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Selling my FBA Business – Interested?

Today for the first time I am putting my unique entire FBA business including all authority affiliates websites that drive the sales up for sale!

For those of you that have been following my Journey with FBA (all posts here) you have seen this unique business strategy on a very steady upward trend!


Unique Opportunity:

Purchase this $11k+/month net income highly diversified, stable and growing business…

Diversified Business (not simply 1 website)

  • 2 affiliate sites with stable history of driving sales
  • FBA product line and brand generating solid sales on Amazon


  • Upward trend for business
  • Growing market (see Google Trends data below)
  • Peak season in May but steady all year long (not a holiday rush product)


  • No PPC being used to date
  • Ecommerce drop shipping option at Affiliate Sites to increase margin
  • Product Line Expansion (several great options)
  • Value multiple growth (with more data the business/brand value should be 3x annual net income)


Validated Unique Amazon FBA Business Model:

The business model of using an Amazon Affiliate site to drive sales to launch an FBA private label product line has certainly proven itself as you can see in the graphs below. This lower risk online business model when compared to simply purchasing a single website provides both risk mitigation along with more opportunities for growth.


Simply Buying & Holding Will Result in Upside Plus Lower Risk with Diversified Traffic

The business model I am setting my team up to execute is a higher risk process involving the acquisition of several affiliate sites and the creation of brands around them. This model requires capital and I will look to use the funds of this sale to rinse and repeat the model.

Currently the value I can continue to add to this business is less than growing a new affiliate site and FBA brand.

As a result I know I am walking away from a potential 3x annual income sales multiple if I were willing to simply hold (even without additional growth).

Lower Risk vs Website Purchase – Most online business purchases are a single website that the downside of the investment is a complete $0. In this case with the diversified traffic streams of Amazon Organic, Google Organic to multiple sites there is no single point of failure.


By The Numbers:


Nov & Dec Average Net Income = $10,983 USD

The business will be valued based on the numbers from November, December and January…


(sale valuation will be based on Nov, Dec and Jan numbers)

Affiliate Site 1 Weekly Traffic


Affiliate Site 2 Weekly Traffic (Purchased Website)



High-Season Approaching, Steady All Year in a Growing Market

With both the high-season coming (May) for this market and the market growing at a steady rate over the last 5 years shows that the sales are not only holiday seasonally driven.

(17.5% year over year growth from 2006 – 2016 and very stable interest around the entire calendar year)

What Is For Sale?

  • FBA Business & Brand
    • Inventory at Amazon
    • Brand & Brands Website
    • Social Accounts
    • All procedures and marketing plans
  • Affiliate Website 1
  • Affiliate Website 2
  • 600 person email list (growing at a rat of 5-10/day) (30% open rate with 15% click through rate)


Effort of Work to Run:

  • 4-8posts per month published (1hr/week – if using a VA)
  • Track inventory & Re-Order From Supplier (2hrs/week)
  • Monitor Listing (7hrs/week)


Timeline for the Sales Process:

  • Determine if there is interest in the sale from my audience (Jan 18)
  • Qualify interested parties (Jan 18 – 31)
  • Discuss via Skype with potential buyers (Jan 18 – 31)
  • Determine if private sale will be possible (Jan 18 – 31)
  • Complete private sale (Feb 7)
  • If no sale in the first week in February list on (first week in February)

For Myself – Rinse & Repeat

For the Buyer – Grow (PPC, Ecommerce Side, Product Line & in 1 year value business at 3x Annual Earnings ideally)


Next Steps:

If you are interested I look forward to discussing the sales process with you…

  1. Please simply email me (jonhaver11 (at) gmail (dot) com) including…
    1. Your initial questions
    2. Proof of ability to pay (numbers or recent examples – need to filter out tire-kickers)
    3. Basic information about you/why you are looking to buy
    4. Potential times to get on Skype to discuss the sales process
  2. If interest is significant I will select ~10 qualified buyers to work with and send the due-diligence packages to
  3. Filter number of potential buyers down to 3-4 buyers and find the best fit
  4. If no private sale is in place by early February I will list at

Depending on the seller and their wishes I look forward to sharing the results of this process for everyone reading

About the Author Jon

I am a 33 year old husband, father of 3, engineer and a huge fan of developing systems to build useful and profitable websites. The reason I build online businesses is to provide financial independence for my family and yours AND so I can spend time outside skiing and biking with my family.
Jon Gillham, Online Entrepreneur

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Josh Shogren says January 17, 2016

Hey John,

Why are you looking to sell? It looks like you are just scratching the surface on this business


    Jon says January 18, 2016

    Hey Josh, I believe I am but when I look at my teams existing skills I think it is clear we are best situated to rinse and repeat a similar model and sell again. This is at least my current theory and it depends on how this sale goes…I think there is a lot of capital looking to purchase diversified/reliable online income with up-side while there is less money looking to purchase/grow moderate affiliate sites.

      Josh Shogren says January 18, 2016

      Sorry I misspelled your name, Jon, my bad!

      Very interesting and makes sense. I wish you the best of luck with selling the business!

Tim says January 18, 2016

John, I may be interested in purchasing, but I’d like to know what your ask is. Typically I could estimate and establish a value myself but since the site is fairly young it’s hard to know where you place the value.
I’m curious, why haven’t you listed it? That’s not proprietary, and since you haven’t released your niche not going to compromise your business model. Plus, I think that would keep most tire kickers out.

PS – Love the new site design!

Financial Samurai says January 18, 2016

PRetty smart to try and sell now on such a new business. You never know what the future holds.

Are you providing an income guarantee to the buyer for several months if you sell?

John Shea says January 27, 2016

Hey Jon,

Hope all is well. I was curious if the site stats shown were from one of those affiliate sites purchased from Brand Builders? I’m pulling in some solid revenue from Udemy and have considered re-investing into more passive income based sites.

I’d be curious to hear more about how the purchased site is working out for you and if your making a good ROI on that?

    Jon says January 31, 2016

    Hey John, I sent you an email with even more details but… the one purcahsed from the creator of brand builders has grown to over 1k visitors per day and making 1,500/month for January. It was just a basic site with modest traffic when I purchased it and put links and content to it to build it up. Definitely a very good ROI on that investment!

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