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Income Report Roundup – Jan 2020

January is often a good month for online business owners. The holiday season is over and people are back into the routine. This often comes with an uptick in traffic, which online entrepreneurs enjoy. There are many ways to capitalize on this increase in online activity, as you will see through the work of the many successful entrepreneurs we outline below. 

The team internally has been pushing hard to set and achieve some BIG goals in Q1 2020. We have fully adopted an OkR goal-setting framework internally and we have seen some incredible benefits in terms of alignment!

There are a few growth opportunities the team is busy working away on and I am very excited about it! More on these will be revealed over the coming months. 

#1 Takeaway – Persistence – Several of the websites on our list saw revenue and traffic (expectedly) dip during the holiday season (if they aren’t in e-commerce). However, they spent this time investing in their future plans and goals. They were not complacent, and they capitalized when traffic rebounded in January. This shows the importance of staying persistent even when things aren’t going exactly to plan. Some lessons to be learned from this include: 

  • Live with Variability – One of the most important lessons to be learned from being an entrepreneur is that “consistency” is not always realistic. There will be ups and downs. What can be consistent is your reaction to these ups and downs. Stay focused on what you want, and use slower periods to plan and invest for more busy seasons. 
  • Specific Goals – This strategy is nothing without specific, achievable goals. Your plans shouldn’t purely rely on the market. You need to know what you are working toward, and you need to follow through on a specific action plan to make it happen. Many of these entrepreneurs made it through this slow period by simply staying focused on what they wanted out of their online business, and the plans that they had made. 

Quick January Update on my End:

  • Posts at
    • Highlight – Purgatory Link Building – this is my new favorite link building strategy for a portfolio as it is scalable, repeatable and has so far been successful at always generating a few really high-quality links
  • LOTS of skiing this winter with the family
  • ContentSurge has been very well received… people are hungry for a content marketing solution that goes beyond just words to include strategy, great content and a link building strategy – Checkout ContentSurge here
  • MotionInvest is continuing to see a very large demand for its services and in February has launched a giveaway…be sure to signup and potentially receive a FREE website!
Income Report Roundup - Jan 2020

My Reason for This Round-Up:

When I started my online entrepreneurship journey I took a lot of inspiration from others that were sharing everything they did online. Seeing that people like me were making REAL money and that the opportunity to replace my day job was possible. 

It has been 3.5 years since I left my day job –

The more transparent the report the more I appreciated and was motivated by it. 

Over the years I have tried to be as transparent as possible sharing along the way my goals, business successes/failures and the ultimate results(profits). 

After years of sharing monthly income posts, I decided that it made sense to stop these… a decision I actually regret as I wish I had found a way to keep sharing some of what I was doing. 

My reason for stopping was my online world and “real” worlds became more connected and it was becoming very odd to share these numbers.  

Looking at many of the people that originally had an income round-up posts they have also stopped. Namely the most famous in the space Pat Flynn no longer does income round ups. 

In this post, I will cover…

  1. List of inspiring income report posts and how they earned their profits
  2. Recognize motivating people showing not just telling people the results they are achieving
  3. Learn from others – What the key learning is from the people
Income Report Roundup - Jan 2020

Last Month Profit – $23,776.17

Name – Ron Stefanski

Website –

Business Model – Authority Affiliate Site      

Income Report –

Key Lesson(s):

  • This was the best ever month in terms of revenue and also profit! 
  • Ron transitioned his focus majorly into his YouTube channel. 
  • Ron is happy to see that the effort he put into his YouTube channel is paying off, with more and more viewers and income. He plans to continue this focus in the future. 
  • He continues to focus on finding writers for his website and building his success that way.
  • Overall growth continues to be great, as evidenced by the graph below:            
Income Report Roundup - Jan 2020

Checkout the video I did with Ron and be sure to read his gripping story here!

Last Month Profit – $5,267

Name – Lidiya

Website –

Business Model – Blogging

Income Report –

Key Lesson(s):

  • Lidiya saw traffic return to normal this month after a slow couple of months. It was driven largely by Pinterest traffic. 
  • Lidiya reached an exciting milestone – 2500 email subscribers. 
  • She continues to focus on SEO tactics, including going through old posts to refresh and update them. 
  • Lidiya has created a lot of content by interviewing successful online business owners and entrepreneurs. 
Income Report Roundup - Jan 2020

Last Month Profit – no update this month

Name – Spencer Haws

Website –

Business Model – Authority Affiliate Site

Income Report –

Key Lesson(s):

  • No income report published this month.
Income Report Roundup - Jan 2020

Last Month Profit – $6,920.54

Name – Johnny FD

Website –

Business Model – Mixed – Dropshipping & Investing

Income Report

Key Lesson(s):

  • Johnny spent the month again in Thailand. He loves to spend winters there. 
  • Johnny enjoys Thailand because it is a great place to focus on his business, and cost of living is very low.  
  • Johnny saw income pick up as well. A few of his dropshipping stores had great months, and he sold a lot of lessons with his Udemy course. 
  • Johnny had a great month, which shows the advantages of diversifying your income streams. 
Income Report Roundup - Jan 2020

Last Month Profit – $32,700

Name – Jon Dykstra

Website –

Business Model – Authority Website (display ads)

Income Report –

Key Lesson(s):

  • Jon saw up and down traffic this month. One of his sites shot up in traffic, while a few went down. Overall, this shows the advantage of owning multiple sites.  
  • Jon tried AdThrive to monetize with ads. So far he is happy with it, but knows that it takes a few months to optimize on sites. 
  • Jon made investments into content once again, knowing that investing money into sites will pay off in the long run. 
  • Overall, he was happy with this month and anticipates excellent revenue this year. 
Income Report Roundup - Jan 2020

Ryan Robinson

Last Month Profit – $22,922.83

Name – Ryan Robinson

Website –

Business Model – Authority Website (affiliate earnings)

Income Report –

Key Lesson(s):

  • Ryan had a solid month, which he attributes mostly to affiliate income and sign-ups from his course on how to start a blog. 
  • Ryan saw a steady month of traffic for January. 
  • Ryan had low expenses this month, as most of it was spent on his website redesign project. 
  • He projects an increase in blog income as a few of his revenue sources continue to grow. 

Create and Go

Last Month Profit – Dec Income over 120k (nothing updated for Jan 2020)

Name – Alex & Lauren

Website –

Business Model – Affiliate Blog & Online Course

Income Report –

Honorable Mentions:

Although they don’t do exactly income reports, there are a few reports that are worth mentioning and when they publish new reports I will be sure to include.

Am I missing any I should include? Please drop a message in the comment section below with anyone I should include next month!

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I am a 36 year old husband, father of 3, engineer and a huge fan of developing systems to build useful and profitable websites. The reason I build online businesses is to provide financial independence for my family and yours AND so I can spend time outside skiing and biking with my family.
Jon Gillham, Online Entrepreneur

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