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LeadPages Alternative – InstaPage Review – Best Landing Page for Lead Generation Pages

LeadPages does a lot of things great and I have been using them for over a year now with a lot of success on several different websites.

But, as I discovered last week there is one major downfall that the eventual alternative (InstaPage) had covered…


One of my websites is generating 3 insurance leads per day but the affiliate I was using at the time was paying out very low. So on my to-do list for that site was to personally reach out to larger insurance brokerage firms and inquire about selling them the insurance leads directly.

Within 12hrs of sending 5 emails one Sunday I was on the phone with one owner of a company who was willing to pay substantially more than I was currently receiving from my existing set up.

So after working out the details in our first conversation I wanted to get moving quickly to show what I could create and start delivering leads for his business. Something along the lines of the page below to start with…

Source –

What he wanted was the lead details delivered directly to his inbox, getting the leads email only would not be good enough.

First Stop – LeadPages

I have been using LeadPages for a long time as a very effective list building tool and thought that taking it to the next step with more forms would be easy.

So after talking to the business owner on Sunday night I wanted to get something set up right away. I headed over to LeadPages, rewatched the video tutorial on how to build a multi-form landing page

Problems Encountered

I created the complex form (all pertinent information required – age, sex, smoker, coverage etc) in AWeber then tested it. So I thought I was good to go but whenever I went to LeadPages it would simply hang.

Problems Encountered

LeadPages Support – Incredibly Cheerful – But no Timely Solution

After an hr and the time going bye I was getting frustrated I was not delivering what I said I was going to be able to do (have a landing page up for Monday/Tuesday).

I submitted the ticket not expecting a response but within hrs of submitting the ticket I got a very cheerful but unfortunately not helpful response.

Ultimately after a couple emails back and forth she confirmed AWeber multi-form loading times were having problems.

Solution – Search for Alternatives

I simply needed to get a basic lead generation page created that looked professional quickly and couldn’t wait!

So my next stop was Google where I found and reviewed a few other options

  • Premise (have used and didn’t like for creating landing pages)
  • HubSpot (far larger scope than the problem I was looking to solve)
  • KickOffLabs – Seemed to do the samething LeadPages was doing
  • LivePages (didn’t look super easy and the pricing didn’t offer a free trial)
  • Optimizely (didn’t see many examples of templates so couldn’t get a feel for if it was as easy a page-builder)

Other Suggested by Readers in the Comments…

The LeadPages alternative came down to 2…

Based on what I was seeing the 2 alternatives to LeadPages that I thought could handle lead generation better were UnBounce and InstaPage.

The 2 deciding factors between InstaPage and Unbounce were…

  1. Ease of Use – It looked like I could get something built with InstaPages faster than UnBounce
  2. Price – Unbounces service is fairly limited until you get up to $99/month while I could get something up for instapage on a month to month basis for free to start and I was hoping the $29/month plan would work for me (I have since had to upgrade to the $79 to get the email delivery piece). Review


So far after using InstaPage for a little over a 2 weeks I have been happy with how easy it has been to create lead generation pages.

Overall I am very happy, the speed at which I could get my lead page created, the leads sent directly from the form to the broker and my ability to improve by split testing has me thinking it is now worth me paying for my 2 landing page services (LeadPages and InstaPage)

Here is how it works…

Step 1 – Create an Account

Step 2 – Pick a Template

Starting templates

Step 3 – Drag and Drop Editor

Drag and Drop Editor

Step 4 – Publish

First install the Instapage Plugin, then send the page to WordPress and finally publish the page at a unique URL.

choose a publishing option

Add new InstaPage

End Result

Once I signed up I had a good looking lead generation page published in 1hr with leads going directly to the broker.

Within 24hrs of starting the process of looking at more direct monetization strategies I had a working lead page up and in the last week made more from the site than I had in the previous 3 months!

So maybe LeadPages will improve their multi-forms functionality or maybe InstaPage will improve in some of the areas LeadPages is strong like their additional features (video, lead box, lead link etc)but for now it looks like I have 2 landing page services I will be footing the bill for.

Hopefully if you run into the same problem with LeadPages or vice versa with InstaPage this post will help show you what worked for me.

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I am a 33 year old husband, father of 3, engineer and a huge fan of developing systems to build useful and profitable websites. The reason I build online businesses is to provide financial independence for my family and yours AND so I can spend time outside skiing and biking with my family.
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