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This is a review of and the process Content Refined uses to create content. Content Refined delivers quality content to enhance your website and improve its rank on search engines. They utilize resources like SEMrush, MarketMuse, ahrefs, grammerly and SECockpit to facilitate and maximize search engine optimization (SEO).

Note – I am a part owner in ContentRefined so definitely biased but ContentRefined was created to service my own websites. Hopefully this post will help show the process Content Refined uses and what to expect.

Whether you have a vast understanding of how SEO works and you need some help with upgrading and optimizing your website, or you have no previous knowledge on the subject but want to bring further traffic to your brand-new company website, Content Refined has content creation packages for all. 

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Content Marketing Is Crucial for Business Growth

Improving the content marketing sector of your business is one of the best decisions you can make as a business owner. It drives in customers and viewers fast. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a proven method of accelerating your content marketing, and it substantially increases traffic to your brand. The simple step of integrating a blog on your company website will directly impact the sales of your product or service. However, the quality of content on that blog plays a key role in your success at achieving SEO for your website. 

Once started, stay consistent. Use an SEO content creator like Content Refined to post quality material on your site regularly – this ensures a continuous rise in website traffic and view count. 

Getting Started

Content Refined aids you, as a business, to establish SEO by providing strategic pieces of content that push search engine algorithms in your favor and appeal to your target audience. 

Initializing the process with Content Refined is straightforward. 

They offer three types of content creation packages that determine pricing and the amount of content you receive – article packages, upgrade packages, and keyword packages. There are options available for all SEO needs. 

Article Packages

Content Refined gives you a selection of various article packages based on how many posts you want each month, for one, six, or twelve months at a time. If you purchase a six or twelve-month package as a one-time payment, you will not have to remember to buy a new package every month, and the content will automatically flow in your direction. Constant updates and communication will be maintained. 

Single-month article packages are friendly to smaller monthly marketing budgets, but most of the more advanced packages require that you make a more substantial payment upfront. However, the process that goes behind that price is far beyond extensive. 

Price options under Article Packages are for a full content creation plan including direct communication with a project manager who will oversee the creation of your content and ensure that it is up to par, keyword research for SEO purposes, and publishing content to your site. 

Now, if you do not require keyword research services and would like to personally choose the keywords and titles to use for your content, you have a few alternative options for that as well. You can see them all at Content Refined

Upgrade & Update Packages

With time, site content needs to be improved and upgraded. Content Refined offers content upgrade services where they take your pre-existing articles and revamp them into quality pieces of content. 500 to 1000 words are tacked on in areas of your article to fill in any gaps there may be while providing even more valuable information for your audience.

The experienced full-time editor at Content Refined that works primarily on upgrades optimizes your upgraded content for search engines using MarketMuse before republishing it on the back end of your website. 

Upgrades are vital for success. The initial impact of fresh content is substantial and may be exciting, but it will wear off if you do not keep updating your content and adding new posts at regular intervals. 

Keyword Packages

Content Refined offers pure keyword analysis. Keyword packages are for those who want to know the best keywords for their website and a plan of how to use them. 

A Content Refined team member will run an analysis of your website’s keywords, backlinks, and content, as well as an analysis of the same factors from one of your competitors, using SEMRush. The assessed information is organized and put into a universal spreadsheet for ease of access.

Keep reading to find out more about the process Content Refined teams execute to create your professional content. 

Content Refined Process Overview

Content Refined bases its price value on the immense scale of the content creation process. Their writers and project managers have considerable expertise and talent in the creation of optimized content and understand how to utilize that content to attract viewers from your target audience. 

Content Refined writers know how to build the structure of an entire article based around keyword scores and superlative SEO while balancing a creative writing voice with essential information regarding the topic. 

Immediately succeeding your first interaction with a project manager, the development of your content moves into action. 

Simplification of the Content Refined content creation process takes part in four phases. 

Phase One

In phase one, if you communicate to the project manager a thorough explanation of your desires and provide them with detailed information about the goals of the article(s), more personalized content will come about. 

The project manager applies what you have given them to an effective plan that will establish high-quality content that meets every requirement and maximizes SEO standards. 

During this element of the process, the project manager offers useful suggestions based on what has worked well for former clients, including alternative title choices, ideal article lengths for a particular topic, and affiliation links. The project manager will stay in constant contact with you, and no major changes will take place without prior consultation.

