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List of 7 tools for becoming a successful freelancer

It is hard enough to be a success in freelancing. It is not only about being a good specialist in your area but about having other capacities. For example, to be a good sales manager, to be good at spelling and managing one`s time.

Each freelancer strives for earning more money, but does she/he use all the accessible tools for reaching out the purpose?

The main tools of a successful freelancer are head and hands. A distance work requires being flexible, to develop faster than others, at that to monitor the Internet all the time and handle everything around.

Do you want to receive many offers? Are you ready to accept payments from three different channels and communicate via five different messengers?  If your answer is yes, you are more than welcome to read this article.

Basic tools to become a successful freelancer:

1. Payment systems


So, let us begin with the most interesting part, which is how to receive money. If you work as a freelancer, you will most likely need e-wallets at least Qiwi, Webmoney and Skrill and Bitcoin of course. You need a bank card of the biggest bank in your country let alone Payoneer.

2. Messengers

There are many of them. The most popular facebook messenger, Whatsapp, Viber, and Telegram. However, in accordance with statistics, most people prefer communication through good old Skype due to different reasons. They more messengers you use, the higher your connectivity is.

Install mobile applications of all messengers to one device, for example, a mobile phone.  In that case, you will always see messages from different channels and will be able to answer the urgent ones, to inform a client when you have a chance to be near your computer.

Despite the opportunity to communicate through messengers, remember that you need to have the main conversation with a client in the working area of the project on the freelance service. No less than important messages and especially results of work are better to duplicate.

3. A task planner


Yes, it is highly important nowadays. It is rather a bad idea to write thoughts down on paper but if those are multi-colored stickers, progress will definitely be seen.

It is very comfortable to note accomplished tasks, to manage one`s time, to write down contacts and make notes in a specially designed service such as Asana, for example. There are many analogs of this planner. For instance, TeuxDeux, Trello, Todoist, and Pomotodo.

Just make your choice, which one is better for you and estimate your efficiency after some time. In order to focus on accomplishing a task and do not distract, use a technique of tomato. Any timer will do for using it although there are plenty of programs for both a computer and a mobile device.

4. A remote office and  file storage


The author of these lines confesses that she began using the tools recently. It happened not by choice but a necessity. She had to change a laptop for the first time, secondly, pulling out information of a bot-infected D-disk.

Being rather distrustful when it comes to all the new things appearing in modern software I have to admit that Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive are good solutions for remote file storage.

I will simply remind of Google Sheets, Google Docs so you did not consider it as advertising. To sum up, remote office capabilities from Google will surprise you pleasantly.

5. Social networks, principal platforms, blogs, a website of one`s own


Let me tell you as an artist to an artist. Despite the fact that our occupation is creative, it is important to remember that no one will advertise your services and attract clients on freelance service but you.

The more you represent yourself online, the higher your inflow of orders will be. One can use accounts on social networks at least for portfolios, and to share one`s own experience let alone to leave a permanent link to your blog for customer engagement in a website of your own or a blog.

6. Smart notes


There is no need to point out all the useful programs and services, which can make your work on freelance more effective. To pass by Evernote just like that is not an option.

Evernote is a web service and software suite to create and store notes such as text, table, web page, photos, and audio file. The even hand-written text is identifiable, which is a huge advantage of Evernote so it makes it possible to search and share notes with your clients.

7. Intelligent systems

If you feel yourself a professional freelancer, I suggest you have a look at one more helpful tool, which is IFTTT. Far from everyone can use it, because, in fact, those are advanced features.

The core of the tool is that all your applications and devices are possible to gather in one application in that applications and devices can «communicate» with one another making «a smart working space».

Settings require some certain knowledge, however afterward your expenditure of time to work with different applications and devices will decrease in size.

This list of tools, which are used for work is surely far from full but they are basic. Depending on specialty, Advego Plagiatus or Photoshop, Jira or Visual Studio and for some, one of the time trackers or Facebook, each of us use our own professional tools. The only thing that matters is so they were used effectively and helped to receive an expected result.

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How To Change Twitter Handle For WordPress Site – Twitter Sharing Trick

Social share is an essential part of off-page SEO. In the previous post, we had talked about how Social media sharing can boost your ranking on Google.

