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Cyber Monday – Services Sale!!

Today I have some special Cyber Monday deals on my productized services businesses.

At whatever stage you are at in your business I hope one of these deals below helps you progress in your business!

For the last few years we have found that creating teams and systems to deliver productized services to clients focusing on complex activities in the SEO / internet marketing space has been a good niche for our team.

Receiving emails such as the one I happened to receive under 1hr ago always has us happy to be helping people build their business…


The more complex the system the better our team seems to be able to handle it. My focus has always been on installing a strong manager, fleshing out a detailed process, ensuring as part of the process we can monitor the KPI’ and establishing an ongoing audit/continuous improvement process.

This simple recipe has worked well for all the offerings and has worked extremely well with the launch of

ContentRefined initially was only going to accept 10 clients for Beta Testing but as Maddie has built up the team we have now decided to continue to open up to more clients until the end of the day Cyber Monday.

So, today as a thank you for all the services customers we have several Cyber Monday deals for each of the offerings across all businesses…


Services Businesses:

So with all these services what do I have to offer on Cyber Monday?


Cyber Monday Deals – Affiliate Site Creation Service
If you are looking to get started but the idea of building a site is too much effort you can get to build you a done for you affiliate site.

  • SALE – Strategy call with myself – Anyone who signs up for a standard or premium affiliate site this weekend can receive a 1/2hr strategy call with myself to review how to best attack the niche they are going after!Signup Here – Let Us Be Your Content Marketing Team
ContentRefined provides a complete end-end solution as your content marketing team when you have more important parts of your business to focus on but know that you need consistent high quality content.

  • SALE – The Beta Tester pricing has been extended until the end of the day Monday due to Maddie doing a great job plugging holes in some parts of the team. The special Cyber Monday offer is that anyone who purchases a 4 post or 8 post per month package with Keyword Research is able to receive a 30 minute call with Maddie reviewing why the team selected the keywords they did and the overall content strategy for their site. Signup Here

ContentRefined will shut its doors at the end of the day Monday to ensure all existing orders are handled to Maddie’s high standards and will raise its prices when it reopens, signup at the special pricing here.


LightningRank – Link Building Service
LightningRank offers the best-expired domain links via either links from my personal PBN or building your own PBN for your exclusive use.

  • SALE – Use My PBN – Get 3 free Posts with the purchase of a 5 Use My PBN Package (Save 37.5%)Signup Here
  • SALE – Done For You PBN – For each 5 site PBN you order get a 6th site for FREE! (20%) Signup Here


BONUS CYBER MONDAY OFFER – For anyone who signs up for 70% off hosting at my preferred quality inexpensive host SiteGround I will provide you with a FREE UseMyPBN post and link ($64 value)! Signup Here

I hope there is something in here that will help you and your business hit your goals!

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I am a 33 year old husband, father of 3, engineer and a huge fan of developing systems to build useful and profitable websites. The reason I build online businesses is to provide financial independence for my family and yours AND so I can spend time outside skiing and biking with my family.
Jon Gillham, Online Entrepreneur

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