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January 2015 Income Post

Welcome to the first income and goals report in 2015.

For 2015 I have set new goals and each months income/goals progress report will reflect my slightly adjusted focus vs 2014.

My overall goal….reaching $15k/month in RELIABLE online income by the age of 35 (5 years to go)

This monthly report will share all the details about the different “divisions” of my business and the progress towards each goal…

  1. Passive Income Website Portfolio
  2. AuthorityWebsiteIncome Blog
  3. Expired Domain and SEO Services:

The purpose of these posts is both to keep me accountable as well as share the details about how I am going about building an online business on the side.

Hopefully this post will give you some ideas on how to grow your business!

Key Successes

  1. Six Figure Challenge Group – The six figure challenge I announced at the end of 2014 has started out great with some fantastic people in both the private and public group (free to join).
  2. Website Purchases – January was another productive month with a couple website deals done for 8 more sites.
  3. Services Business Demand – With me not opening my services up for a few months, waiting for the dust to settle after the PBN update, I was unsure of how much demand still existed for my Done For You PBN and LightningRank PBN Service. I knew they still worked VERY well to get rankings but when I re-opened them they both sold quickly which was great to see!

Key Failures

  1. Costs Continue to Grow – Cost creep seems to continue to be a problem. With margins eroding I need to be more vigilant and set up better systems to keep costs under control. As the business has aged there are costs that seem to just sprout up and I struggle to keep trimming them back.
  2. Writer Quality on Six Figure Challenge Site – The six figure challenge site is a major focus for me this year. Things are starting out well with the foundation but the content quality has not been as good as I would like to see it!
  3. Sharing Six Figure Challenge Details with You! – I am wanting to be releasing more information on the exact step by step details and will do so in the future but just haven’t been able to find the time. The posts by the private group have been fantastic and lots can be learned along with others who have shared their journey like Dom at

2015 Business Goals

2015 online business goals

Download This Easy to Edit and Printable Goals Template – FREE


Part 1 – Passive Authority & Niche Website Income Profit/Loss


No matter what my future business direction is I would have a very very hard time giving up the fun of building, buying and running profitable websites!

It is hard to imagine a better business asset then a passive website that brings in money while you do nothing to it. Of course it is never that simple but the concept is thoroughly addictive!

5 Goals in 2015 for my Website Portfolio Business

  1. Build Six Figure Website

JAN UPDATE – The site is just getting started. January was all about getting my systems up and running. So far things have been going slower than I would like but the foundation I believe has been laid out well for a large content based authority site.

  1. Continue Building Smaller Profitable “Niche” Sites

JAN UPDATE – By modifying a typical niche site plan and using expired domains(in a unique way) I have my project manager testing out a system that is almost entirely hands off for me (1-3hr/week). Although I don’t believe smaller niche sites are stable enough to build an entire business around there are many people (including me) who are still building and making money with them. My aim here is to test out a new system, increase the number of profitable sites I have and finally show how people if they want to can build profitable niche sites in 2015.


  • 14 sites as part of detailed test underway
  • Minimal income but solid traffic to a couple already
  • It is clear a 100% success rate will not be achievable (not unexpected)

example of modified niche site built in January achieving fast rankings!

  1. Systematize Top 20 Sites in Portfolio

JAN UPDATE – No progress on this front, my focus is on the six figure site getting it moving.

  1. Buy 2 Sites Per Month

JAN UPDATE: Great progress on this in January with 2 deals done and 8 sites added to my portfolio. These were smaller, not very old, PBN promoted amazon affiliate sites which made the pricing a little tricky since the December income numbers skewed the results.

GOAL = 2 sites

ACTUAL = 8 sites



If any readers are looking to sell their profitable site(s) quickly let me know by emailing me. I can let you know in 12hrs if I am interested and complete the purchase in 24-48hrs – Contact Me



  1. Improve Monetization of Existing Sites

JAN UPDATE – Similar to above, no time/effort spent on this yet which is too bad since I know there is a lot of low hanging fruit!






Part 2 – Authority Website Income Blog Profit/Loss


3 Goals in 2015 for

  1. Post 1-2 times per week

JAN UPDATE – Having the six figure group ad a weekly post on their progress building their sites has been a great step towards achieving this goal.

  • Plan = 4
  • Actual = 7


  1. Be More Involved in Roundups, Interviews & Commenting

JAN UPDATE – Not as much involvement as I would like…

  • Interview = 1
  • Roundup = 1


  1. 2 EPIC Posts Published

JAN UPDATE – Right now I am working on both the data for the niche site test which will eventually be turned into an epic post (assuming the results work) and my six figure challenge attack plan will be turned into a monster of a post.





Part 3 – Services Business Profit/Loss


This is definitely where my biggest opportunity lies and although I want to keep a balanced portfolio of income producing assets a large portion of my energy needs to go to this area of my business.

