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GetResponse vs MailChimp: Comparison and Review of 2019

When it comes to advertising brand or product then it is necessary to be familiar with social media marketing or trends in the latest marketing strategies. In the dilemma of selecting from various choices in the marketing world, you will come to know about Email Marketing.

Email Marketing is the old concept of social media marketing but the effective way of communicating with the real audience. Audience provides their Email address by trusting the platforms.  If they are entitled by giving an assurance to keep them updated with the new information, then the marketer should select the way of communication wisely.

If you are choosing Email marketing to explore your brand or product among audience then there are two best Email Marketing services GetResponse and MailChimp. These services are known for its brilliant performance and reliability as well as it’s multiple features.   

These Email marketing tools are not only providing excellent Online marketing solutions but also empowering entrepreneurs for the enhancement of their business and its Growth. For operational planning, the marketer should familiar with 4P’s – Price, Product, Place, and Promotion.  

For the selection of best services, I have created a review and comparison of two best Email marketing services GetResponse Vs MailChimp. Both are recommended by the world’s leading brands and the leaders among the various Email marketing solutions.

How GetResponse service differ from the MailChimp service?

Both the services are recommended by popular brands but there are some differences in their features and tools which are provided to their customers. Let’s go ahead and check them.

#1. Email Marketing Services: GetResponse Vs MailChimp

GetResponse Vs MailChimp

GetResponse is one of the best Email marketing platforms which is currently serving over 3,50,000 small business, brands, marketers. It is not only serving marketing strategies but also marketing solutions to their customers which integrates more than 300 passionate professionals globally.

Their aim is to offer a powerful, scaled and customized solution for small and large companies. It also helps entrepreneurs build a targeted subscriber list and send impactful newsletters, video, email, follow-up campaign. These all include marketing automation responsive mail design, landing page creator with statistical analysis tools.

On the other hand, MailChimp was designed to enhance small-scale businesses as well as the large-scale business by finding more customers for their platform. They serve millions of customers around the world.

Their aim is to provide the alternative of those oversized expensive email software which didn’t give high-end tools and resources. They help you access their new technology that empowers you to explore your brand or product to users.

With the help of MailChimp, you can create campaigns and connect with the audience. It also combines with apps and web services to integrate other features and tools on your platform.

Which Email marketing service is more advanced in comparison with each other?

Ans: GetResponse is having more advanced tools and services than MailChimp in automation. Integration tools are more effective in MailChimp compared to GetResponse.

#2. User Interface: GetResponse Vs MailChimp

pexels-photo-GetResponse Vs MailChimp

While conversing with your clients or subscribers, you have to take care of branding. Design and Branding play a vital role in the presentation of your product in front of your clients. So let’s see how GetResponse and Mailchimp differ from each other in this aspect.

GetResponse provides Drag-Drop email editor, Image editor, dynamic Content and Real-time Mobile Preview. Drag-Drop editor allows creating templates such as snippet archives, Basic blocks and lot more.

For Security of content or message of Email, they are providing spam checker tool powered by SpamAssassin. This tool will analyze the formatting, amount and type of links as well as images for spam inside your message. And it will also guide you to fix the issue too.

MailChimp provides same Drag-drop editor to switch up content and customize layouts of emails like GetResponse. You can also create beautiful subscribe form to grab the emails. Alternatively, you can use their API to create many other subscribe form.

MailChimp’s content manager allows you to store image and file for campaigns. In the content manager, you will find a code editor which helps you to embed URL in images.

#3. Branding Features: GetResponse Vs MailChimp

GetResponse provides autoresponders which starts the conversation with the subscribers from when they sign up for further updates. E-course & the educational cycle is managed by drag and drop tree organizer. It’s advanced segment features create the group of similar contacts and send highly targeted relevant Emails.

Subscribers engagement is important for branding, so optimization of message delivery with perfect timing is the must for effective branding. For optimization of message delivery, you will have to manage time schedule. We believe Email marketing services should have a reputable delivery status and trust, well, GetResponse is offering 99% inbox deliverability.

By following subscribers lead, the service is also providing A/B testing for optimization of all the fields from email addresses to design and content.

