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The Easiest Keyword Research Strategy for New or Big Sites

We have all been there… needing to get more articles created for our sites and not having a clue where to turn. It can be frustrating trying to squeeze more juice out of a keyword research method you have already used extensively. Whether you are looking to create a sitemap for a site or find another unique keyword for a huge site typical keyword research strategies can struggle to have you come up with a MASSIVE list of keywords/content ideas!

Here is a strategy you can use to come up with a bunch of keywords to create articles for.

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This post is all about how you can quickly complete keyword research and come up with a great site plan based on your competitor’s site.

This strategy is definitely a little simpler than the more advanced strategies used by my team for my money sites or by the team for / However, this strategy is a great place to start if you are looking to quickly generate a bunch of keyword ideas.

Outcome: This procedure will enable you to get a bunch of low competition keywords that you can create articles on for your sites easily each month.


Strategy Summary: Use tools to identify all the keywords you are currently ranking for and all the keywords your competitors are ranking for then compare easily using Google sheets to see which keywords your competitors are ranking for and you are not. Then analyze this list to identify the easiest keywords your competitors are ranking for and you aren’t so you can get content created for them.

Step 1: Find Site Related to Your Site

In this tutorial I am going to use (not my site but will treat this post as if it was MY money site). So I will need to find another site that is relevant to basketballs. In Google I typed in a relevant term to the site.

I then went through the list and looked at the sites to see if any sites are similar to my site. In this case

** An alternative way to do this is to go into semrush and input your site. Scroll down on the homepage and look for the Main Organic Competitors section and find one in that list that is relevant.

Step 2: Gather lists of Keywords from each site

Now that we have the two sites, we need to go to semrush and export the keywords each site is ranking for.

Before we export the keywords, we want to set the keywords search volume we download to be greater than 200 or 500.

You want to do this for BOTH sites.

Step 3: Importing keywords into Google Document

After you download the keywords, you want to copy and paste the keywords of your money site onto a new google doc. Make it one color (ie Blue).

You then want to do the same with the competitors keywords. But make them a different colour ie. Green.

Step 4: Remove any keywords the Money Site is ranking for

For this step, you will need to install an addon called Remove Duplicates.

After you download that you will need to highlight column A – > Add-ons – > Remove Duplicate – > find duplicates or uniques

This will run a system that will remove any keywords your money site is already ranking for from the relevant site. In this case 32 keywords were similar.

Step 5: Get SECOCKPIT details for the keywords left over

Take all keywords left over from the relevant site (all keywords in green) and run it through secockpit.

You want to upload you own keywords so you will click this button:


Step 6: Filter Keywords

Once Secockpit loads all the data, we will filter it so it shows more than 200 or 500 searches and less than 33% competition.

(Note – Recently we have found Ferzy to be the best at showing the true competition of a keyword)

Now we will export the list.

Comparison of competition score for SEMRush, SECockpit and Ferzy with Ferzy as the clear winner!

Step 7: Download File and Upload to Google Document

Once you have downloaded the list you want to open it up.

You now want to take column D and upload it to a new Google Excel document.

You will need to do the same for column H, I and AD


  1. A way to double check is to put the money site back through SEMrush and search for the keyword on your list before you make the title and assign it to get written.

Ex. molten basketball

  1. Some keywords may not be 100% relevant so ensure to comb through and remove any that should not be in the list.


This was a very intense HOW-TO post with a LOT of screenshots.

If you have been recently stuck trying to come up with keywords this is a great strategy to get a lot of ideas and avoid duplicating effort with keywords already on your site.

You can do everything yourself and as you can tell I try and hide nothing!

Or… if you want some help I have a couple services…

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