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How to Get 15x More Social Media Shares Without Even Having a Social Media Account

How do I get more social shares? Any strategy I have tried up to now has been either a major time sink or expensive and difficult to outsource. Because of that I do not have a Twitter or Facebook account I use to promote this website.

However, can I really just walk away from social media in 2013/2014?

What about social signals and their importance of rankings?

In this post I talk about how to win the game of social media, get more shares and not have to waste your valuable time playing it!

This post shows how 1 plugin can increase social shares by 15X!

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Importance of Social Shares

Social signals are continuing to become a more important part of the Google algorithm and something that website owners should not ignore now or moving forward.

In the’s 2013 search engine ranking factors it was found that…

Social“Social signals, especially Google +1s and Facebook shares are highly correlated[With Search Engine Rankings].”

From – SEOMoz 2013 Search Engine Ranking Factory

So clearly I need a strategy, but most importantly I need an efficient low time investment strategy.

My Current 4 Step 1hr/month Social Media Strategy…

Keep reading to see how step #4 resulted in a 15x increase in social shares (real results and graphs shared below)

Here is my strategy…

  1. No Twitter or Facebook Account – 0 time spent
  2. Google Plus – Add people who email me and share posts(my own and others) once per week – 15minutes/week
  3. SocialShare Buttons on my Website to Make it Easy to Share
  4. Content Locker to Incentivize Social Media Shares on Posts

What is a Content Locker?

A content locker is a script that blocks avisitor from accessing some sort of content on a page until they perform a task (sign up, share a post, click a link etc)

This is an example of WPSharely’s Content Locker…

How Much Can a Content Locker Increase Your Social Shares by? (Case Study)

This is a WPSharely review and case study showing exactly how it performed over the last few months.

In order to see how effective WPSharely can be I have analyzed the last 22 posts on looking at…

  • PageViews
  • Tweets
  • Likes
  • Google +1’s
  • Comments
  • # of Tweets per 100 Page Views
  • # of Likes per 100 Page Views
  • # of Google +1’s per 100 Page Views
  • # of Comments per 100 Page Views

Social 2

Since some posts get a lot more traffic than others it would make sense they would get more shares, so… “normalizing” based on pageviews I can see by how much more a post using WPSharely gets in the way of social sharing love…

Social 1

Get WPSharely Yourself

What does this graph mean? If a post is using WPSharely it will receive 2-2.5 likes, tweets and G+1s each for every 100 pageviews!

If it isn’t using WPSharely a post will receive 0.1 likes, tweets and G+1s for every 100 pageviews.

This is an increase in Social Shares by 15 TIMES!

Social 3

Get WPSharely Today and Get More Social Shares on Your Next Post

 More Fun With Data…

Since I have collected the data it makes sense to do a few pivot tables and answer some more questions I have and hopefully you will find interesting…

For those of you that enjoy geeking out on Excel this is for you…

Which Type of Incentive Got The Best Results?

Social 4

Which type of incentive got the best results?

Hidden interesting information had the best results!

This I found interesting 😉 since I had spent a lot of money on creating a piece of software and also spent a lot of time finding useful information(list of expired domains) to put behind a content locker which performed worse.

The best performing WPSharely offer was simply hiding some interesting information.

Moving forward this just means I need to get creative about what kind of content I put in the Content Locker.

Did a Content Locker Anger my Readers?

I didn’t receive any complaints and based on the question below regarding user engagement I feel confident the benefit out ways any cost!

Did a Content Locker Increase or Decrease my User Engagement?

Looking at the number of comments per 100 pageviewswe can see if having a content locker on my post increased or decreased the number of comments I received(decent measure of user engagement)…

Social 5

Did a content locker increase or decrease my user engagement?

Actually using WPSharely resulted in a 30% increase in the number of comments per 100 visitors.

This is likely because the posts that I put the most effort into I also spent the time to structure a quality WPSharely giveaway. So this may just show that posts where I use WPSharely are 30% more interesting…still another 1470% (1500-30) social share increase is due to the content locker.

What did the Best Performing Posts Have in Common?



WP SharelyReview

  • Price:  $47.5 for a multi site License
  • Website:

Interview from Mike From Maine Episode 120

My Review…. 

What I Like

  • Results (15x more social shares!)
  • Easy to use and set up
  • The time delay feature is great
  • Ability to have a content locker on different pages all generating shares for a different post is very effective at increasing shares on a targeted post
  • Works on all sites I have used it on with no technical issues
  • Good videos and tutorials on the members page

 What Could Be Improved

  • Takes 5 minutes to set up each one (it is easy and don’t know how to make it faster but still an extra 5 minutes every post)
  • Customer support response time takes 1-2 days and contacting Shane directly is difficult
    • I simply contacted to test response time with a few relevant questions and it took a little while to get back to me (24hrs is my expected response time and it was over that)
  • Tracking, this is probably my biggest feature request, I would like to be able to see how many shares each WPSharely Generated especially on posts where there are 2 distinct Sharely Locks active (like this one)

 5 Tips to Get the Most Out of WPSharely

  • Include image in your Sharely Lock
  • Offer something really useful
    • Custom tool (excel file)
    • List of resources
    • List of researched information (High PR expired domain name)
    • Bonus Video
  • Don’t simply offer a PDF download of the post is NOT really useful
  • Hidden key information works the best!
  • If you have an opt-in bribe add a time delayed Sharely Lock to its download page and get an opt-in plus a social share!

Social 3

Get WPSharely Today and Get More Social Shares on Your Next Post


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