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How to Build a PBN in 2016 Free Course

We recently passed the creation of our 2,000th custom built PBN site!

To celebrate I have been working on a follow up to my Ultimate Expired Domain and PBN Guide

EVERYTHING you need to build a very powerful and effective PBN easily and cheaply yourself in 2016!

Considering I have a PBN creation service doing this it is likely a terrible idea for me to share so much including my custom tracking document and internal SOPs but I have always believed in transparency of how I generate rankings and will continue to do so.

The purpose of this post is to get feedback from yourselves on what you would want to see in my Ultimate Guide to Building an Effective PBN Easily and Inexpensively!

My goal is to make this the best resource ANYWHERE either paid or free! (and this will be 100% free – not even an email opt in needed)

Why Am I Qualified to Write This Post?

  • Under 10% of sites ever built for custom PBN packages have been deindexed
  • Ranking results have continued to remain strong
  • Repeat customers have eaten up a large % of my monthly sales volume
  • Over 2,000 custom built PBNs created in the last 3 years

What Will Be Included in the Post/Guide/Course (whatever you want to call it)?


How to Build a PBN Course

  • Part 1 – How to Find Expired Domain for Your PBN
    • Done For You Service
    • Do It Yourself
      • Recommended Option – PBN Lab
        • Search Setup
        • Viewing Results
        • Sorting Through The Domains
      • Metrics to Target
      • Importance of Relevancy
      • How to Check Expired Domains for SPAM
        • Anchor Text
        • Link Metrics
        • Type of Links
      • 13 Point Pre Purchase Checklist
    • Register Domain
      • 7 Steps To Successfully Buying and Registering a PBN Domain
      • How to Get Fake WhoIs Data
      • How to Buy and Register a PBN Domain Correctly
        • GoDaddy
        • NameCheap
  • Part 2 – How to Host a PBN
    • 5 Requirements to Host Your PBN Sites
    • Done for You Option
    • Easiest Option – New Generation of Class A Diversity Hosting
      • Benefits of Hosting
      • Hosting Tutorial
  • Part 3 How to Setup a PBN Site
    • Done for You Service
    • Create Decent Quality Content Inexpensively
      • Identify Articles to Be Created
      • Post a Job on ODesk
      • Hire 2 Writers for Each Group of Keywords
      • Send Them a Message with Instructions
      • Receive, Review & Upload Articles
    • Build a Great Looking PBN Site That Can Pass a Manual Review!
      • SetupWordPress
      • Add Content
      • Finish the Layout
  • Part 4 – How to Rank With Your PBN
    • Articles
    • Number and Location of Links
    • Anchor Text & Destination
  • Final Result – LIVE PBN Example
  • How Much Did This Cost?
  • Glossary (PA, DA, CF, TF, LRD, PR, MozRank, PBN, Expired Domain, TLD, Money Site etc)

Question for You…

Please help me make this the best resource anywhere for building your own PBN…

  1. What questions do you have that I can help answer?
  2. What topic is currently not covered you would like to see covered?
  3. Any other suggestion/request?

As an additional bonus for you asking the question/leaving the comment here and helping make the post better I will thank you in the post linking back to your site (if you want it). I look forward to all the questions! 

About the Author Jon

I am a 33 year old husband, father of 3, engineer and a huge fan of developing systems to build useful and profitable websites. The reason I build online businesses is to provide financial independence for my family and yours AND so I can spend time outside skiing and biking with my family.
Jon Gillham, Online Entrepreneur

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Kristy says November 3, 2015

I have been considering getting back into building sites after a couple years off and was wondering if we should build a PBN before we have a money site or after?

Thanks for the offer to link back to anyone’s site who leaves a comment, very much appreciated!


    Jon says November 3, 2015

    Hi Kristy, what was the reason for your time off? That is a question I often get and would be happy to answer!

Duncan says November 3, 2015

Any information shared on the type of ranking jump me and my clients can expect when we use a PBN would be helpful.

