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[10 legit ways] how to get traffic to your website for free?

In this post, we talk a lot about how to speed up your website performance, how to improve the website conversion efficiency and the resources required to perform these tasks well.

While you are improving overall performance grade of the website, it’s equally important to know how to get traffic to your website and it’s even more important to apply them practically.

Honestly, optimizing site performance and conversion rate doesn’t really work for becoming a successful website if there is no traffic to start with.

There are various ways to drive traffic to your website. If you are able to give perfection to these strategies, you can see a decent amount of traffic flow to your website every single month.

Just like this ?


Remember that though it sounds easy to drive traffic to website or blog, in reality, it’s not. Only research, analysis, and constant practice can allow you to master these skills. So it completely depends on your whether you need lots of visitors to your website or you need less.

Let’s learn how to get traffic to your website

Without explaining more, let me inform that in this post I’m going short out the best ways how to get more traffic to blog or website so that you can easily learn about the process and start driving visitors.

1/ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the best and most popular way in terms of driving traffic to blogs and websites. Most people already know a lot about the process of implementation. Here I want to mention some deep level factors of SEO rather than suggesting “Do good SEO with your website”, which doesn’t make any sense at all.

# Domain Factor

While choosing your domain name to remember to choose a niche related, meaningful, easy to remember and most importantly high volume – low competitive name. You can take help of keyword tools like Google keyword planner or keyword keg.

Useful resource: 7 Tips To Come Up With Creative Blog Names [Updated]

# Page Level Factors

Page Level Factors are related to each page of your website. Before writing an article or blog post make sure you research for keywords first. Like the domain name again find some high volume but low competitive keywords so that you can rank on the first page of Google frequently.

Use tools like keywords everywhere to find even more useful keywords. You can also use ubersuggest for finding long tail keywords. Researching and using keywords properly will help you more organic traffic from search engines.

Install SEO plugins into your WordPress site. You can either use Yoast or Squirrly SEO plugin to improve your site SEO. After installation configures previously researched keywords into your articles with the help of these SEO tools.

Properly setup Title Tags, Meta Description, Headings and Permalink, etc. Optimize your article’s appearance for social media too.

Complete your on-page SEO requirements by following the plugin’s guidelines while editing your article. It’s a lot easier to do with the plugin’s help these days.

# Off-page SEO

Along with the On-Page SEO, it’s very important to earn more external links from related healthy pages. We call it backlink. Imagine you are on an Island and the Island is connected to the other countries with bridges.

More bridges mean more people will visit that Island. Backlinks are like these bridges to your website. More backlinks mean more traffic you will get.


Getting related backlink, a backlink from a high DA website, a dofollow backlink can boost your site ranking. Below is an example of a strong backlink from related niche…

how to-get-traffic-to-your-website

2/ Publish high-quality content

Publishing high-quality content is a great way to get traffic to your website. Without a quality article, any on-page or off-page SEO optimization will not work for long.

If your visitors don’t find any helpful information page bounce rate will increase leading to a lesser priority in the ranking, which will act against your on-page SEO optimization. If you give value to your readers you will earn a repeated visit from those who really like your articles.

resource: Is a high bounce rate a bad thing?

You can also apply this technique. After preparing the content take it for a test drive across social media and track how people react to that content. If people stick with the content and respond positively then publish the post on your website properly with on-page optimization.

Once publishing the article, you can ask for a backlink from high authority websites. This is a very effective way of how to get traffic to your website.

3/ Forum Participation & Creation

You can start a forum on your website. An active forum can benefit you in three ways.

  • an active forum can quickly begin for long tail keywords.
  • a forum can reduce the site’s bounce rate while increasing the time on site.
  • the forum will create a community for your website.

# Comment on blogs

Most people advice to visit other people’s blog related to your topic and provide some valuable comment. It’s indeed a great way to drive traffic to your website. Make sure to add insightful comments related to the article topic and add your website link inside the website address box.

I prefer not to use any link inside the comment if not necessary. Adding site address inside the comment form will also provide you backlink (dofollow/nofollow) and people can visit your website by clicking on your name. Although, it’s better to avoid links inside the comment to get approved by the site owner.

