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Sell Your FBA Business Fast!

Want to sell your Amazon FBA Business Crazy Fast??

If you need to sell your FBA business and either need to sell it fast or it is too small to sell via brokers fill in the form below and I can be in touch to review if selling to me/my contacts is an option.

When I was selling my FBA business I learned it took a LOT of time to sell a business!

What Are Your Selling Options:

  1. If your business is making over $4k/month average for the last 12 months then contact Coran at TheFBABroker.com (if you can be patient for a sale 1-3 months)
  2. If your business is making $2k-$4k/month average for the last 12 months then contact EmpireFlippers.com (if you can be patient for a sale typically 1-3 months)
  3. If your situation is any of the following you have fewer options…
    1. Under 12 months old
    2. Does under $2k/month profit
    3. Need to sell fast (regardless of size)

If you meet ANY of the 3 criteria above your options are limited, I have put together a business, systems and funding to help sellers sell their business.

If you are interested in a fast sale please enter the information below…

Sell Your FBA Business Today – Enter Your Details Below…

    What Information Will Help With A Fast Sale of Your FBA Business:

    Important – If you need to sell fast simply fill in the form above and I will be in touch as quickly as possible and we can review what information is needed. 

    • Profit and Loss Template – Fill in the template here (and share with [email protected])
    • Monthly Income & Expense Statement (Create Trailing 12 Month Reports)
      1. Login to SellerCentral and go to Reports>Payments
      2. Select Date Range Reports click generate report
      3. Select “Summary” report type and range select “Month”
      4. Select the month you need and click generate
      5. Repeat for every month and download labeling each file appropriately

    Use these reports to input to the profit and loss template above.

    • Monthly Units Sold Report
      1. Go to Reports > Business Reports and click “Detail Page Sales and Traffic”
      2. Include the last 12 months and change the view to month
      3. Download the CSV
    • Supplier/Manufacturer Info – Provide information about the relationship with the manufacturer. Contact, terms, MOQ, volume discount, lead time, landed cost and include an invoice or email to be able to validate COGS.
    • Website – If you have a website be sure to include the URL and any traffic and earnings data