Looking forward to the epic post. Your post in 2013 on Expired Domains introduced me to the concept and I still refer back to it often!

    Jon says November 3, 2015

    Hi Dunc, thanks for the question I can definitely include some data on the effectiveness of PBNs recently. Glad to hear you found my 2013 post on Expired Domains useful and continuing to be useful.

James says November 3, 2015

I’ve read about several different methods for utilizing a PBN (301 Redirect, Re-link by Outreach, etc.) and I think it might be nice to include a brief description on some of these methods. Then you can explain why your method has works so well and what reasons you believe it does.

    Mark Stevens says November 7, 2015

    Hi John,

    Great post and thanks for the opportunity. I agree with this post…using 301 redirects (i.e. just the domain redirected) wold be useful.

hugh dunit says November 3, 2015

Is having a domain name that relates to the website business important?
for example:
business name: florida Dentist

thx in advance,

Chris Backe says November 3, 2015

Hey there,
What questions do you have that I can help answer? I’d love to hear your numbers on the average deindexing rate – a reality check for what doing it wrong can mean. Obviously yours at 10% is much lower than the average bear, and I’d also be curious to know if there were any common threads you’ve seen in those.
What topic is currently not covered you would like to see covered? Futureproofing / maintenance – how to stay on top of your PBN, how to correctly renew the domains / hosting as necessary
Any other suggestion/request? Talk geeky to us. Readers that don’t know what a PBN is can and should be directed to a ‘101’ type of resource. People that are going to invest the time and effort in making this work are geeky =)

Jeniffer says November 3, 2015

Often when you pick a dropped domain, you choose a domain with good DA, CF and TF. Over time, the Trust Flow is likely to fade away relatively faster. Its not that difficult to improve on Citation flow though.

How you ensure to sustain the strength of metrics of acquired domains, specially Trust Flow.

It would be a good idea to keep a section that describes a regular checks of upkeeping the site health.

Bhavesh sondagar says November 3, 2015

Hi jon,

I have read almost all post of this site and big fan of what you doing here. I have taken inspiration from you using google docs for task and project and it has been very useful in my business.

I would like you to cover how do you currently manage and stay updated with everytaks done by your VAs. How do you track if they have done any mistakes or something like that.

Also sharing such information about pbn with VA, will it cause any privacy issue? How you trust them? You can recommend some VA to work with.

Also how do you moniter all your money sites, if they are monitized properly or not.

I have heard about CPA neteorks , that pay per lead, please share your views on using such network to monitize money sites.

Looking forward to see your views.

Cesar says November 3, 2015

Hi Jon, as always I have really enjoyed your posts. I have found them very informative and incorporated some of your strategies on some of my own projects.

Could you also include any advanced methods on how to generate your “seedlists” for your expired domains. I am aware of the typical methods, but would really like to hear your own methods and strategies. This would surely help who are stuck on generating relevant expired domains.


Chris says November 3, 2015

Jon, Great blog! I have been following for quite a while, but I think this is my first comment:-)
I would like to know how you manage your PBN, as far as keeping track of the whois, logins, what money sites they point to and the links, etc…
I don’t have very many yet and already I see that keeping track of them to be the biggest challenge.
Thanks! chris

Rus says November 3, 2015

I have one – how much does relevancy affect link juice?

Great work, thanks for creating this guide!

Art Manville says November 3, 2015

Sounds like a great post. I wouldn’t worry about losing customers, this will just add to your credibility and those that have the funds would rather have someone else do it anyway.

Hosting is a big issue but it looks like you have it covered. Thanks.

Alan says November 3, 2015

Hello Jon,
Thanks for the excellent and actionable information that you provide in all of your posts.

I have a question relative to hosting a PBN site. In your opinion, which hosting service is the best for a PBN site and why?


Philip Kleudgen says November 3, 2015

Hey Jon,

thanks for what you do!

