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I will show you everything but my password! This site is dedicated to providing you USEFUL posts on how to build profitable authority sites. I share the systems I have setup to produce great content and properly use expired domains and private blog networks to rank quality sites.

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Premium Weekly Domain List

Get Access to Exclusive Below Market Value Premium Expired Premiums!

Are you looking to purchase premium expired domains but have struggled with brokers, scraping method and frustrated with the price at auction?

Sign up below and each week receive a list of premium domains including niche and metrics that you can buy at below market value!

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What Are The Domain Metrics?

The domain metrics will vary and will be transparently shown in each weekly email but the aim is to have them be great domains…


How Much Below Market Value?

The domains cost will vary depending on metrics. In each email we will show the metrics and cost.

These premium domains will cost anywhere from $250-$750 depending on the metrics which will be transparently shared.

Save 25%-50% off what you would pay at auction for them!

Why Can I Make This Offer?

The domain finding team I have does a great job using the scraping method!

One by-product of the scraping method my team uses is a list of powerful sites that are dead. My theory was that these powerful dead sites would be likely to left to expire.

My theory turned out to be correct and now I have a list of thousands of POWERFUL domains that will likely expire.

By having a system and rolling backorders over from week to week I put myself into a situation to be able to buy expired domains at below market value.

However, this process has worked too well and I am now in a position where I can purchase more domains than I need for my business but don’t want to see them go to waste!

How Does the Process Work?



Yes – 100% Guarantee with each domain – If you are not happy with a domain we will refund you 100% within the first 7 days.

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jonhaver11 (at) gmail (dot) com

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