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How to Install WordPress on IXWebHosting

NOTE – I no longer recommend IXWebHosting and much prefer either DreamHost (you can get multiple IPs) or my current favourite HostNine reseller.

HostNine is faster, easier to install wordpress and offers multiple geographic datacenters for even greater IP diversity – See the benefits here.

After people purchased some of the expired domains I was selling (if interested you can purchase relevant authority domains that meet my metrics here) they had questions regarding how to install WordPress on IXWebHosting – which is not the easiest!

For hosting a large portion of my expired domains which I use as either feeder sites or part of my private blog network I use a couple accounts at IXWebHosting for their multiple C Class IP’s for a very reasonable price. In this article there will be several links to them which are affiliate links. 

Unlimited Plan

This post was created by one of my great VA’s so I would like to publicly thank him for helping create this! If you are interested in having him or another one of my VA’s set up your sites send me an email – jonhaver11 (at) gmail (dot) com

How To Install WordPress on IXWebHosting

There really isn’t a true IXwebhosting one button wordpress install. They do have an old tool called EasyApp that allows you to set up popular PHP applications like WordPress right from your hosting control panel – But it will only install it to a sub-directory. For example that makes it pretty much useless.

here is a step by step tutorial on How to setup WordPress on IXWebhosting


  1. Install filezilla client, or any other ftp client you prefer to use. (alternative is to use file manager within the Control Panel)
  2. Download and extract the latest version of WordPress
  3. Scan your system for malware with respectful antivirus and anti-malware. You should check your system periodically when it comes to deal with host servers (I recommend AVG Free and Malwarebytes free version)

Get into your IX control panel

log in IXWebhosting hosting account, Click to “Manage my Hosting”

IXWebhosting login

You will get IX control panel

IX control panel

Add a new database

Click to “MySQL Server”

add a Database for wp

Down the table, Click “Add Database”

Add a new Database


Choose a name for new db then click Next

Keep the DB Name to use it later

Choose a name for new db

Adding User to the db

  1. Type a username and strong password
  2. change User role to “read/write”
  3. click “Add user” then click “finish”

Keep Username & Pass to use them later

Adding User to the db

Edit user privileges

After db user has been added you will be redirected to db’s list.
search for the new db name you just created and click on “edit” icon

Edit user privileges

At “database users” row click “Edit” icon

Edit User

At this table you will find some information you will need after awhile.

Copy and save “Host Name”, “Database name” and “Database user”

Make sure that you’ve checked all the privileges and then click Submit

user privileges

Using Ftp Client to copy Wp files to IX server

IX sidebarTo login to your IX server using ftp client, You need to know your FTP login details

you can find “FTP login” at IX control panel left sidebar.

The alternative is to upload to the subdirectory using the IXWebHosting File Manager.

Fill up filezilla login form as following:

  • Host: URL of the site “without http://” , Filzilla will add “ftp://” as default.
    (the URL should point to IX server)
  • Username: “FTP Login” at IX control left sidebar
  • Password: the same password you use to login IX control panel
  • Port: leave it blank, it is “21” by default

Filezella login form

How to use FTP Clients

All FTP clients have the same way to log-in to the server and to transfer files. I used filezilla for this tutorial

using filezilla

Your machine side

  • go to the path where you extracted wordpress source zip file

Server Side

  • Go to your site directory on the server.
    If your domain is “”, site directory will be “” by default.
  • Right click on “index.html” and click “delete”

  • Confirm file deletion.

delete index file

Upload WordPress files to IX server

  1. Be sure that you are at the right path on server side.
  2. At your machine side select all files and folders in wordpress folder.
  3. Right click on selected files and click “upload”

upload wp files to ixwehosting server

Sometimes FTP client popup a message warning that you have a duplicated file. don’t worry it is just because the delay time of the server

  • Select “Overwrite” and check “always use this action” and “apply to current queue only”
  • Click “ok”

filezilla message warning

After transferring files completed

Check all files transferred successfully and there is no records at  “failed transfers”

check all files transfered sucessfully

Setup configuration file

Run WP Install Script

  • Type site URL at your browser address bar (in our case it is “”) to start the installation script.
  • Click to “Create a Configuration File” to start a wizard to create wp-config.php file

create configuration file

  • Through this tutorial we have collected all information needed. Click “Let’s go!”

wp information needed

Database details

WordPress installation wizard ask you the database details to write them to a new wp-config.php file.

  • Fill up the form with information you saved before when had created the database and database user
  • Leave “Table Prefix” as it is “wp_”
  • Click “Submit”

database detailsIf everything went right, you would get this message:

finishing installation

  • Click “Run the install”
  • If you got an error message, Please check database information. and refill “Setup configuration file” form again.

Finishing installation

  • Enter your site title, your desired user name, your choice of a password (twice) and your e-mail address.
  • Leave privacy box checked if you would like your blog to be visible to search engines, and uncheck the box if you want to block search engines, but allow normal visitors.
  • Click “Install WordPress”

Note: all this information can be changed later in your admin page.

Install WordPress

All Done!

  • WordPress has been installed
  • Click login and use Username and Password you entered very last step to login to site admin area (dashboard) “”

WP installed

Now its time to setup the website. Here is my detailed post on how to setup wordpress for an authority site or have a look at the Expired Domain Guide to see how I setup wordpress sites that will be feeder sites.

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