I would love to know how to build those PBNs in foreign languages (in my case i would need to find german content, expired domains etc. which seems to be harder than english ones)

On top of that I’d be interested how to leverage PBNs best if one is doing eCommerce or Amazon FBA.


Jon says November 3, 2015

Hi Jon,

I was thinking of the next era of PBN, did you consider creating SAAS application for PBN owners to easily share links in between ?

If exist, you can multiple your PBN and drive link juice x 100 to your money site, crushing any competition ahead !!!

Let me know if this works.


Jeff says November 3, 2015

Jon –
Quick thing would be to mention costs. for those just started with affiliate marketing and on a small budget, how can they get the most bang for the buck they spend on PBNs?

Morten says November 3, 2015

Hi – Maybe I just missed it, but what about safety of the PBN sites linking to your sites.

How to block for all the majestic, ahref spiders?
How to buy domains that doesn’t point back to the moneysite owner?
How to setup the site so it actually looks like a real site without really selling anything?
Won’t Google flag a site that rank on a few terms but never get updates, hardly gets real traffic and doesn’t really give any value to the few visitors?
What about the value the old domain had, won’t this be demolished through time when you put new different content on the site, and the original form of the site changes?
etc. etc.

David Goecke says November 3, 2015

Your posts continue to amaze me Jon. I really appreciate this comprehensive guide. My question and topic that I would like covered in the guide is the following: Google de-ranking complete hosting companies (like Wix). It would be great to hear your thoughts on how to prepare for google de-rankings and what you can do on the hosting side to prevent that from happening.

Chance says November 3, 2015

Has a PBN site ever performed better than the key site? What did you do?

How do you automate the process to keep an eye on the PBN site performance long term?


Zbynek says November 3, 2015

Hey Jon, first thank you for all your articles, its a great inspiration! My question is about the effectivity and costs compared to the traditional (PR) article linkbuilding. I did some research myself recently and properly hidden PBN is quite expensive to run unless you have more money sites or sell links from the PBN – which is a potential problem.

If I get the killer quality articles written myself or hire someone to do that, my costs per link are more or less fixed as $20-30. Just hosting for one PBN site is more in one year, not to mention necessary content creation etc.

Chris says November 3, 2015

Cant wait for this guide. My biggest questions right now about PBNs:

1. Using sites like tumblr,,, etc, are they as effective as a traditional PBN.

2. How does Google find your PBN if you don’t submit it to them?

3. What do you do with your PBN after building it.

4. A good example of a network diagram of the a site and how it is linked to its PBNs

Kingston Javer says November 3, 2015


Would be great if you also bring up i) examples of failed PBNs and ii) signs of PBNs that are not done correctly, so we can learn how to spot the landmines.

Finally, is there an easy way to vary the site look and feel for each site so each looks quite different upon a manual review?


Jim says November 3, 2015

Hi Jon,
Great idea and obviously one that many people are looking forward to checking out. My idea is to build a small PBN in a vertical (dentist/lawyer etc.) to boost rankings for local businesses. I will then charge theses businesses a monthly fee.
The question I need answered is, can a small network like this, 5-10 sites (with limited OBL’s) actually be powerful enough to boost rankings for local companies? I’m aware that there are many factors here but there is no real documentation re. the actual effectiveness of pbn’s.
Also, re. content, how do you feel about curated content and guest posting?
Thanks in advance,

Dominic Wells says November 3, 2015

Hey Jon,

Great to see an updated guide in the works! I guess I have a couple of questions.

1.) Do you feel a PBN build on a domain that’s been expired and deindexed for some time needs certain steps before you add the links to the money site (such as dripping content for a few days/weeks and getting it looking “alive” again).

2.) Is there anything you do to add juice to the PBN sites or inject life into them again, such as sending a few tier 2 links from other PBNs/other sources?

3.) Do you bother adding social signals to the sites?