If you missed that article you can read here

Using a social share plugin on your WordPress website is completely up to you. Honestly, I won’t debate the pros and cons of social share plugins. You can use it on your blog, the online store even you can allow your visitors to share your product.


Whatever the case is, In this post, I want to share one twitter tips with you. Previously I did share this but it actually worth sharing again.

Time to time I share my blog post on twitter (on other social media as well) to maintain the post awareness and modulation. To share my articles on twitter I simply click on the twitter share button.


Clicking on the twitter button typically shows a pop-up window where you can edit your tweet and include one-two additional lines or tags.

Like this…


What I want you all to take care of the twitter handle that is highlighted at the end of the editor. This is specifically what I see missing on many blogs when I try to share their posts.

They really need to bring this twitter handle [/via @username] during any share by other Twitter users.

Why Is That Twitter Handle Very Important?

That’s a great question that may come to your mind and it should be. What this @username can do?

Well, there are two reasons…

  • It works like branding and shows who the original post comes from.
  • Secondly, It gives people the opportunity to click on your twitter handle, see who you are and possibly follow you.

*If you are not on Twitter, then it doesn’t matter.

Additional resources: how to use click to tweet link on WordPress

How To Change Twitter Handle In WordPress?

If you don’t see the @username after your post link on twitter share, then you may want to add or change twitter handle inside social share plugin settings.

Some WordPress themes come with social share settings. In such a case, you should have an option to edit the twitter handle inside theme settings.

Try to find it and add your twitter username. Sometimes you may need to use the @ symbol or sometimes not. Try both ways and check which one works.

Your username appears in your profile URL and is unique to you.

Like this…


If your theme doesn’t include twitter handle settings then you need to install a social share plugin where you can definitely add or change twitter handle.

Unfortunately, I can’t show you how to change twitter handle on every social share plugin but I will go with sassy social share as an example.

This is a free WordPress social share plugin which is lightweight and includes various customizable features.

#1. First, install the plugin in WordPress.

#2. Open plugin settings from the dashboard.

#3. Now select the miscellaneous tab from the menu.


#4. Scroll down until you find “username in sharing”.


#5. Type or copy and paste your twitter username in the blank text box.

#6. Save.

Now configure sharing settings properly and save everything. Once the settings are saved twitter handle will appear during twitter share.

Also, whenever someone shares your article on twitter you will immediately get a notification on twitter so that is another good advantage.

Like sassy social share, in many other social plugins, you can change twitter handle. The procedure is pretty much the same.

Additional Information:

How To Change Twitter Handle Inside Twitter Profile

Note: Changing your twitter handle (username) will not affect your existing followers, massages and comments, etc. Your followers will simply see a new username next to your profile photo.

To change twitter handle in your twitter profile…

#1. Navigate to settings and privacy.

#2. Go to account.

#3. Tap the username and check for availability of new username.

#4. Once you find a reasonable one select it.


Final word:

Having the twitter handle at the end of twitter share is a great advantage. Once you apply it you will find more other benefits as well. All I hope you will get a better outcome from this.

How To Make Money Online Through Affiliate Marketing Program In 2019

These days the competition to secure a job has increased tremendously. On top of that government jobs are hard to secure. In such situations, many of you must be searching for a reliable opportunity to earn money.

This is when Affiliate Marketing comes into the picture. It has become one of the popular means to earn a decent income. In this article on How to Make Money Online through Affiliate Marketing Program, we will cover all about affiliate marketing, ways to earn money through Affiliate Marketing, tips to start affiliate marketing and much more.

Let’s first decipher what affiliate marketing means.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest forms of Digital Marketing. It is one of the most profitable ways to earn money online. Through this online sales practice, you can earn commission by advertising other company’s products.

It is easy to enrol and earn via an Affiliate Marketing Program. There are many companies that offer India’s best Associate Program. You can enrol yourself for free and become an Affiliate Marketer.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

The Affiliate Programs in India works in the below mentioned ways –

  1. First, you enrol in an affiliate marketing program.
  2. Second, you pick a product to promote with a unique affiliate link.
  3. You share that link on your Social media, YouTube, Blog, and Facebook ads or any other form.
  4. When a consumer makes a purchase via the link published by you, you earn a handsome commission.

How does Affiliate Marketer Earns Commission?

It is a quick and hassle-free method of making a sale and earning money. Here, you don’t have to go through all the pain of convincing a customer to make a sale.

