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Establishing Online Business Habits – Getting Back into the Groove is not as easy as I Thought!

This post will share the challenges I have had over the last 1.5weeks re-establishing my online work routine and the 3 productivity tips that have got me back to full productivity and can probably do the same for you.

Plus a little sneak peak at a new project that will be starting shortly that I will be looking for people to work with on…(more to come soon!)

Before I had to reduce my time in my online business I had a pretty good routine going…

  • Work online from 8-10pm every weeknight except 1 or 2
  • Work online from 1-3(during nap time) both days and 8-12pm one weekend night
  • Squeeze in some extra time to answer emails on my phone
  • Total Weekly Online Work Hours = 15-20hrs

However, for 3 months my day job was unusually demanding with me leaving home at 4:45am and getting home as early as 6:30pm or as late as 11:00pm which completely through off my online work schedule.

As a result I have had to work to re-establish a routine.

I thought it would be as easy as simply jumping back into the same plan I had been doing but it turns out it is not that simple!

For the first week after the crazy hours I was slow getting back into the swing of the online business, watching TV, playing computer games and other no value added activities.

Using a few productivity tricks and a couple good kicks in my ass from my wife I am back to 100%. Other than the kicks these are the 3 tricks that always seem to work for me and hopefully you as well…

3 Keys to Productivity…

It Gets Easier or Harder – Its Our Choice – Every time we have a decision to make…do work or give into the resistance(go watch TV or similar) we have to remember that every time we give in it gets harder to push through next time and every time we push through the resistance it gets easier next time. Being productive is a learned skill/habit that is nothing more than practise and incremental improvements.

Just Sit My Ass Down – The goal when I hit resistance is to do just one more thing or if I haven’t started do just the first “thing” which can be as simple as sitting down to do work. Just by pushing through a little and tricking myself into just sitting down(even if I don’t get any work done) it helps me get to work sooner and more often. This “trick” is one I have heard from multiple people but also recently in a book I listened to (Making Habits, Breaking Habits). In the fitness world this is called the first goal is putting on your workout clothes…tricking your mind into putting on your workout clothes brings you that much closer to working out.


New Project – Setting up new systems and new projects is what most excites me. Improving an existing process is great but not the same for me as setting up a new system. For this reason plus the amount of time I have off (1 month) I will be launching a new project which will be featured on this site and hopefully involve some of the readers here.

Stay tuned, some updates on the new project will be coming very shortly! It has been asked for many times by readers in the past and will involve several people working together and with me to all help each other succeed. I will not be making any money from it. People will need to apply. The details will come out soon and spots will be very limited.


About the Author Jon

I am a 33 year old husband, father of 3, engineer and a huge fan of developing systems to build useful and profitable websites. The reason I build online businesses is to provide financial independence for my family and yours AND so I can spend time outside skiing and biking with my family.
Jon Gillham, Online Entrepreneur

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Doug says December 15, 2014

The best motivation ever:
“a couple good kicks in my ass from my wife…”

Welcome back! We’re all looking forward to hearing all about the new project.

    Jon says December 15, 2014

    Thanks Doug, haha yah good motivator! Looking forward to sharing the project on the site.

Dominic Wells says December 15, 2014

I second what Doug said about the new project, and about the kick from the wife too 😉

Good to see you back!

    Jon says December 15, 2014

    Thanks Dominic…luckily you won’t have to wait long for the kick off of the next project!

Scoy says December 15, 2014


Glad to see you blogging again! The wife is a good motivator, so is FEAR! lol 😉

Keep up the good work buddy,

    Jon says December 15, 2014

    Fear works wonders!

Ruan says December 15, 2014

Yup, was starting to get a little worried Jon had left us…

Good to have you back! Oh and if your goal was to keep us in suspense about your new upcoming project – you succeeded buddy!

    Jon says December 15, 2014

    Never :)…just had to re-prioritize all the things in my life. A little suspense is a good thing 🙂

Jesus says December 15, 2014

Nice tips! Welcome back! And give your wife a high five :-).

    Jon says December 15, 2014

    Will do, thanks!

Alistair Cochrane says December 15, 2014

“… I was slow getting back into the swing of the online business, watching TV, playing computer games and other no value added activities.”

That’s it! You’re fired!….
Oh wait… you’re the boss ))

Welcome back Jon ))

    Jon says December 15, 2014

    Thanks Alistair…hope thing are going well in your business.

Brad Mason says December 15, 2014

Wives are great like that aren’t they? I really appreciate the loving bum-kicks my wife sends my way that help me stay on task. Where would we be without them?

    Jon says December 15, 2014

    Definitely helpful when they call us on being lazy if we are being lazy. Luckily doesn’t happen too often but always appreciated when it does.

Raweewan says December 15, 2014

Hey Jon
Glade you’re back. I try to wake up early and change some morning routine too, so I can do more workout every day. I hope that next year would be more productive. 🙂

    Jon says December 16, 2014

    Thanks Raweewan, sounds like you have a good plan. 2014 was productive just a week of low productivity…glad it is over and looking forward to a big 2015.

Hooman says December 16, 2014

I am new here, I follow you for a while and I am very happy that you are back again, Good luck to you.

    Jon says December 16, 2014

    Thanks Hooman, glad to be back!

Olayinka says December 16, 2014

Thanks Jon for this routine guidelines.

Rene says December 16, 2014

I know what you are talking about, with 2 kids at home and work.

But I broke one habit at work: Overtime, lol. I was tired of working long hours, so I asked they hire someone to help me.

I have free time now. Perfect timing for new project, ie. make money online.

Lewis says December 19, 2014

Great to have you back Jon – I am big into my productivity at the moment and I can relate to a lot of what you say here!

Looks like you’re well on your way to business and usual – good luck with the challenge!

– Lewis

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