4.) Sometimes I build a 5 site PBN and it has little effect on the ranking. I can never tell if this is because I didn’t do what I talked about in question 1, or whether it’s because the metrics aren’t good enough, or something else. Do you find there’s 1 factor which effects the pbn power more than anything else? (DA/TF/Link injection schedule etc).

Ok, hopefully 1 or 2 of those can be answered 🙂


Attila says November 3, 2015

My specific question relates to google’s relationship and how it reads data from whois.

Before the domain was transferred through registrar my personal details were shown up on Whois for 24 – 48 hours before I purchased a Whois privacy. My details were then replaced on Whois so there is no footprint on Whois history. But does google immediately snapshots registrar details as they appear?

Adam says November 4, 2015

Hey John,

It’s really exciting that you’re doing this!

The one thing that I’ve always struggled to get my head around is getting/using fake email addresses to make sure I don’t leave a footprint for Google to find.

Exactly when should I use a fake email address – e.g. to register with GoDaddy? – and what’s the best way of getting them and keeping track of them?



Steve says November 4, 2015

Hi Jon
Great news about your 2016 guide- can’t wait.
If I have a small PBN say 3-5 sites for ranking a local business eg plumber can I use those PBN’s for ranking more than one plumbing business or would that leave a traceable footprint? I was thinking of maybe using it for around 5 businesses.

Mehmood Memon says November 4, 2015

I want to ask about Hosting complete detail If you have 2000 PBNs how to host each domain, name-servers footprints, A/B/C/D class IP’s etc

Arnaud says November 4, 2015

Hi Jon,

I second Dominic’s 3rd question about social signals. Is there any value in adding social signals to your PBN sites?

Good luck on this project!

Devan says November 4, 2015

Hello Jon,
thanks for the great outline and excellent site with an opportunity for a linkback. My question is a nagging concern around a war with Google around PBN. Is it a war we can win?

A specific technical question would be whether using HTTPS would help, I read that it can be a benefit for PBN due to having a name associated with the certificate.

Tim says November 4, 2015

Hi Jon,

The thing I find most difficult about starting PBN’s is finding quality expired domains to start with. I’ve spent countless hours to find one and NEVER found one worth buying. Could you share some insight into how and where to look for good domains?

Theodore Nwangene says November 4, 2015

This is really wonderful Jon,
I remembered you mentioned sometime ago that you will create another PBN creation guide that will be better than the previous one you created and ever since then, I’ve been patiently waiting for it.

It’s good to hear now that it’s already on the making. My most concern is how to host and set up the sites. Most of the hosting companies I know are expensive and cannot be used to host a multiple domains because your pocket will be just emptied.

So, I will love to see your own recommendations on the cheap hosting providers we can use.

Jen says November 5, 2015

Definitely would like to hear about using PBNs to rank Amazon products, since FBA is really big now.

Thierry says November 6, 2015

Hi Jon,

If anything, I believe people would like to know what should be considered a “healthy” balance between the main site and the PBN. How big should one be compared to the other in order to keep flying under the radar?

Alan says November 6, 2015

Hey john,
Great to see you putting a guide like this together. I’m sure your methods will be very interesting to study and I’ll benefit massively by reading your guide when it’s out so thanks for that.

I’d like to ask about the specific hosts you use for your network and also how many obl you recommend for each pbn so I can maximize the power from each site I own while also maximizing the amount of sites I can link to from each pbn domain.

Cheers man

Peter Webb says November 7, 2015

Would like to have a complete cost breakdown on setting up a pbn and do you need one pbn per money site or can they be re-used for multiple money sites.
Also can a pbn replace a set of web 2.0’s? or do you need both.


Jeremiah says November 9, 2015

I would be interested in knowing more about the size of each PBN network and how it relates to indexing. Plus how can PBN networks be related for different money sites or do they need to be completely separate. I have been following you for a long time and look forward to this guide.

Ariana Smith says March 17, 2016

Thank you for sharing this awesome information to build a Private Blog Network, which has become very important in Digital Marketing Promotion.

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