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February Income Report – New Records

February was a short month but all parts of my business saw success this month! With record revenue and net income numbers again I am happy to be ahead on my progress for all my stretch goals. However, being a little behind in my most recent PBN orders means I will likely incur a lot of expenses in Mar with little in the way of PBN services income so could potentially see a dip in earnings in the next income report.

This monthly report will share all the details about the different “divisions” of my business…

  1. Passive Income Website Portfolio
  2. AuthorityWebsiteIncome Blog
  3. Expired Domain Services (Domain Finding Service, Done for Your Private Blog Network)

One thing I have realized with my new format is that it provides more than vanity numbers and actually lets me make data driven decisions on what changes I should be making in my business!

Key Successes

  1. Successful launch of my PBN service which sold out in a little over 24hrs. If you are looking for my team to build you a relevant PBN make sure to get on the early notification list – here
  2. Anytime I set a new net income and revenue record I have to count it as a success.

Key Failures

  1. Working in my business and not on it. There is the right balance between staying in the details working the system and also working to build systems. In February I got behind and felt like I was not able to move the business forward but only maintain. No new systems were created and I was simply executing already existing systems and responding to emails. If I continue with that my business will hit a plateau. Changes will need to be made for me to continue to build out my business and not simply work in it.
  2. Launching my next big website project has had delays. Although I have had the domain, content, strategy and VA laying the ground work I have not done the work I need to do to get the newest niche site off the ground. This is putting me behind schedule on my passive income portfolio project.

2014 Business Goals

Here is where I share my progress towards each of my key 2014 goals…

Here they are…

2014 Goal #1 – Increase the number of sites making over $100/month to 15 by building, buying or growing 8 quality sites.

2014 Goal #2 – Publish 52 Posts on Authority Website Income. For the growth of this blog there is nothing more important than consistently producing great articles every single Monday.

2014 Goal #3 – Produce 1 ULTIMATE post that will put my Ultimate Guide to Expired Domains to shame!

2014 Goal #4 – Automate the entire fulfilment process for my services side of the business while also improving quality.

2014 Goal #5 – Launch a new game changing business/service (this one I will not share until the time is right)

2014 Goal #6 – Continue ahead of the monthly net income curve targeting $15k/month in reliable online income by the age of 35.

Stretch Income Targets (BHAG)…

  • Hit my undisclosed “money in the bank” target
  • Average $10k/month net income for 2014

Part 1 – Passive Authority & Niche Website Income Profit/Loss

Not a lot of focus went into this part of my business in February and it shows, I am behind schedule and not sure if I will be able to catch up in March as much as I need to.

The website purchases of last month are performing well and happy to have it added to my portfolio.

If anyone is looking to sell their profitable site(s) quickly let me know by emailing me.

  • # of greater than $100/month Sites = 8 (no change this month)
    • Sites:
      • PMSL
      • OIC
      • ACLSR
      • GFD (purchased)
      • RBC
      • RFNF
      • BCR
      • IF (purchased)
  • Revenue = $2,533.47
  • Costs = 362.82
  • Net Income = $2,170.65

Feb Comment – The portfolio did ok but is still anchored by too few sites. I need to put effort into growing some more profitable websites.

passive income website porfolio5

Public Case Study Site Status

AuthorityWebsiteIncome started with one case study – This site was started the same day as my case study site and every month I documented in detail exactly what I did to grow the site. It turned into a great site for me earning over $3k/month in its peak months and helped launch AuthorityWebsiteIncome. The monthly case study income reports have grown beyond just one site but I want to keep tracking this site separately from all the others so everyone can keep tabs on it.

  • Net Income = $1,493 (+60%)
  • Traffic = 8,316 (-29%)
  • Citation Flow = 33 (+1)
  • Trust Flow = 20 (+2)

(My Case Study Website URL is Now Hidden) revenue and expenses fron start to current

Feb Comment – January saw an uptick in traffic and as a result February had an uptick in revenue. Traffic has settled back to the pre January rush.

Progress on Key 2014 Goal…

2014 Goal #1 – Increase the number of sites making over $100/month to 15 by building, buying or growing 8 quality sites.

Progress:Number of strong passive income sites

Feb Comment – In January I had a solid purchase with the intent of in February adding a solid performer by growing it to the mix but no luck as other priorities took my time. I need to build a site out in Mar to ideally ad it to the list in Mar or April as a $100 earner.

Part 2 – Authority Website Income Blog Profit/Loss

One of my favourite parts of my business in 2013 was running different tests and experiments then sharing the results with the audience here on Expect once per week posts from me in 2014 and one MONSTER of an ultimate guide a little later in the year.

  • Visitors = 13,031 (+5%)
  • Subscribers = 2,071 (+8%)
  • # of Posts = 4
  • Affiliate Income = $842.87 (-27%)

authority website income stats

Feb Comment – This site does not put a heavy focus on promoting products but it is a solid earner every month. There are no plans for March to change my approach and expect each month to be in the $500-$1000 range. Email subscriber growth continues, I may try a few things to increase the number of subscribers next month.

Progress on Key 2014 Goal…

2014 Goal #2 – Publish 52 Posts on Authority Website Income. For the growth of this blog there is nothing more important than consistently producing great articles every single Monday.

total number of posts publishen on AWI

2014 Goal #3 – Produce 1 ULTIMATE post that will put my Ultimate Guide to Expired Domains to shame! Plan is in motion but it will take several months to assemble all the moving parts.