Phase Two

Content Refined writers, editors, and keyword researchers each contribute a valuable aspect to your content as it comes down the line. 

Before the writers commence the development of your high-quality content, keyword research must take place. Keywords are at the heart of SEO and are the driving force behind capturing the attention of search engines. 

Keywords are short descriptive phrases or words that correlate directly to the article topic. Once the user types a search word into Google or another search engine, related keywords are found in articles online that may be useful. 

The search engine uses the keywords and metatags on your webpage to determine the relatability of your article before grabbing it. Without proper keywords, it is doubtful your site will gain rank. 

Extensive knowledge of keywords and their use is not needed from you unless you selected a Content Refined content creation package that does not provide keyword research. However, when you buy the better package, Content Refined keyword researchers utilize keyword analysis tools such as SECockpit to gauge the best keywords. 

After determining the keywords designed for an article, the writers at Content Refined build an all-encompassing draft that integrates those keywords in an SEO-oriented manner. 

Article drafts then go through an extensive editing process that confirms the reiteration of correct grammar and term usage, plus verification of keyword utilization in vital sections of the article that could determine search engine rank, such as the first paragraph, last paragraph, and subheadings. 

In addition, editors further examine the article for a call to action, the use of external and internal links, and universal SEO organization. 

Phase Three

Phase three entails final editing and revisions, total search engine optimization, and publishing. 

Content Refined facilitates content end-to-end, which means they manage operations all the way through to the finalization of publishing. But before they publish an article, a final assessment of the material determines three things: 

  • Does it meet publisher standards? 
  • Is the title effective? 
  • Are the key points of the main topic question answered?

If the solution to any of these questions is not yes, or there is a lack of fulfillment of a special client request, then revisions take place to make them so. 

In publishing, the Content Refined team formats the completed content on the back end of your site and adds high-resolution images to complete the portrayed impression to audiences. 

Keyword Analysis

Keyword research is a complex process and varies for different types of sites. The Content Refined keyword research team uses four key metrics to determine the best keywords. For these key metrics, the keyword researcher looks for a monthly search volume of over 500 searches, a keyword difficulty score under 30%, high cost-per-click values, and a low average for the competitor’s domain rating

A list is put together for you of suggested keywords and article titles that you might consider using for your content or that Content Refined envisions using in the content they provide for you. 

If you decide to use only keyword researching services through Content Refined, rather than content creation, they give you an actionable plan that lays out article topics, the titles for them, related keywords, and a complete analysis of your current site. 

The Writers Use Planned and Purposeful Writing

When you purchase an article package from Content Refined, you pay for the use of experienced writers that consider every aspect of an article on top of keyword usage. 

Along with making an article sound interesting and easy to understand by the age range of the target audience, other aspects reflect upon the writing tone that is most appropriate for the target audience, predictions on related topics or questions that the reader might have after reading about the main topic question, and what search engines seek when ranking search results. 

Anyone can write an article, but only experienced SEO content writers can combine these aspects with keywords and organize it in a way that not only makes sense but is more likely to rank higher with search engines. 

Every segment of the writing process is premeditated and planned out to be as efficient as possible. It is all about maximizing the value of your content. 

Software and Resources

One piece of software the writers and editors use is Grammarly, to confirm they are using proper grammar and sentence structure, which are just as, if not more, important than SEO factors and keywords. 

SEMrush is another resource utilized by Content Refined. In the final stages of content creation, they use SEMrush to track SEO metrics and top-ranking keywords of your website and how it is performing. 

With it, they can obtain information about traffic and analyze it to see how they can change the tone of an article to appeal towards certain areas of traffic that are common. 

For upgrades and refreshing content, MarketMuse is the primary resource, which is an AI Content Intelligence and Strategy Platform. 


Upon browsing the content creation packages and how the Content Refined process works, you may have become interested in receiving a quote for the content you need created for your website or at least having a conversation with someone that can further explain their service to you.

To email the business manager or owner of Content Refined, visit the Contact Us page on You can also schedule an appointment or get started right away by selecting one of the article, upgrade, or keyword packages on the Content Services page. 

For a package that is all-encompassing and provides you with help along every stage of content marketing, stick with the article packages. 

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