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Paid Link Magnet Idea – How to make money online

Want a super easy / straightforward way of making a few hundred dollars a month from an almost brand new site? 

I think this strategy would be the one I would pursue if I…

  • Only had a few hundred dollars to invest
  • Wanted to start making some money online quickly (didn’t have time to wait for content to rank)
  • Didn’t mind being limited to only a few hundred dollars a month?

This is not a tested strategy… just a fun theory…

How? Build a paid backlink magnet site. A site specifically designed to attract sponsored posts/ paid link insertion requests in high-value niches

This is ONLY an IDEA, I have not executed it and don’t think I plan to. However, if you are reading this and want to execute and scale this but need some great domains please contact me and we can work out a structure where we all win.

I am sharing in detail since I hope whoever does copy this procedure and executes it shares the results with me so we can all learn!  

All Plans are Wrong! Again I have not executed this strategy so there will clearly be issues with this plan that will need to be adjusted. 

How Much Can You Make?

My hope with this strategy is that you could…

Investment / Cost:

  • Domain – $100-2,500 – for a solid domain
  • Website Build – $0 (do it yourself) or $100 on UpWork
  • Content – $0 (do it yourself) or $250 on

If you are interested in executing this strategy but need a domain contact me!

Monthly Earnings:

  • 2 paid posts per month at $100-$250/link = $500/month


Introducing the Paid Backlink Magnet Site Strategy

Basic Strategy:

  1. Find a valuable expired/expiring domain
  2. Pick the right niche
  3. Build a site so that it attracts people looking to pay for links
  4. Create content that attracts people looking to pay for links
  5. Outreach to potential 

Why it Would Work:

There are a lot of people that are running around the web happy to pay for link insertions to their sites. Whatever they call it… sponsored post, paid backlink, paid guest post, link insertion it always amounts to the same thing… a link (often paid) from one site to their target site. 

By building a site on an already valuable domain then designing it to attract people who are already paying for backlinks will hopefully be an easy to execute process.  

Throughout this article I use the name link insertion specialist but it could be someone with a SEO, link building or outreach in their job title. 

Valuable Domain + The Right Niche + Site Magnet = Quick path to making money from a new site! 

  • Valuable Domain – Building a site on a relevant valuable domain will have the link insertion specialists eager to pay you for a guest post / sponsored post / link insertion etc
  • The Right Niche – Not all niches are created equal for this strategy. The key is finding niches with extremely high customer value where the promotion opportunities are limited. Lots of B2B software and services meet these criteria
  • Site Magnet – Building the site in a way where if you know what link insertion specialists are looking for when they are scraping the web will result in them coming to you

Detailed Procedure / Example:

Step ONE – Find a Valuable Expiring Domain

The first step is to find an expired/expiring domain that has value in the eyes of a link insertion specialist.

What are they looking for? Relevant metrics and traffic


Sometimes Moz and Majestic are still referenced but definitely I would focus on getting 

Target metrics…

  • MOZ DA > 30
  • Majestic TF > 10
  • Ahrefs DR > 20
  • SEMRush Traffic > 10
  • # of Linking Root Domains > 50

Or as close to this as your budget can afford.  

Don’t go below DR 10 based on some of my own testing. 

This tool makes filtering thousands of domains incredibly easy! 

Checkout the Power of SpamZilla!

Example Domain:  – Definitely not going to be sold for cheap

click the image to enlarge

Step TWO – Pick a Niche

My strategy here would be to look at B2B software or services that are a fit. 

Using the website G2 makes this process easy…

  1. Go to
  2. Enter a keyword – look at the autosuggest. Or explore the categories
  1. Pick a category that meets this (very adjustable) criteria..
    1. High lifetime value of a customer
    2. B2B (makes link building more essential for growth)
    3. Lots of competitors – them battling with one another is good
    4. I would like a forgotten about but competitive niche like truck fleet management

In this example Video Conferencing might be a good fit. It is a little bigger than ideal but the site is stronger than I think I would typically run this test with. 

For another example imagine there is a trucking company domain for sale at auction that will have reasonable metrics, sell for cheap and would be ideal for a fleet management software site that you could then charge for link insertion.

Step THREE – Build the Site to Attract Link Prospectors

Build the site making it look respectable. The key triggers to include on the site is in the footer menu include a few different links that all go to a copy of a contact us page with the name of the menu title in the URL and title.

Why? Because people looking to buy links use a series of commonly used keywords to try and find opportunities. You want to show up in their searches! 

Footer Menu to Include a Page for Each of the Following:

  • Advertise
  • Guest Post
  • Paid Promotion
  • Sponsored Post  
  • Link Roundup

Include your email in text format on the Contact Page so that tools that link builders use such as will pickup on the email and you will be more likely to be contacted. 

Add ~200 words to each of the pages above and then a contact form. 

Step FOUR – Create Content to Attract Link Prospectors

The next step is to create content that we hope will attract link builders. 

Since many people building links will use some version of these strategies…

You want to show up on their searches!

So based on your industry you will need to use a little creativity but here would be a couple ideas…

Skyscraper Magnet:

Create an article “20 best guides to _____” then create that article and link to all the BIGGEST/BEST articles in the niche talking about your chosen software/service category. Then when someone tries to do the skyscraper technique using any of those articles you linked to you will be included when they contact you.  

Competitor Link Building Magnet:

There are likely some BIG players in your space that the scrappy upstarts more likely to be paying for links use tools like Ahrefs to analyze the competitions backlinks and try to steal them. In order to show up on those searches make sure to link to the biggest players in the space and then when the smaller players are doing their competitor link building you will show up. 

Step FIVE – Cold Outreach

Now that your site is setup, your link prospecting magnets are in place you can sit around and wait for the prospects to contact you… or you can go and make contact using B2B lead generation strategies

  1. Create a list of players in your industry (G2 will be helpful)
  2. Use to find the right email
  3. Contact them – Look at how influencers do this and follow a similar strategy creating a media kit etc.

Step SIX – Close the Deal

At this stage you should be in communication with someone either from a company or representing a company that would love a mention/link on your site. Your job is to now close the deal… give them what they want in exchange for $ into your PayPal account. There isn’t much I can add here except for a few general tips.  

  • Use PayPal – seems to be the default in link buying payments
  • Price at the low end of fair to help drive volume – How much to charge for a sponsored blog post will vary drastically but aim for $100+ depending on the site. 
  • Don’t mention paid links/paid backlink unless they mention it first… sponsored post, guest post, advertising all will resonate with some who hilariously say “we don’t buy links” but then will happily pay for a sponsored placement?!?
  • When negotiation the best strategy is to let them share what they are looking for and what they are willing to pay for it first. 
  • Efficiency and Volume > squeezing out every last dollar. Building a relationship and efficiently closing deals will be more valuable then driving every penny out of the one deal. Especially if you go on to scale this business being a great person to purchase links from will allow you to go back to the people who purchased from you in the past when you have a new site that they might be interested in. 

I AM DEFINITELY WRONG! How am I wrong… I don’t know but this strategy in its current form will certainly have parts that won’t work as planned. No plan holds first contact with the enemy. So… understand I have not executed this myself, take it, run with it, experiment, test and have fun! 

Let me know how it works for you!

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