MailChimp provides less section in graphics compared to GetResponse. It contains a great range of HTML forms to create and design email templates. They focus more on sending simple, clean but engaging Emails to get an interesting point on the original stuff.

Like GetResponse, MailChimp is also delivering automation for starting the business conversation with clients, such as Data-based automation and RSS to mail.

A/B testing and another multivariate testing is added to know the audience in a smart way by experimenting with new subject lines, layouts and images on audience segments.

Final review: Both the Email marketing services provides advanced features including autoresponders, automation for effective communication, RSS to mail, A/B testing. But in the creation of landing page, GetResponse have more advantage than MailChimp.

#4. Integration: GetResponse Vs MailChimp

GetResponse Vs MailChimp-integration

Both the services are well integrated with industry-leading tools that make the marketing process smooth. Mostly there are major payment channels like PayPal, big commerce etc. It also integrates another social media marketing platform like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ with which you can track everything via social share analytics.

MailChimp is having integrations with most of the services as an industry leader. While GetResponse is integrated incompatible services like Zapier which has 123 apps integrated. Some of those are amazon payment, Bing ads etc.

Final review: Both companies have a separate integration which is useful for the user. It’s only your choice what you actually want. Based on your requirements you can choose one of them because of both extremely good in this business.

#5. Plans: GetResponse Vs MailChimp

photo-GetResponse Vs MailChimp (2)

GetResponse is a cost-effective Email marketing platform. The plans are well categorized for various users whether it is beginner email marketers or growth focused marketers or entrepreneurs.

There are monthly, yearly and for two years plans with a certain discount on one-time payment. Mainly there are four plans- Email, Pro, Max, and Enterprise. All the plans will have two basic features like Marketing Automation and Email Marketing which contains Autoresponders and landing page.

Unlike Email and Pro, Max has all the advanced features such as campaign consulting and webinar 500 attendees with limited to 5 users.

While MailChimp has cheaper plans than GetResponse. It mainly consists of three plans- Free, Grow and Pro. Free plans are suitable for beginners which includes almost all the features except Multivariate testing, Advanced segmentation and send time optimization with 200 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.

While in Grow and Pro, you will have all the features with unlimited subscribers and emails per month. Unlike Grow, Pro provides Multivariate testing and Advanced Segmentation.

Final review: GetResponse offers a paid plan with limited features. While MailChimp offers a free plan with almost all the features. Though GetResponse provides free trial in first three plans with 100% full functionality.

#6. Pricing: GetResponse Vs MailChimp


GetResponse offers little bit expensive plans than MailChimp. Pricing varies with the features and services they are providing. It has mainly four plans- Email, Pro, Max, and Enterprise which cost $15, $49, $165 and $1199 per month respectively.

However, If you will purchase the annual package then you will get 18% discount on all plans and in the two-year package, you will get 30% discount on plans.

On the other hand, MailChimp offers Free, Grow and Pro plans which cost $0, $10 and $199 respectively. Moreover, you can also estimate monthly rates based on subscribers and list size.

Final review: GetResponse doesn’t offer free plan though it is starting from $15 per month with limited features. While MailChimp offers a free plan with an estimation of rates based on subscribers and list size with almost all features.

#7. User Experience: GetResponse Vs MailChimp

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User Interface should such that it doesn’t confuse users which is more important nowadays. GetResponse has little bit confusing interface as it disturbs the flow of contents on a web page. Elements are stacked up on the web page in a puzzled manner though they have explained each and every terminology and features in detail.

MailChimp provides an uncluttered interface. They have maintained the flow by categorizing various activity with elements. They also come up with the guiding articles and tips for their users.

Final Review: User Experience is more eye catchy and easy in case of MailChimp compared to GetResponse.


Both the services are providing quite similar things but the selection of the best options for your business I have differed both of them. By understanding the concept of the marketing mix and 4P’s (Price, Product, Place, and Promotion) if you choose email marketing for branding and design then you should try these two services.

I would prefer GetResponse over MailChimp (If I focus on growth). Though in price, it is a little bit costs then MailChimp but you will get the best and advanced features. If you are looking for Mailchimp alternative for ecommerce, Omnisend can be your option.

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