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Income Report Roundup – Nov 2019

November is an interesting month for online business! It can be great if you can take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But besides that, it can be a rather slow month for web traffic, as people are so busy getting prepared for the Holidays. 

The team internally has been pushing hard to finish up Q4 and get ready for a big year in 2020! 

There are a few growth opportunities the team is busy working away on and I am very excited about! More on these will be revealed over the coming months. 

#1 Takeaway – Diversify – Several of the sites covered here have invested money in various areas to grow their businesses. Diversifying your online businesses is a great strategy so that you do not become too dependent on one form of online income, and are able to ride out rough patches. Here are some ways that some of these online entrepreneurs have diversified: 

  • Multiple Sites – One way to diversify as an online entrepreneur is to run multiple websites. This is a time intensive task, but you can minimize the work by contracting out certain tasks. This is a cyclical business by nature, but you can help to smooth this out by focusing on different websites within different niches – such as blogging, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, and more. 
  • Income – Successful online entrepreneurs also attempt to diversify their income sources. If you have money coming from different sources, you can withstand the occasional slow down. Try to generate multiple income methods – such as through advertising, affiliate marketing, freelance work, or selling your expertise. 
  • Single Failure Point (Traffic or Revenue) – It is hard to not have a single failure point with an online business, either Amazon or Google often hold the a LARGE amount of control. Finding ways to own the land you build your business on and become as insulated from the whims of some of the largest companies in the world is always a great goal!

Quick October Update on my End:

  • Big posts at (more to come!)
  • ContentRefined is working towards a January launch of a new service
  • The growth rate for has continued to go crazy – see dashboard
  • MotionInvest has continued to demonstrate that there is an underserved need in buying/selling content sites efficiently!
  • Ski Hills opened the earliest they ever have! 

My Reason for This Round Up:

When I started my online entrepreneurship journey I took a lot of inspiration from others that were sharing everything they did online. Seeing that people like me were making REAL money and that the opportunity to replace my day job was possible. 

It has been 3 years since I left my day job –

The more transparent the report the more I appreciated and was motivated by it. 

Over the years I have tried to be as transparent as possible sharing along the way my goals, business successes/failures and the ultimate results(profits). 

After years of sharing monthly income posts I decided that it made sense to stop these… a decision I actually regret as I wish I had found a way to keep sharing some of what I was doing. My reason was as my online world and “real” worlds became more tangled.  

Looking at many of the people that originally had an income round up they have also stopped. Namely the most famous in the space Pat Flynn no longer does income round ups. 

I will cover…

  1. List of inspiring income report posts and how they earned their profits
  2. Recognize motivating people showing not just telling people the results they are achieving
  3. Learn from others – What the key learning is from the people

Last Month Profit – $17,387.76

Name – Ron Stefanski

Website –

Business Model – Authority Affiliate Site      

Income Report –

Key Lesson(s):

  • November was the second best month Ron ever had!
  • Although revenues were down slightly from October, Ron is very happy with the results. 
  • The reason for the profit decrease is Ron has been investing heavily in YouTube and other forms of advertising. His numbers have been a bit deflated because of it. 
  • Much of the growth is attributed to Google Auto Ads. However, Ron also wonders whether the auto ads have negatively influenced some of his site’s rankings. 
  • The overall growth rate has been great! (look at the graph below)


Checkout the video I did with Ron and be sure to read his gripping story here!

Last Month Profit – $5,834

Name – Lidiya

Website –

Business Model – Blogging

Income Report –

Key Lesson(s):

  • Lidiya’s profits continue to grow, now into the high $5000 range.
  • Lidiya started a new side hustle this month. She is selling “printables” for bloggers through an Etsy page. 
  • For the first time in a few months, Lidiya saw her traffic decrease below 100K monthly page views. She is fine with this however, as during the holiday season people tend to spend more time online shopping. 
  • She took an SEO course and made some big changes to her content – including deleting off-topic posts, replacing broken links, and updating internal links. 

Last Month Profit – no update this month

Name – Spencer Haws

Website –

Business Model – Authority Affiliate Site

Income Report –

Key Lesson(s):

  • No income report published this month.

Last Month Profit – $5,338.71

Name – Johnny FD

Website –

Business Model – Mixed – Dropshipping & Investing

Income Report –

Key Lesson(s):

  • Johnny did a lot of travelling this month to some tropical destinations. 
  • Most of Johnny’s income for the month was passive, including a few one-off marketing projects, and collecting on past invoices. 
  • Johnny is okay with passive projects for now, but feels he will have to rethink his approach if he doesn’t start making more money soon. 
  • He knows he can start more successful online businesses when he needs to, but he will see how the next few months go before making a decision. 

Last Month Profit – $38,158

Name – Jon Dykstra

Website –

Business Model – Authority Website (display ads)

Income Report –

Key Lesson(s):

  • Jon had a 15% drop in traffic, and is bracing for an even bigger drop in December, as is the norm. 
  • Jon is planning to order higher quality content for his sites, as well as diversify so he isn’t so dependant on a few sources. 
  • Jon tried a paid traffic strategy, which unfortunately was not successful. 
  • On the plus side, Jon saw his ad revenue go way up this month, especially with Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  

Ryan Robinson

Last Month Profit – $24,616.56

Name – Ryan Robinson

Website –

Business Model – Authority Website (affiliate earnings)

Income Report –

Key Lesson(s):

  • Traffic went down slightly but it was still a good month for Ryan. 
  • Ryan focused on generating fresh content, publishing 4 long-form articles and updating some old articles. 
  • Ryan continues to work on his website redesign project, and is almost finished. 
  • Ryan saw income from his blog, from affiliate links, and from selling his comprehensive blogging course. 

Honourable Mentions:

Although they don’t do exactly income reports, there are a few reports that are worth mentioning and when they publish new reports I will be sure to include.

  • No honorable mentions this month

Am I missing any I should include? Please drop a message in the comment section below with anyone I should include next month!

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I am a 36 year old husband, father of 3, engineer and a huge fan of developing systems to build useful and profitable websites. The reason I build online businesses is to provide financial independence for my family and yours AND so I can spend time outside skiing and biking with my family.
Jon Gillham, Online Entrepreneur

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