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How To Change Twitter Handle For WordPress Site – Twitter Sharing Trick

Social share is an essential part of off-page SEO. In the previous post, we had talked about how Social media sharing can boost your ranking on Google.

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Using a social share plugin on your WordPress website is completely up to you. Honestly, I won’t debate the pros and cons of social share plugins. You can use it on your blog, the online store even you can allow your visitors to share your product.


Whatever the case is, In this post, I want to share one twitter tips with you. Previously I did share this but it actually worth sharing again.

Time to time I share my blog post on twitter (on other social media as well) to maintain the post awareness and modulation. To share my articles on twitter I simply click on the twitter share button.


Clicking on the twitter button typically shows a pop-up window where you can edit your tweet and include one-two additional lines or tags.

Like this…


What I want you all to take care of the twitter handle that is highlighted at the end of the editor. This is specifically what I see missing on many blogs when I try to share their posts.

They really need to bring this twitter handle [/via @username] during any share by other Twitter users.

Why Is That Twitter Handle Very Important?

That’s a great question that may come to your mind and it should be. What this @username can do?

Well, there are two reasons…

  • It works like branding and shows who the original post comes from.
  • Secondly, It gives people the opportunity to click on your twitter handle, see who you are and possibly follow you.

*If you are not on Twitter, then it doesn’t matter.

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How To Change Twitter Handle In WordPress?

If you don’t see the @username after your post link on twitter share, then you may want to add or change twitter handle inside social share plugin settings.

Some WordPress themes come with social share settings. In such a case, you should have an option to edit the twitter handle inside theme settings.

Try to find it and add your twitter username. Sometimes you may need to use the @ symbol or sometimes not. Try both ways and check which one works.

Your username appears in your profile URL and is unique to you.

Like this…


If your theme doesn’t include twitter handle settings then you need to install a social share plugin where you can definitely add or change twitter handle.

Unfortunately, I can’t show you how to change twitter handle on every social share plugin but I will go with sassy social share as an example.

This is a free WordPress social share plugin which is lightweight and includes various customizable features.

#1. First, install the plugin in WordPress.

#2. Open plugin settings from the dashboard.

#3. Now select the miscellaneous tab from the menu.


#4. Scroll down until you find “username in sharing”.


#5. Type or copy and paste your twitter username in the blank text box.

#6. Save.

Now configure sharing settings properly and save everything. Once the settings are saved twitter handle will appear during twitter share.

Also, whenever someone shares your article on twitter you will immediately get a notification on twitter so that is another good advantage.

Like sassy social share, in many other social plugins, you can change twitter handle. The procedure is pretty much the same.

Additional Information:

How To Change Twitter Handle Inside Twitter Profile

Note: Changing your twitter handle (username) will not affect your existing followers, massages and comments, etc. Your followers will simply see a new username next to your profile photo.

To change twitter handle in your twitter profile…

#1. Navigate to settings and privacy.

#2. Go to account.

#3. Tap the username and check for availability of new username.

#4. Once you find a reasonable one select it.


Final word:

Having the twitter handle at the end of twitter share is a great advantage. Once you apply it you will find more other benefits as well. All I hope you will get a better outcome from this.

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