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How Ping o Matic Can Boost Your Link Building in 2019

Do you know, when it comes to link building there are lots of proven strategy available.

Which strategy are you currently using for link-building?

Well, you can use any strategy for building links to your website. The ultimate goal is to drive traffic to your website as it encourages both search engines and real traffic as better source of information.

In reality, link building takes a lot of effort. Honestly, I don’t want to discourage you but the fact that even if you try so hard to create a good link profile most of the time efforts goes in vain…. absolute zero result.

Did you ever think why?

There can be couple of reasons why those links never worked.

One of the primary reasons is, if a spacific page is not indexed by search engine then the links included inside that page won’t make any impact to it’s referenced page.

Until and unless search engine does not discover those links, no growth will added to your site link profile. If that happens chances are those backlinks won’t be able to boost your pagerank on Google.

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In such situation how will you fix the problem! Here I can share one trick which always works best for me and many others as well.

You can use ping sites which will add value to your link building work and most importantly the time investment. With the help of ping site you can manually notify search engines to index any page of any website.

Here is the advantage, you can now notify to index your guest post, or your own page, or any other page where the backlinks are recently updated towords your domain.

You will find many tools which allows you to ping search engines about a page. But I want you to choose them wisely.

Most of the SEO expart who really knows their job so well use ping tools like Ping o Matic or premium tool like Onehourindexing to get faster indexing in major search engines.

So why not you take this opportunity to make your link building more efficient and fast! Since, some of these ping tools are free to use you are getting more than enough opportunity to bring value to link building.

I always use ping o matic for manual pinging after article publication so we will first discuss about this awesome service.

What is Ping o Matic?

As you might have guessed by now it’s a kind of online tool that will submit your given URL to several search engines, communities, directories, content aggregators and some other places as well. Ping o Matic is free to use and there’s no limitation.

How Reliable is The Service?

According to ping o matic, founded by wordpress foundation, developers regularly check downstream services for updating the pinging process to make sure the services are still legit and working properly.

In ping o matic, not many pinging services added but what they have added are the most important ones.

Recently I was experimenting the difference between using and not using ping o matic with one of my new website and the stats says it everything.

In February with the link building procedure I haven’t used any kind of ping service. Not even after publishing a blog post. And in March I did the same effort to build links but I used the ping o matic tool.

Pagerank and traffic started to increase and it was a great satisfaction after testing ping o matic in real time.


How To Use Ping O Matic

Using ping o matic is really very simple. All you need to paste the URL which you want to ping and select the related ping service. After that click the “start ping” button. After a few seconds you will be shown a complete notification.


That’s it. ?

By now the URL is being submitted to different search engines, directories, content aggregators, etc.

Reason why you shouldn’t avoid this tool

Well, there’s no bounded rule for using ping tools in SEO. You can directly submit url to google for indexing using the webmaster tool. But what about the backlinks from other sites?

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In link building you can call the ping tools as bonus points. Who will leave free points by the way? ?

Most importantly to your backlinks indexed you have to use tools like Ping o Matic. Remember, almost 80% backlinks on the whole web remains de-indexed due to neglecting or not informing the search engines.

This is the reason most of the SEO campaign fails and remains useless. So here it the key… Use ping service to get most out of your effort.

Limitation of Using Ping Tools

As I have mentioned before you can use ping o matic and other similar tools for unlimited time.

Now you may have a question, what will happen if I use it over and over again?

Think about you are asking the same question to a person again and again! What will happen normally?

The person might get annoyed of the question. Same thing happens with the pinging services.

So you should avoid pinging the same URL many times a short period of time.

Recommendation is to ping one url only 2-3 times from different pinging tools. Overdoing may lead to increase your domain spam score.

What Are The Ping o Matic Alternatives!

Since we are talking about using multiple ping tools, it will be better to include other tools which offer reliable service like Ping o Matic.

The ping o matic alternatives are:

Is There Any Ping O Matic WordPress Plugin!

Pingomatic is a stand alone tool. Since it’s easy to use my first choice is always using the original tool.

However there’s a wordpress plugin [ not tested with latest wordpress version] which work with pingdom and automatically send pings once you update your blog posts.

This ping o matic WordPress Plugin is available in WordPress repository as Ppinger, developed by

This plugin includes all the pinging services available in pingomatic tool.

Alternatively, you can use “update services” in your wordpress settings. Go to wordpress dashboard >settings >writing >update service and include the ping service url. Click save to complete configuration.

This will do the same work like pingdom. So remember if you want to use ping tools don’t include service url inside your settings.

So my aim was to encourage you to use this tool which will boost your link building effort and I am done with my part.

Now it’s your turn to start using ping tools and see how it works. I hope you will get better result soon.

Don’t forget to let me know if you find it helpful.

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