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How to Scale Content Creation for an Authority Site Systematically

Useful content is the single most important factor in determining your websites success (but not the only) – This is nothing new to anyone!

But turning knowledge into practical application is not always simple!

When I talked about my simple 3 step authority website traffic growth plan I received comments about wanting to see more details specifically about how I go about getting quality/useful content published inexpensively.

In addition one of my most talked about posts is the post I wrote a few years ago which is still relevant on how to get articles written at a very reasonable cost from native English speakers.

The purpose of today’s post is to show you exactly how I go about scaling content for a site and as usual I will be giving away the Google Document I use to control this process!

Hope you enjoy and more importantly I hope this is useful/actionable for you!

Benefit of Scaling Content

My six figure challenge site I launched at the start of last year didn’t end up in a six-figure sale but it did demonstrate how a site can reliably grow with the addition of quality content!

This site had 4 posts per week published on it each and every week. It had a 25% per month growth rate for 6 months!


My 7 Step Process to Scale Content Publishing Cheaply

  1. Identify Keywords– Lots has been written about keyword research. The default tool I use and the best source for informative content is LongTailPro. Here is the Ultimate Guide to Keyword Research on
  2. Create Blog Post Titles– For me and my team the focus I have when getting titles made for the articles is the following (in rough order of priority)
    1. Title should help the writer create a quality piece of content by including the main purpose of the article. Some of my go-to strategies are starting the title with the following…
      • How To
      • Top #
      • Question Post (How …)
    2. Focus on the reader to create a compelling title
    3. Include the keyword in the title


For more information on creating great titles check out Jeff Goins article on catchy headlines or the infographic below…

Source –

  1. Hire Writer – This is probably the step that is the most difficult! It is NOT easy to find a great writer. I get A LOT of original articles written for my portfolio of sites and for my PBN service sites. The principles I use are consistent with both types of articles the only difference is the price point and the churn of writers. Right now it is possible to get decent articles created for $8 per 750 word article. Again, not easy but it is possible and I have several writers creating great articles (with a lot better writing than my own)
  2. Publish Good Looking Posts – The quality of the content is not only judged on how much useful information is shared but on how the information is presented. This I have found over the last year has been the biggest opportunity for improvement with content websites. Simply using Thrive Editor and having my content publishing VA spend the time to make sure the post looks great I have seen huge benefits!
    1. 6 Steps to Make Your Blog Posts Look Irresistible
    2. Thrive Editor (easy tool to make this happen)
  3. Systematize the Entire Process – This is the key! Steps 1-4 performed sporadically will result in unpredictable or sustainable results! The key to successfully applying the system above is to turn it into a system that doesn’t require you to always be remembering to get content created. This system can get very advanced and involve giant editorial calendars. However, I am going to share with you the simple system I use for my niche authority sites to ensure content is continually being published!

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