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Expired Domains and Private Blog Networks for my Six Figure Website Challenge?

Since announcing my plans to share how I will be building a six figure website in 2015 I have received a lot of questions.

One of the questions, understandably, has been do I plan to use expired domains, private blog networks or any other similar grey hat tactics?

This article will answer those questions, provide details of the plan I will be using and the risks associated with it.

The whole plan to build a six figure website is not substantially different from the case study that originally started which was the building of the site (My Case Study Website URL is Now Hidden). That site turned into a reliable income earner of between 1k and 4k per month.

For that site I used a lot of content creation, outreach and some strategically used expired domains to build that site.

Let me directly answer the questions…


Will I 301 Redirect Relevant Expired Domains to Pages on my Authority Website?

YES – I will be buying VERY CLEAN, VERY RELEVANT expired domains and 301 linking them to a relevant page on my authority site. If it passes the “does this improve the users experience” and I can verify all the links to the expired domain are clean I believe it is both a benefit to the user and worth the risk.

For example, if I found a domain that had been the home of a scholarship for people from a specific state and now the domain had expired I would buy the domain (if the links were clean) and 301 redirect it to a page on my site that talked about all the scholarship options for people from that state. To me this is definitely grey hat but lower risk since it truly does improve the users experience.

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Will I build my authority website on an Expired Domain?

No – I will not be building the authority site on an expired domain. What I have seen from tests is that some sites built on expired domains do very well right away while others will still carry a penalty with them. So to me it is not worth the risk of potentially building on a penalized domain.

My team can find expired domains for you here (but don’t recommend them for this purpose)


Will I still build a PBN for this project?

YES – I will definitely be building a 10 site exclusive highly relevant PBN for this project. The purpose of this asset will be only partially to build links back to my authority site but it will also be to leverage other relationships in the space for links.

These PBN sites will be able to stand on their own from a content standpoint and will get fresh content every few months. There is risk with this approach but since each site will have relevant, original content and my strategy for linking back to my site will be conservative I am confident the benefit of having sites in the same niche to leverage for promotions, links etc is worth the risk.

Another benefit of this silo’d PBN is that when I am successful and build a website that I can sell for six figures by the end of the year the PBN can be packaged in the sale making it a very clean sale.

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Will I use a public “Premium” PBN like

Yes – Of the strategies I will be employing this is definitely the one with the greatest risk. All PBN’s present a risk of being de-indexed and should be part of your consideration. However, for my project I will be using premium PBN links on several occasions. My plan is to use these links only when an article is already generating links…this way the footprint of the one link will be minimized.

Basically the purpose of these links is to give a post that is already generating some links an extra push.



The expired domains and PBN links by themselves WILL NOT result in this project being a success. The key to this project is going to be creating lots of great content, lots of value added outreach and then sprinkling in the extra stuff as I think it is needed.

Like I said every-one needs to weight out the pro/con of any business venture. For me even if no “grey” hat tactics were used a website has a chance of being penalized by Google. To me the question is what additional risk am I taking on and for what potential benefit.

With a balanced backlink profile including both some high quality PBN links to give my site some initial lift in the search results plus placing links to give a gentle push to pages already starting to gain traction will result in what I hope to be the right risk/reward balance for me.

Anyone is welcome to follow along and participate in this challenge whether they are using “questionable” link tactics or not.


Exactly What Will My Plan Look Like:

I can’t leave a post without getting into the nitty-gritty details about my exact plan…

My basic plan which will get modified to fit the content I have created but in general it is the following…

  • 1-3 Expired Domains Per Month 301 redirected to specific, relevant posts
  • 10 site exclusive silo’d PBN built to be “real” sites in the same/similar niches and provide me with additional linking opportunities (in progress now – starting to find domains – more details to come)
  • 1 premium PBN link per month to a post that is already starting to get some traction to really push it over the edge

If you are looking to do something similar yourself there is all the information needed at this massive post or if you would like some help my team is available.



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