# Sign up to yahoo answer

Sign up to the yahoo answers and provide helpful insight into the people’s query. Quora is another great alternative. Leave a link back to your site mentioning as [source:] and you will have lots of targeted visitors to your website.

# Post contents in forum

How to get traffic to your website from the forum?

— Follow the forum’s rule and post valuable thoughts to people’s questions.

Visit the online discussion forums where people are discussing your topic. The more related is the topic more targeted traffic you will get. Post useful contents and answer people’s questions with your site link added end of the post next to your name. Add your link only where necessary. Overdoing will lead to loss of respect in other forumite’s eyes.

There are lot’s of forum these days. Two great forums are:

Warrior Forum – Get new updates on this forum related to digital marketing.

Digital Point Forum: Digital Point is the right plate form to ask the question to the expert regarding digital marketing and googles update.

Join Free Safe – List

Free safe lists are the list of subscribers who have agreed to send and receive email to each other. You can instantly reach thousands of people by sending emails. At the same time, you have to receive email from other members but you won’t get Spam emails.

I don’t believe this is a great way to get traffic to your website because all the subscribers join the safe list to send email to others. It won’t be that effective because not many people will open your email or never click on your link but there’s still a possibility of driving traffic.

4/ Write “Inverted” Guest Post

Guest posts are very good to earn backlink and traffic as well. But how can you get the most out of it?

When people read a post they usually tend to skip the author bio section.

It’s a normal behavior of people, you can’ force them to read the author section.

Whenever we publish a guest post, we ask the owner of the website to place our site link inside the author bio section. Or sometimes we do put our site link inside the post.

If people don’t see the links in your author bio, they are not going to visit your website. How will you solve that?

Well, “inverted” guest post can increase the [CTR] clicking the possibility of those links. Read how to get traffic to your website with an inverted guest post step by step.

#1. Write your guest post as you always do.

#2. Throughout the post “add helpful resources” section where necessary. [once again don’t over do it]

#3. Among all other helpful resources add your site link as one of those helpful resources. (make sure that drive people to a related page)

Here’s a good example of additional resource:

Adding your site link among these additional links will increase 78% more chances of getting clicked by people.

5/ use “content transformation” to get more traffic

This is a very simple idea.

It means you can convert your blog post into another format. It can be video formate, a PDF file, a great infographic or it can be a podcast.

The reason behind this content transformation is to increase the engagement of visitors.

The engagement increases the chance of getting more share…


and comments on your article…


You can also create an amazing video from your post, explaining the post in a more interactive way so that people can easily figure out what you want to tell them.

Once you have created a nice video upload it into YouTube as well as in Facebook, and add a reference link back to your website.

YouTube can help your video get millions of views and referral traffic from the mentioned link. Facebook will do something similar as well.

6/ Start Using “Click To Tweet” link

Click To Tweet” is a great way to get more share of your content. When more people will share your article on twitter you will start getting lots of traffic.

You might be thinking about how to get traffic to your website using “Click To Tweet“?

The first step is to find something tweetable in your content. This can be a quote, quick tips or it can be a piece of recent news related to your content too. When your readers will click on the link he will be redirected to Twitter to tweet the exact message.

Like this,

credit: buffer

Now for WordPress website, you can use either a plugin called better click to tweet or you can use as an alternative.

Using better click to tweet plugin is easy but in case you don’t want to add one more plugin in your WordPress, will help you do that.

To configure a “click to tweet” like this, visit and sign in with your twitter account. After signing in, type the message what you would like to embed in your site.

See the screenshot below.

Now go to theme embed and select the HTML theme and copy the HTML code for your website.


Once you paste your HTML code the click to tweet link will appear inside your content.

7/ Reach Bloggers To Promote Your Website

Once your post is published you can try to reach other bloggers (Niche related) and genuinely ask them to share your content.

It won’t be easy…

So how will you do that?

First, you need great content which deserve a share and which have the ability to help a lot of people. Or it can be a trending topic either.

