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Jon Dykstra, FatStacksBlog

Shane Melaugh

As soon as Jon Gillham told me about his new service, I knew I'd use it.

Jon's attention to customer service and quality is second-to-none.

I placed my orders shortly after Jon's service opened its doors.I've received and published the content Created by Content Refined and am very, very happy with it.

The content was written exactly per my instructions. In fact, the end-result was better than I expected since the team invested a lot of time into formatting directly in the backend of my Wordpress webiste beautifully with tables, headings, etc. which were not part of my instructions. This saved me a great deal of time.

Also, and this very much impressed me, I mistakenly lost the content that was set up as a draft on my site. This was a backup failure on my part. I asked Maddie, my Content Refined project manager whether she had copies. I told her to just send them as documents and I'd take the time to format it on my site since they had already done so. However, Maddie insisted they would format all the content a second time on my site for no additional charge... and formatting the content was a time-consuming process.If you want top-quality content quickly and you wish to work with a very customer service oriented team, I recommend Content Refined.

Referring to the articles created for his sites...

"They were very well done!" 

Shane Melaugh

Spencer Haws,