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Content Soldiers and the Beijing Cocktail

This post is from Scott and it has me FIRED up about building my six figure website! I look forward to hearing what you think! Take it away Scott…

In this post I’m going to introduce you to the “Content Soldiers” you’ve been shepherding through the wasteland and unfortunately fill you in on the fact that you’ve unknowingly been injected with the Beijing Cocktail. If this is all new to you, and you’re reading this and you have a pulse then you still have a chance.

If you’re reading this without a pulse then… uh uhm… I guess you’re some kind of super zombie. Can you please leave, pretty please? There are some delicious brains just over yonder.

Why are we building Authority Websites?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Have you written it down? Whenever you start a long term project you should write your goal down. In this case, you should write it down on a sheet of paper and hang it over your desk. Grab the paper, a nail, a hammer and hang it up.

We all have our reasons for doing what we do.  You might have some amazing altruistic reason in mind. Or perhaps you’re more of a nefarious type, that’s angling to one day become the supreme leader of the Alpha Quadrant. For the purposes of this post I don’t care which camp you fall into.

The reality is that regardless of the reason, in order to meet your goal you’re going to need money to do it.  And you’re here because you think that building Authority Websites is a viable way to exchange your money and time in return for more money.

If you aren’t thinking this way, then congratulations you have a hobby. There’s nothing wrong with that BUT this article isn’t for you. Let’s pause right now while we wait for the hobbyists to shuffle out of the room…

TIC TOC TIC TOC .. you know who you are .. TIC TOC TIC

Alright. So that leaves those of us that realize building Authority Websites is about making money. And we want to make that money so we can achieve our goals, altruistic or nefarious.  Remember there’s nothing wrong with making money. In fact, shout it from the rooftops “I’m here to make some motherfuckin’ money!”.

Respect the Game

We’re charged up and we’re ready to make some money. That’s great. Keep in mind though that i) the energy we have must be channelled, and ii) it takes money and time to make money. So in our pursuit of money we absolutely must respect our own money and time because once either of those is gone we’re dead.  Not only will we not attain our goal of more money, we’ll also have lost our investment.

I want you to grab another sheet of paper. On this one write in big capital letters “MAKE MONEY”, and then underneath that write “Respect the Game (time & money)”. Hang this above your desk. Do it now, I’ll wait….

make money

From Little Employees to Content Soldiers

Good. At this point I think we’re clear that building Authority Websites is ultimately about making a trade. We’re trading some of our money and a lot of our time for what we hope is more money down the line.

Now, when you’re thinking about this investment you should consider some of your alternatives. The most basic alternative path that you could take is to do nothing (well almost nothing). If you do nothing this means that you’ll have your time available to freely invest elsewhere. Woohoo! Hobbies here I come. It also means that the monetary investment you would have made in your Authority Website will be back in your pocket.

Now I assume that you’re smart, and you wouldn’t just leave those dollar bills burning a hole in your pocket. Instead you’d invest them. When you do invest them, each of those dollar bills act as a “little employee”. As Mr. Money Mustache says,

“Every dollar is actually a little employee that will work for you, 24 hours a day, for as long as you keep it. But you don’t want your employees hanging around eating donuts in the smoking lounge of your zero-interest checking account. You will simply sweep these green paper employees to wherever they will work hardest for you.” –

So in the Authority Website game, we’re attempting to mobilize our “little employees” and transform them into “Content Soldiers”.  Every piece of content that you spend your money and time on creating is a “Content Soldier” in your Authority Website battalion.  Since we’re forgoing the “little employee” in favor of “Content Soldiers” we’re banking on the fact that they will collectively outperform our little friends.

Wandering the Bleak Wasteland and the Beijing Cocktail

The reality is that while our “little employees” can be tossed in an investment and immediately start earning, our “Content Soldiers” have to be shepherded across a bleak wasteland. The bleak wasteland that is the Internet in the early days of our Authority Websites.

You know what I’m talking about. It’s those early days when you’re checking Google Analytics and all you’re seeing is the pulse of a long dead mummified corpse crawling with nature’s caretakers. It’s lonely and it ain’t pretty.

So in order for your Content Soldiers to have a chance to thrive and ultimately earn their keep you’ve got to feed and nurture them. You’ve got to take these future soldiers, from wee babes, wean them, put them through school, send them off to bootcamp and then eventually (fingers crossed) they’ll finally start earning their keep. And you’ve got to do this while ambling through the bleak wasteland that is the Interwebs. You know it’s a bleak wasteland when all you hear is silence, not even crickets. When the only follows you’re getting on Twitter are from those auto follow zombie accounts.

In the early days your Authority Website will survive and thrive or die based on your will alone. There are no visitors and you can barely interest your friends. You can hear them thinking “That’s great Billy you’ve got a new website. How cute. Yawn…”

The thing is, not only must you shepherd your flock but you’ve also been injected with the Beijing Cocktail. I know, I know. It sucks, sorry about your luck. The good news is that we can follow Jason Statham’s lead in Crank, remember “if you stop, you die”. Check out the video below, should run from 54s to 1:20s.

The Path Forward

If you’ve started down the Authority Website path, here’s the truth…

  1. You are the shepherd.
  2. You’ve chosen to mobilize your “little employees” and make them “Content Soldiers”.
  3. You’ve been injected with the Beijing Cocktail and “if you stop, you die!”

So there’s only one thing you can do … KEEP MOVING.

In my next, post I’ll cover some tips that’ll help to keep you moving, while respecting your time & money. In the mean time, you can find me on the interwebs on Twitter @scottallenon or over on my site


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