You can use Google Trend and Twitter in combination to find those topics.

Now what?…..

Find bloggers who have previously shared your articles or contributed with you. Send them a personalized email informing that recently you have published an article which will be a good combined with his content and can act as a helpful resource.

and attach your article link inside your mail.

If he/she likes your content there is a higher probability that they will share your article in social media or add it as a resource inside their content.

Either way, it’s a win-win strategy.

Tip: Don’t ask the person directly to share your article. If they think your content is good, they’ll share it.

Share from multiple bloggers can lead to a sudden traffic spike.

This is exactly what I found in the analytics tool last year from such a blogger outreach.


8/ Update & Republish Old Articles In Social Media

Twice in a week, you may write a new post to keep your blog up to date. But it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take care of your old contents.

You can re-check and add additional stuff inside the post or update any outdated strategy. By keeping your post up to date you can reduce your page bounce rate as well as user experience to some extent.

You can update your post title as well.

Example: Previously I published a post “50+ Dofollow Backlinks List To Boost Your Traffic In 2018“…

And recently I have updated the post content & title to “99+ Dofollow Backlinks List That Will Boost Your Traffic In 2019 [updated]

This post has 500+ social shares and also ranked in the first page of Google for seven different long tail keywords. This post alone gets 1/4 of the total traffic of this website.

So when you update your post, what will be the next step…..

You need to share your post in social media or forum like Reddit. Remember that you need to share your old post once in 5/6 months. Oversharing will lead people to avoid clicking on your post.

9/ Make An Active Youtube Channel

If you want huge traffic to your website an active YouTube channel is really necessary. But make sure the channel is ACTIVE not just a live channel.

You must be thinking why?

As of January 2019 rankings, YouTube remains the second best popular website on the planet. So to get even more traffic to the website you are recommended to have a channel where you mostly post about your site related contents.

You can even create videos of popular articles inside your blog.

You can set up your channel for free. The most essential task is to learn how to make a good video for YouTube at the beginner level.

The HARD part is to get views on the videos.

But it won’t be for long if you follow the correct strategy. Then, how will you find the perfect strategy?

Check this resource:
12 Easy (and Free) Ways to Get More Views on YouTube in 2019

Bonus Tips: Learn to optimize your YouTube SEO to get ranked for high competitive keywords.

10/ Publish Viral Posts

Viral content has the ability to drive unlimited traffic. As long as the post remains viral your site will get huge traffic flow every single day.

But, how to get traffic to your website using VIRAL post? What comes first to your mind… the strategy? to make a viral article…

Practically, there’s no such rule to create a VIRAL post otherwise everyone would do that.

However, there are 4 things you need to consider while practicing for creating the content which may go viral (hopefully)

1) Forget all the bells and whistles: Try to produce simple ideas

Increasing the viral potential an article doesn’t require a complete overhaul. Viral content tends to be incredibly simple .=


Recently, this #world_record_egg on Instagram was able to become the most liked Instagram post ever breaking the previous record of @Kylie_Jenner.

Even a simple post or image can go viral so stick to the normal day stuff.

2. Humans are sensory learners, so use striking visuals to increase viral potential

Visual content is extremely important to their marketing and storytelling strategies. If you want people to pay attention to your a post, you need an interesting visual—especially if you want to generate more social shares.


3. Highly emotional contents are essential to any viral marketing strategy

A key element in viral success is to kindle an emotional response to your existing strategy. It promotes content around emotional events such as holidays or any other niche related events.


4. tell a story—preferably more than one

Another easy way to up something’s viral potential.

You can find a way to make the post fit for multiple vertical (topic).

Creating content that touches continuously between different audiences helps drive more traffic to your website—where you can promote more targeted contents for conversions.

Final Words:

I hope this post showed you how to get traffic to your website using some cool strategies.

Now it’s your turn to figure out which strategy you are going to follow first. Which technique seems easier?

Participating in the forum? or doing better SEO optimization for your posts!

Whichever you choose to let me know about it in the comment box below.

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