  1. Create a Stand Alone Business

JAN UPDATE – No progress towards this, this will come after #2 below has more progress.

  1. Rework and Customize Systems

JAN UPDATE – Right now the systems associated with the services business have been put together as needed however I now need to go in and get them all reset. No progress in January.

  1. Systematic Customer Acquisition

JAN UPDATE – No progress planned until later in the year


Weak progress in January on this front!!

Overall Income Update


Original Monthly Net Income Target ($15k/month RELIABLE income by age 35)

  • Target Net Income = $6,200
  • Actual net Income = $14,956.90



Final Comments

Great month from a progress standpoint for my website portfolio and AuthorityWebsiteIncome sides of the business. The strong sales in my services business overshadowed the lack of progress towards the stand-alone systematized services business which is the goal for 2015.

Overall a great start to the year but there are challenges ahead!

Questions for You…

These monthly reports take a lot of work to put together, they are useful for me but the main reason I do them is because I still enjoy reading them from anyone that publishes them and wanted to provide the same. Let me know if you want to see a different format and I would be happy to consider it!

About the Author Jon

I am a 33 year old husband, father of 3, engineer and a huge fan of developing systems to build useful and profitable websites. The reason I build online businesses is to provide financial independence for my family and yours AND so I can spend time outside skiing and biking with my family.
Jon Gillham, Online Entrepreneur

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Miki Vicioso says February 16, 2015

Great stuff John! You are on the right track! hard work pays off. #makingmoves

    Jon says February 16, 2015

    Thanks Miki…hope things are going well with your different projects!

Dominic Wells says February 16, 2015

Great update as usual Jon and the format is pretty cool too. It would be interesting (although maybe not practical for business protection purposes) to know what you’re planning or hoping to do for the standalone business side of things, such as the non-AWI reliant customer acquisition.

This is something I hope to work towards in the latter part of the year for my services too!

    Jon says February 16, 2015

    Hey Dom, great idea…once I dig more into how to systematize customer acquisition I will definitely share!

Frenchy says February 16, 2015

Hi Jon!

I am happy and very proud to be the first to leave a comment!!! I’m French and I follow your blog for a long time!

15000$ is a dream for me and i’m now working for 2 years on big NWS. I’m close to 3000 euros/mth (3500 dollars) with one etablished niche website (1st article on march 2014) (5100 euros with christmas period) and a new NWS created in november 2014. Both are focused on healthy and beauty products.

So, like i said, i’m French and I love all the things I can learn from your website and you’re a mentor for me!

It’s difficult to adapt some strategy in my country mainly for linkbuilding strategies but I know you could find a solution for US, little frenchies ;). I think that the French market is much more difficult to convert than the US market but I like challenges and I thought we could discuss it together if you’re ok.

Each of your monthly income report is “EPIC” and more and more EPIC with all these AWESOME stats.

Why not launch a 6 figures challenge on the other side of the Atlantic?

Don’t change anything and continues like you do today!

(and sorry for my very bad english)

    Jon says February 16, 2015

    Hi Frenchy, thanks for the comment, your English is great, regarding the six figure challange almost 1/2 the audience of AuthorityWebsiteIncome are non native englihs speakers. many of whom are participating in the six figure challenge public group (

    Congrats on your success so far!

James L Sherman says February 16, 2015

I develop software tools and web apps. I am interested in hearing your thoughts on what services you would like to automate, opportunities to better manage your business/services/web sites through an app… or software and apps that you currently use that are relatively expensive and hurting your bottom line (see above: Key Failures – 1. Costs Continue to Grow).

Thanks, Jim

    Jon says February 16, 2015

    Hi James, I want to make a tool that would help solve my problems but I am not sure if one exists or could be made that would be slicker then a well made spreadsheet. Creating a piece of software that solved a problem 10x better than a spreadsheet would be great but I just don’t know what problem I have that I could apply a program to (made or not made yet). Always happy to bounce ideas around though!

Jeff says February 16, 2015

Looks like things are going smoothly jon. I for one enjoy these income reports. Really like the new format – was wondering if you’d consider adding a few steps you’d take to correct the problems that you’re seeing for the next month.

    Jon says February 16, 2015

    Hi Jeff, thanks for the suggestion…I will try and include some details about how I plan to solve whatever problem I am discussing in my post.

Josh Shogren says February 18, 2015

Hi Jon,

Your income reports are among my favorite to read out of everyone’s. I love all of the charts and graphs that you provide.

Quick question, you bought 8 sites this month? If that is indeed true how much are these sites making a month on average?

Anyways I love the site and the income reports, keep it up Jon!


charan says June 22, 2015

First time visitor of your blog.. very impressive posting real proof of incoming which boost the reputation as well as repeating visitors to our site.. which you have done and your idea simple awesome read the whole post but need to understand the concept for real implementation am bookmarking this page .. for future guidance.. thanks for sharing..

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