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We are growing! Transitioning to Hiring and Managing Staff

Both my family (daughter born last week, now 3 kids) and company (3 new in house hires) are growing.

This post is about how I am thinking through the team building process.

Hiring and managing in house staff has been something that has surprised me as being both very profitable and fun! When I left the day job under 1 year ago (my quitting story) I was unsure if my path would take me to having an office and team.

Potentially because my first two in house staff Kelley and Maddie have worked out extremely well (for the most part – they are a little verbally abusive to their boss 😉 ). Don’t worry they won’t read this.

Both existing team members have worked  out incredibly well and when I do a review on what $ spend has had the highest ROI the addition of these two team members to increase my capacity to take on new projects is the highest ROI by a mile!

  • Kelley – Built up the team and has handled customer support along with
  • Maddie – Managing all of while it has been growing at 10%/week for the last 3 months!

So as I continue to grow I am faced with what hiring plan makes the most sense for my business.

Like all other parts of my business my plan is to systematically approach this problem (getting the best possible team members onto my team!)


My Current Hiring Theory & Assumptions:

Several Assumptions

  • I never want to hire someone who needs low level management support
  • In the town I am located in the TOP talent is not coming back after graduation to look for work but are willing to come back for Summer CO-OPs and if the work was enticing enough would come back after graduation
  • Culture fit matters, because we are a small team one bad cultural hire could cause us a lot of problems!

My current philosophy on hiring is a rare occasion I disagree with the book EMyth Revisited – In the EMyth Revisited, which is a book I absolutely recommend, it states to systematize a business as much as possible so you can place the lowest possible cost employee that can predictably execute a task. My argument against that is that yes they will be able to execute the task but won’t be able to spot the higher level opportunities I prefer to have someone overqualified continuing to spot additional opportunities and replacing themselves.


So What Am I Looking For

Hire smart, hard working people with a proven track record of having grit who will be a good fit with the team!

  • Validate Smarts – Easiest – the usual way grades etc
  • Validate Grit – Previous work or better having pursued athletic (usually) path and demonstrated sticking with something after multiple failures.
  • Validate Fit – Tougher to measure but any sign of self-deprecating humour seems to be a good sign!


Lessons Learned:

Not having a company name is getting pretty annoying! When I describe what my company does it is a little confusing to people.

I talk about my 3 divisions…

  • Business To Consumer – Affiliate sites & FBA businesses
  • Blog –
  • Business to Business – My productized services arm

But it is a tricky business to understand if you don’t have any experience in the space! I need to improve this, name the company and create at least a bit of a landing page with the aim to get people motivated to work here!


How Do These 3 New Hires Help You as a Reader of AuthorityWebsiteIncome?

Here are a few things to look forward to as an audience member at

  1. Better and more data intensive blog posts – I will be putting more leg work into some BIGGER posts that I am very interested to see the results of and I hope you will be as well.
  2. More procedures shared – When I am able to package together my procedures and share them with my audience it is usually some of the most useful posts. Expect more of this!
  3. New Productized Offering – As I add capacity to my team I am more capable of responding to requests for additional offerings.
  4. New Tools – One of the hires is a computer science guy who loves hacking together little tools. He will be building a few tools for our in house use and I will be likely sharing access to some free tools.
  5. Improved visibility on businesses – One of the big efforts will be on dashboarding out the business and then creating a more public version of my income reports that shares data more transparently.


My Management Process

I often seem to get questions about how do I manage both my virtual and in person team. The answer is pretty straight forward…

  • Daily “Standup” Meeting
  • Weekly 1:1 Meeting Where we Review Scorecard
  • Monthly Update Meeting (business results review meeting)
  • Task List with the MAJOR goals for the work term laid out early

We are not perfect yet definitely but I am happy with the structure so far and I am sure we will tweak it as we go.


Increased Capacity to Buy More Businesses!

As the team grows so does our ability to take on more projects!

If you are looking to sell either a profitable website or FBA business please email me at jonhaver11 (at)

Even if you don’t want to sell the entire business and have a highly successful business and are just wanting to sell a portion of it to take some risk of the table but still run it to realize the upside I would be interested in chatting with you!

About the Author Jon

I am a 33 year old husband, father of 3, engineer and a huge fan of developing systems to build useful and profitable websites. The reason I build online businesses is to provide financial independence for my family and yours AND so I can spend time outside skiing and biking with my family.
Jon Gillham, Online Entrepreneur

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