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Monetization Strategy Rev 1

So far some of my monetization strategy has been working well while other parts have not. This post will be short and outline what has gone well, what has gone poorly with Rev 0 of my monetization strategy and what Rev1 of my strategy will include.

What’s gone poorly…

  • Adsense CTR – due to Adsense terms of service I can’t share but it has been below 2%
  • Adsense CPC – due to Adsense terms of service I can’t share but it has been below $2
  • Opt Ins – Total of 3
  • CPA offer link not working for 20% of visitors

What’s gone well…

  • Overall income – $105.39 on 906 unique visitors in October
  • CPA Offer CTR – over 20%

5 Changes for Rev 1 of My Authority Site Monetization Strategy

  1. My top AdSense block was responsible for 70% of my AdSense revenue so I have replaced the bottom AdSense with a CPA offer.
  2. My AdSense CTR was low so I have selected the default color scheme to see what my CTR and CPC will be moving forward.
  3. The CPA offer is set again to open in a new tab but I still haven’t figured out why the link is not working for some people
  4. An AdSense widget to display only rich media has been set up to go into the top of the sidebar
  5. I have moved the opt in form out of the prime real estate on the sidebar as it is clearly not providing value to the visitors with only 3 opt ins!
authority site monetization

Future Changes I Am Considering for Rev 2

  • Test other related CPA offers
  • Split test text on CPA offers
  • Add links in sidebar to relevant affiliate resources (credit score, loan etc)


Ethical Concern With AdSense

I try and stay true to my internet marketing cornerstone beliefs, read them here, but since we cant control the ads that are placed on our site with AdSense we open ourselves up to promoting products we don’t believe in. For example, I am 100% against pay day loans and would never offer them on my website as a CPA offer, yet it is an offer that likely shows via AdSense for many of my visitors.

How do I reconcile my dislike for some ads Google pushes with the convenience of Google AdSense? For me I have started blocking ads that end up being displayed that I don’t believe in.

However, this solution is not perfect as there are hundreds of Pay Day Loan advertisers and there is no practical way to block them all that I am aware of.

Perfect Solution – Have the only monetization on the website be placed there by me for CPA offers I believe in. I am not there yet but that is what I will be working towards.


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