Reports Required Tools & Resources

  • MS Office - Excel for graphs and PowerPoint for images
  • Local Accountant