Part 3 – Services Business Profit/Loss

The key metrics I am going to share on this side of the business each month include…

  •  Sites Built = 69 (+60%)
  • # of Domains Found = 59 (-45%)
  • Net Income = $9,180 (+17%)*

Note about the Net Income – each month varies greatly since the expenses for building the sites incur the month the sites are built while the income occurs the month the sites are sold. So there are months like December where I only have a handful of new clients but I am still building sites for all the others who paid in the previous month. For the accounting purists, yes, I am aware I am violating a GAAP accounting principle (revenue is to be counted in the months the expenses to earn the revenue are realized – but that creates more accounting headaches for me).

service business profit loss

Progress on Key 2014 Goal…

2014 Goal #4 – Automate the entire fulfilment process. I am personally still approving all domains and supporting client’s requests.

No progress this month on this important goal! I am still in charge of approving all domains!

2014 Goal #5 – Launch a new game changing business/service (this one I will not share until the time is right)

Something is in the work 😉

Overall Financial Goals

Original Monthly Net Income Target (original – $15k/month reliable income by age 35)

  • Target Net Income = $4,100
  • Actual net Income = $12,194

goal- 15k per month online net income by ages 35

overall income split by division

“Money in the Bank” Target

For those that have been trying to track their online income and reconcile with money in the bank it doesn’t take long to realize just because you think you made $1k in a month your business bank account doesn’t go up by $1k that month. The reason for this is that it takes some time for advertisers to pay their affiliates. Plus, some affiliate commissions you earned will be voided in the next month and you will not be paid for that commission you thought you made.

So for this reason a metric I am going to track in 2014 is my Money in the Bank target. Although I share a lot I am choosing to not actually share my bank balance…I will simply make it a % of my overall goal.

progress towards target

Feb Comment: All financial goals were achieved in February and the money in the bank growth was better than expected.

2014 Monthly Income Target

This is another big time stretch goal. In 2014 I am targeting to average $10k/month in net monthly income.


  • January = $11,141
  • February = $12,194

Final Comments

Another strong month but with lots and lots of work for my team to do in March I expect my net income to be lower. Overall though all parts of my business are moving in the right direction, just falling behind in my passive income portfolio business but I will be putting effort into it this month.

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Doug says March 10, 2014

Jon, Congrats on another stellar month. Wow!

Your passive income is impressive considering you didn’t get to spend too much time on it in February. (Really, the whole report is impressive but the passive part really caught my attention.)

Keep up the good work!

    Jon says March 10, 2014

    Thanks Doug, that is the beauty with the passive side of the business it keeps turning over even when I am not.

chris says March 10, 2014

I always look forward to your income reports. It encourages me to keep working. Love the charts!

    Jon says March 10, 2014

    Thanks Chris!

MASSMAN says March 10, 2014


Great progress. Thanks for the inspiration and interview for my blog this month. I like to call it MIF—-“Money In Fist”.

To your continued Success!


    Jon says March 10, 2014

    HI Massma, thanks for the comment!

James Blews says March 10, 2014

Thanks for such great information. It seems like you are going to be at your goal for monthly income in less than 18 months from now.

How do you think you are going to handle the automation goal? Is this going to be a slow step-by-step with a VA? Or do you think you will go the route of training and hiring a “niche/authority” person for this goal?

Also, when you make this “Ultimate” post this time around, will there be a public marketing campaign with it? For instance, a webinar or hangout, or something similar?

Keep up the great work Jon!

    Jon says March 10, 2014

    Hi Jim, there will be some more sawtooth moves on the graph but I hope to keep the direction going the right way!

    For the automating I plan to first replace myself with a highly skilled team member and then get to the business of building systems to support order fulfillment. I am in the first stage of this brining on someone new.

    For my passive portfolio side of the business I have hired someone dedicated to building out the sites but I am keeping a very hands on approach to the few sites I am working on.

    The idea of a public webinar etc for the epic post is a great idea!

Financial Samurai says March 10, 2014

Big bucks dude! Nice job on the service income. Do you plan to continue working on that income, or the passive income? Or is the service income considered passive income? The service business is the private net work yeah?

I’m trying to just focus on the first portion of your income.

    Jon says March 10, 2014

    Hi Sam, I plan on focusing on growing the income in both the service and the website portfolio sides of my business. The one part of my business I don’t think it makes sense to focus on income goals is affiliate income from this site.

    The service income is definitely not passive…but I am working on making it more passive while continually improving the quality of the service I deliver. Yes, the service is the done for you private blog network.

      Financial Samurai says March 10, 2014

      Cool. I hope you can continue to grow, and fingers crossed Google doesn’t throw some other type of curve ball.

Curt says March 10, 2014

Awesome work, Jon. Your monthly income reports still serve as a great inspiration, thanks for going into such detail.

Really interested to see how you can get your ‘self’ out of the service business and how you can top up the passive income sites making $100+.

    Jon says March 10, 2014

    Hi Curt, you and me both regarding the passive site portfolio! Hopefully more posts on that shortly.

Raweewan M says March 10, 2014

Hi Jon, awesome work as always. I’m your fan and always come back here. Thank you for creating great works, tutorials and online business tips. I just started publishing my income report this year and this is the first time for my report. I hope that I could reach $10k/month in the next 3-5 years. Well, see you next post. Thanks 🙂

Leo says March 11, 2014

wow. I am glad to see your new record!
How can you build 69 sites in a month? it’s more than 2/day!

Arun says March 16, 2014

Hi Jon,
I’m new to this site, thank you for sharing your case studies, and it is very impressive. Looking forward to see your new project.
– Arun

John says March 19, 2014

Hi Jon,
Congratulations, that a lot of money in just 1 month .. wow very inspirational to see like $11k and $12k in a row ..

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