It is not necessary that the consumer must buy the product for an affiliate to get a commission. Based on the Program, the affiliate’s contribution to the seller’s sale will be counted.

The affiliate may get paid in various ways as mentioned below:

#. Pay per lead

In this, the company pays the affiliate based on the conversions of leads generated. An affiliate should persuade the customer to visit the dealer’s website and undergoes the desired action.

They can choose to pull the consumer as per their convenience like signing up for a trial of a product, filling out a contact form, subscribing, or downloading files or software.

#. Pay per click

In this, the Affiliate must redirect the consumers from his platform to the merchant’s platform.

The affiliate must engage the consumer to the extent that it will move from the affiliate website to the merchant’s website. The Affiliate will get paid on the increase in web traffic.

#. Pay per sale

This one is the standard affiliate marketing structure. In this program, the merchant will pay the affiliate a certain percent of the sale price of the product after the consumer buys the product as a result of the affiliates marketing approach.

In short, the affiliate must make the investor invest in the product before they are compensated.

Why should you do Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing has many advantages over conventional marketing. You must go through the below-mentioned benefits of an affiliate marketer if you are going to enrol under Affiliate Marketing Program.

#. Work from home

Affiliate marketing can be done from home. You can easily launch campaigns and get revenues from the products created by the sellers even from the comfort of your home.

If you are the one who wants to avoid all the hassles to reach office every day and work from home, then enrol in an affiliate marketing program.

#. Passive Income

In a regular job you need to work for longer hours to earn income, whereas, in Affiliate Marketing you must work for an initial amount of time for running a campaign, after that you will get continuous returns as consumers purchase the products over the weeks.

#. No Customer Support

In Affiliate Marketing you will not have to be concerned about customer satisfaction or customer support. The only job of an affiliate marketer is to connect the merchant with the customer. After that, the merchant will handle any customer complaints and other queries coming from the consumer.

#. Cost-effective

Most of the business requires a start-up fee as well as finance for setting the entire business and selling the products.

However, affiliate marketing can be done at a low cost, and you can start quickly without any hassle. You just must enrol in the affiliate program directly without any fee and sell their product.

#. Performance-based incentives

Unlike other jobs you will earn the same amount of money however, your work time will be less. Moreover, Affiliate Marketing is completely based on performance, whatever you put you will get it back.

Once you work on your writing and reviewing, you can create engaging campaigns to pull the customers towards your site. This will drastically improve your revenue. You will get paid for the outstanding work you have done!

#. Convenient

Finally, Affiliate Marketing is convenient and flexible. You will get all the freedom to set your own goals, choose the products as per your interest, determine your own hours, and redirect your plan as per your inclinations.

This suggests that you can expand your portfolio as per you. There will be no company regulations and restrictions or poor performing associates that will hinder your growth.

Here some useful tips for getting started with Affiliate Marketing on Blog –

Blogging is one of the easiest and most effective ways to start an affiliate program because it demands minimum investment plus learning within no time.

The only thing you must keep in mind is Affiliate Marketing can fetch you a lot of money only if you are dedicated, plan your work accordingly and work smartly to grow your affiliate marketing business.

Steps to Create a Blog

  1. Choose a profitable industry and pick the function for your blog.
  2. You can create content based on those products.
  3. Now, plan strategies to pull traffic to your affiliate links or website.
  4. You can also use email marketing services to capture visitors.
  5. You can focus on driving more traffic and repeat the process.
How to create WordPress site? (detailed tutorial)

Now, you have learned some useful tips on how to start with your Affiliate Marketing program. You must be looking forward to working as an Affiliate Marketer with some of the Best Companies in India.

For this, the first thing you must do is explore the domain which interest you and what kind of products you want to advertise or promote. Next, search companies that are best in that domain, list down a few top ones, then move to their affiliate program and read all the details on their website.

After going through the details and the commission they would offer, you can compare and choose India’s best affiliate marketing program.

Follow the above-mentioned tips for beginners and read all the instruction regarding Affiliate/Associate Program, as background study will always help you in acing in that field.

We also recommend some of the best domains to begin your career as an Affiliate Marketer. You can explore the Education, EdTech Sector, Hospitality, Fashion & Clothing, etc.

Affiliate Marketing – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

So far, you must have understood the basics about Affiliate Marketing Program/Associate Program. You can also refer the below commonly asked questions to clarify your doubts regarding Affiliate Marketing.

