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Six Figure Website Challenge – Team Selected and Opportunity to Particpate

WOW! That was a way way bigger turn out then I expected.

The quality of people and the amount of effort people put into joining the group was overwhelming. I really did not expect to receive close to 80 applications in under 48hrs!

I wish I could have accepted more since there are so many people that it is clear 2015 is going to be a massive year for them! Everyone that will be joining my small group has been notified congrats and I look forward to working with you!

BUT…there is definitely still ways for everyone interested to get the same benefit!

Based on suggestions I will be making available the 2 keys to building a successful website… training + a group of like minded incredible people for free…

How to participate (all FREE…seriously!)…


  • The biggest benefit of this project for me is going to be interacting with like minded people working towards the same goal! Everyone deserves a shot at that! You can have that now by joining a new Google Group I just started for everyone who wants to build a six figure website in 2015. I will be providing all the information I can to help make everyone a success.
    1. Sign Up Here – (visit and request access – will limit numbers to keep it an efficient size – feel free to share with anyone else dedicated to building a six figure website in 2015)
If you sign up to both above (free) you will have both training and a group of like minded incredibly talented people ready to make sure you can build a Six Figure website in 2015! What would an additional $5k/month mean to you and your family!
I hope you decided to take the challenge I think things are set up for so many peoples lives to be different at the end of 2015 if they take on this challenge (myself included). Exciting times!

About the Author Jon

I am a 33 year old husband, father of 3, engineer and a huge fan of developing systems to build useful and profitable websites. The reason I build online businesses is to provide financial independence for my family and yours AND so I can spend time outside skiing and biking with my family.
Jon Gillham, Online Entrepreneur

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Philip Kleudgen says December 18, 2014

Love the idea Jon! I just signed up to the list and this comes at the perfect time.

I just started my new blog in Nov and I really wanna take it to the next Level in 2015

Phil says December 18, 2014

Sorry Jon, but this is seriously disappointing. I’m not sure what you expected or what others did but I was pretty sure that my application was decent enough. I personally have to say I’m done with you as this is simply ridiculous and I think you had a group already preselected (maybe some of your bigger customers) … no Sir, this approach is simply not doing it for me and I’m through with this quality content shit right now if what I provided is still not enough..

You know what: F**k you Google, I’m going to spank you as hard as I can with Blackhat and fuck all this white hat content marketing bullshit and its appraisers…

    Jon says December 18, 2014

    To your points…
    1. I Did not have a pre-selected group.
    2. My selection process was FAR from perfect I fully admit but did the best I could to put the right group together
    3. I am doing as much as I can for those that didn’t make it to set up their own group and get the same information…all for free I may ad.

    Based on your response I am glad I did not pick you.

    Good luck in 2015 (I do mean that)

    Pete says December 18, 2014

    I never understood this whole F-Google I’m gonna blackhat SEO mentality. If you really wanted to say F-Google wouldn’t you look for other ways to make money online or make money period? Salty black hatters are ironically some of the most supplicating lapdogs of the Google beast: They adamantly hate it yet concede that they have no choice other than to use it.

      Aaron says December 18, 2014

      Last time I felt really hard done by the big G I totally got back at them by setting my default search engine in Firefox to Bing. That’ll show em.

        Hates Cheese says December 19, 2014

        That comment made baby Jesus cry

Dennis Foreman says December 18, 2014

Needless to say I am disappointed at not being chosen.
I look forward with somewhat diminished enthusiasm to receiving information about your progress.

Pete says December 18, 2014

Hey Jon – I’ve left the niche site game and am working on my own long term authority site right now, so this seems like a great group to be a part of. Just signed up for the attack plan and Google+ group. Hopefully I can get involved and it’s mutually beneficial. I think it’s great you’re opening up the challenge to the community at large since I realize there’s no way you could have directly worked with every qualified applicant. This is also a great way for people who aren’t starting from scratch can be a part of it.

People who are salty for not being chosen… that kind of attitude is exactly what will predicate failure in this game. Seriously. Jon doesn’t owe us anything, and it’s not like he holds the keys to some magical internet marketing castle anyway. Don’t fall for the golden goose egg chase.

Yengshai says December 18, 2014

Wow I didn’t realize there were so many angry applicants. I’m actually stoked Jon is giving free access to his attack plan.

Bruno says December 18, 2014

Hey Jon,
Good to see you have your group in place. 🙂 I hope you and all the others reach their goal. It’s a pitty that I didn’t make it (maybe it was the timezone – btw if you know someone in Europe who organizes a similar thing feel free to drop me a line ;)) but still I’m glad you’re willing to provide us with information so we can try to reach this goal also. 🙂 I subscribed and will try your attack plan out. 🙂

    Jon says December 18, 2014

    Bruno…personal emails to all that applied will be coming over the next day(s) but definitely jump in the Google group and have a look at who else could create a similar group that fits your schedule. There are a lot of people in there already!

John says December 18, 2014

Just wanted to say goodluck to everyone chosen. I’m excited to see how the challenge progresses and I hope to connect with a few people in the google group.

Greg says December 19, 2014

I appreciate the information John. I sincerely do and a lot of people do. I was going to apply myself thought you could use a old dude in the bunch, because if I can do it there is not a reason the young people should not be able to as they grew up with computers. I am signed up and ready to go.

To other other dude.. What are you 12? Show some respect. (If you are actually 12 sorry you will go up no offense)

Olayinka says December 19, 2014

Nice one Jon, just to say godluck to the selected people for this upcoming project. Hope you will share with us the failure and success of this project in future.

Sergio says December 19, 2014

Hi Jon,
Looks like a great project.
Am trying to sign up here: but it keeps telling me that I need an invite to join the private community, please assist.
All the best with your project in 2015.

KL says December 20, 2014

Hi Jon,
good to see you back – I know about the difficulties to balance life between family, job and own business. Had to neglect my web business over the last two years due to family matters – now taking up speed again.
Thanks in advance for providing content from your project group to all other readers of your blog. Much appreciated. I just signed up for both (google group and list)
Lots of success to all of you who got into the team, but also to those who take up the challenge without being on the inside.

Justin says December 22, 2014

Hey Jon,

Congrats to you on getting this up and running – also to the team selected!

I did an interview with a guy who built a $200K+ website in just a couple of years that may be of interest:

Let me know if there’s anything we can do to help. (i.e. webinar on preparing your site for sale, tips to getting more value out of your site, etc.) Best of luck!

Robert M. says December 22, 2014

This is a fantastic opportunity for whom interested to build an authority site in 2015 and benefit from being in a community of like minded people! I’m in to participate!

Bronson says December 22, 2014

This is awesome Jon! Can’t wait to see the Attack Plan and put it in to action. I didn’t apply to your Website Challenge Team but I just requested access to the group and list.

Much Success in 2015!

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