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Good Website Names – What Do They Have in Common and How I Picked Mine

Now that I have identified my audience and done keyword research it is time to pick my authority websites domain name. But first I want to look at what good website names have in common.

Guidelines for Picking a Great Authority Website Domain Name

Easy to Remember – A domain name should be easy to remember and not involve “clever” spelling. I am not going to pick or something similar.

Shorter is Better but not Required – The length of the domain is not as big a deal as making it easy to remember. is a very long domain name but is also an incredibly successful authority website.

No Hyphens – Hyphens open up a lot of opportunities when it comes to available domain names but they are not easy to remember.

Include Your Target Keywords – This is basic SEO and a must, make sure you have your

.COM is best – For micro-niche websites I will pick up .net and .org URLs but for my authority website I only want a .com

Exact Match is Good – Even if I cant find an exact match with a lot of traffic getting an exact match that includes my keyword

Don’t Be Miss-Leading – If there was a great domain available for like and then my website was about paying off student loans it would cause confusion. Make sure the expectation the URL creates matches the content on the site.

Is a Branded Domain Name Good? – This one I dont have a strong position on, is better than Right now I prefer going after an exact match non-branded domain name for the SEO benefits.

My 2 Golden Questions To Picking the Right Name/Domain:

After looking at the tips I think they can be summarized into 2 key questions…

  • Does it contain my keyword
  • If I were to verbally tell someone my domain be easy for them to remember and type in


Steps To Picking My Domain Name

I know the student loan market is extremely competitive so it will be unlikely I will find an exact match domain name that has any search volume.

My Authority Website Will…

“help graduates reduce the cost of their student loans so they don’t hold them back in life”


Blue Ocean / Made To Stick Method for Identifying Under-served Market

So to help me pick my domain name I wanted to get a refresher on what the best practise is online for picking an authority domain name. Below are a summary of the best guidelines that I agree with.


Step 1 – Brainstorm 5 Ideas

Review my seed keyword list and identify 5 domains I would be happy with. I don’t expect any of these to be available but it is a good brainstorming tool.

  1. (My Case Study Website URL is Now Hidden)
  5. (this might be misleading)

At this point I can check if any of the 5 are available at NameCheap bulk domain search tool


Search For Available Domains With Namecheap

Search For Available Domains With Namecheap

As expected all these domains I am hoping for are taken…

Good Website Names Are Already Taken

Good Website Names Are Often Already Taken

Step 2 – Find Domain Names That Are Available

Using LongTailPro this process is very easy and was shown here. However, it is also pretty easy using two free tools…

  1. Google Adwords Keyword Tool
  2. Monikor Bulk Domain Search (requires a free account)

I first enter my list of keywords I will be targeting from my SiteMap into the Google Keyword Tool.

How To Use Google Keyword Tool

How To Use Google Keyword Tool

Then I copy all the keywords I think would make a good website name.



Select Potential Website Names From Keywords List

Copy 50 keywords and paste them into Monikor Search Tool

Monikors Bulk Domain Search Tool

Monikors Bulk Domain Search Tool


After a half hour and a few iterations here is what I have…

Available Domain Names

Available Domain Names


As a comparison, you can use Long Tail Pro (aff link) and in very few steps have a list of available exact match keywords…

  1. Enter Seed Keywords
  2. Adjust Settings:
    • Fetch Additional Information – Domain Availability – Check Exact Match Domains – .com
    • Apply Filters – Has Available Domain
  3. Hit Generate Keywords

Result is shown below…


Use Long Tail Pro To Identify Exact Match Domains

Try Long Tail Pro free for 10 days – Click Here (aff link)

Based on the LongTailPro results I have added a few more options to my final selection…

  • HowDoI(My Case Study Website URL is Now Hidden)


Step 3 – Pick One of The Available Domains

After considering both the search volume of all the exact match domains (which were all low) and the 2 questions I identified above.

I have decided to go with…

 (My Case Study Website URL is Now Hidden)

Step 4 – Register Domain

I use NameCheap(aff link) to register all my domain names. I have complete video series on how I set up my Authority Website here.


Tools I Use To Find Good Website Names…

Below is a list of the tools I used to find my domain.

  1. Google Adwords Keyword Tool
  2. Monikor Bulk Domain Search (requires a free account)
  3. Long Tail Pro (aff link) – Free 10 day trial available
  4. Namecheap (aff link) – where I register all my domains
What do you think? Did I make the right choice? Do you consider (My Case Study Website URL is Now Hidden) a good website name?


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I am a 33 year old husband, father of 3, engineer and a huge fan of developing systems to build useful and profitable websites. The reason I build online businesses is to provide financial independence for my family and yours AND so I can spend time outside skiing and biking with my family.
Jon Gillham, Online Entrepreneur

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