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System to Buy a Website in Any Niche and Details on a Recent Deal

One of my favourite parts about this site is my ability to share with people any new system that I am using successfully that others can replicate and improve on! We all win!

For a more holistic and complete guide to the website buying industry and landscape have a look at this post at covering all websites for sale.

Below I am going to share the exact system I use to approach buying websites in any niche I want fast!

Just recently I have added another affiliate site to my FBA business I am selling which has increased organic search traffic by 40% to my now 3 affiliate site portfolio which drive traffic to my Amazon FBA brand.

The way I like to think about this additional purchase is that I have now added another cylinder to the engine that drives my FBA business increasing its horsepower in this case by 40%!


How to Sell Your Website Fast – Reminder…

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My System to Buy a Website in any Niche!

The system I use to purchase a website in any niche is pretty straightforward and I have now been able to replicate it on several occasions…

  1. Pick a Niche to go after
    1. In this step the key is to identify the niche you are going after. This can be the niche you already have a site in or a niche you are looking to expand into. For a basic list have a look at these 19 profitable Amazon niches.
  2. Identify a seed list of similar sites I would be looking to buy and create a Google document (free template here)
    1. Before assigning someone to try and identify website aquisition targets on their own I find it best to provide them with a seed list of a few URLs. Lets us a simple example… if you were looking at niche #3 on the list above “knife sharpener” type into Google “best knife sharpener” and quickly on the first two pages you can see several examples of affiliate sites whose purpose is clearly to make money. Affiliate websites that were built to make money are generally the best aquisition targets since their motivation behind the site is simple and the method to satisfy them is clear.
  3. Hire a VA if you don’t have one have a look at my tutorial here on how to hire a VA
  4. Assign VA to find as many potential sites as possible including the basic stats (see template)
    1. Assign the VA to go out and find as many similar sites as possible and add them to the seed list. Include many of the key stats we need Pages Indexed, Alexa Rank, PA, DA, C & TF.
  5. Review list and have VA find all contact information possible (get creative!)
    • This step can involve the most creativity! The key is to find the contact information in a few different ways to make sure you can reach the right person. Here are the strategies I use…
      1. Contact Form (obvious)
      2. Look at privacy statement and see if an email is included in the text
      3. WhoIs data is a great tool
      4. Signup to an email opt-in if possible and once you receive the first email simply hit reply.
      5. If there is a unique username used as the author Google it and see if you can find that username being used at sites you think are run by the same person and find the contact information at that site
      6. Identify your own strategies – again get creative!
  1. Create an outreach template/strategy and email all that you are interested in. I have tried a couple strategies… Reach out without explicitly saying you are interested in buying to get the conversation started and also the more aggressive reach out and communicate your intent to buy off the start. I don’t know yet which approach is best.
  2. Negotiate fairly and on Skype – In order to close quickly a level of trust needs to be built and I find the best way to do this is as close to face-face as possible. A Skype Video call is a great way to seek to understand what would motivate someone to sell their site and structure a deal that most closely aligns with meeting their needs.

Case Study:

Here is how this process most recently worked out for me…

  • Jan 25 – Asked my VA to go out and refresh the list of potential aquisition targets (aka affiliate sites) for my FBA business
  • Jan 26 7:32pm – Identified one of the newer sites added to the list and contacted them by signing up to the opt-in form and emailing them after I received the confirmation email from them


  • Jan 26 11:19pm – After a few emails including receiving the data I got on Skype to discuss an offer eventually coming to an agreement everyone was happy with.
  • Jan 27 12:50am – Agreed to offer and transfere the money ($x,xxx) via PayPal and domain was in my hands that night
  • Jan 27 – Got domain into my account and sent initial list of changes to my ace “hosting team lead” who got the site onto our hosting account, added my affiliate links and changed the main links to go to my products.


Most deals don’t get executed this quickly but it is fun when they do! He (Megan) was a pen-name had been interested in selling but not interested in the effort it would take to list so making a quick exit at market value made a lot of sense to him!

Do you have any unique strategies for website acquisition?

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I am a 33 year old husband, father of 3, engineer and a huge fan of developing systems to build useful and profitable websites. The reason I build online businesses is to provide financial independence for my family and yours AND so I can spend time outside skiing and biking with my family.
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