#. Will I get commissions on all kind of purchases made by the users?

Generally, to become eligible to earn a commission, the customer must click the link provided by you and make a purchase. Various organizations/business will have their own policy regarding the commissions. You need to go through it before enrolling yourself under one.

#. Will I get a report of my sales and performance of links?

Yes, you will get access to a Dashboard that will be provided by the merchants to all the Affiliates they are connected to. It will cover the entire report on how the links advertised by you are performing, other details like due payments and purchases completed.

These details will be made available for you daily. However, the Affiliate Dashboard Report might change from company to company that is offering it.

#. How soon I can start earning through an Affiliate Marketing Program?

Generally, you just need to enrol in an Affiliate/Associate Program. For this, you simply need to sign up with the concerned company where you are interested in joining. After this, you can get started with promoting or advertising the products.

#. Who all are eligible to join the Associate Program?

Anyone can join the Associate/Affiliate Program, even those who are pursuing their studies. Affiliate Marketing does not require any eligibility criteria.

All you need is the skill set to market the product, bring in as many customers to the merchant or drive consumers to the merchant’s website and earn commissions.

Note: Having a good copywriting skill and marketing skills will very much helpful.

#. What are the steps to join an Affiliate Marketing Program?

Read below the step-wise process to enrol yourself in an Affiliate/Associate Marketing Program-

  1. You simply need to sign up for Free by filling the Application form of the concerned company.
  2. After reviewing your application form the concerned company/merchant will notify you via an e-mail intimation or a phone call as per the company’s protocol.
  3. Once the concerned merchant accepts your application and shares with you the Affiliate/Associate Credentials via e-mail; you can start your work.
  4. You can go through various products and their links to start promoting and earning.

Note: The above mention general steps are common to enrol under the Affiliate Program. However, these steps might change from merchant to merchant.

#. Is it necessary to have a blog for Associate/Affiliate Promotion?

No, it is not necessary to have a blog, however, it is the most effective promotional tool. You can also use email marketing, PPC marketing, and advertising.

#. How will I get products to promote?

The companies that offer the Affiliate Program will provide all the information about the products on their website. Go through the company’s website thoroughly and don’t forget to check the FAQ’s sections.

You can also search for a concerned company product directly through a google search. “Enter Product name + Affiliate Program” on Google search bar and you will get the required information.

#. Is Affiliate Marketing legal?

Yes, Affiliate Marketing is legal, as you will be promoting/advertising the product using the Affiliate Link that will be given to you by the merchant.

#. How much I need to invest in to become an Affiliate Marketer?

You don’t need to invest to become an Affiliate Marketer. But you need to put in the promotional techniques (depends on the kind of promotion technique you are using). The blog is the most cost-effective promotional tool.

Beginners Tips for Affiliate Marketing

As of now, you must have gone through all the details about Affiliate Marketing. You can go through below tips if you are looking forward to enrolling under the Affiliate/Associate Program –

  • You can create a blog for the promotion of the Affiliate Product.
  • You can also buy traffic from Facebook and redirect towards landing pages.
  • You can also create your YouTube Channel to use for Promotions or Advertisement.

Before wrapping this article on How to make money online through the affiliate marketing program. We suggest you note down the information that you find important or necessary, this will help you to refer in future.

Go through the affiliate marketing terms and conditions before enrolling for an Affiliate Marketing Program. After you become an affiliate marketer, research the market thoroughly, hone your writing skills, learn few marketing tricks, keep a track on your Affiliate links and conversions, compare your every month conversions and implement new ways to improve your commission.

You can also set a weekly/monthly goal for yourself. Lastly, it is the combination of hard work and smart work that will help you earn easily and reap you high dividends!

All the best!

How to submit URL to google almost immediately in 2019

After creating a website our second task is to submit URL to Google for indexing. Usually, we do have to submit the URL to different search engines to get maximum index and exposure. But Google is our first priority that’s why we will submit our website on Google first. Before you are going to submit the website on Google, make sure you have completed the site development. Not sure if it’s complete or not, read our tutorial to create a WordPress website. After creating the website properly, now you will submit the URL to Google.

Why submit a URL to Google?

We submit URL to Google for indexing what we have made or written inside the pages. Once Google’s crawler bot discovers the pages it will scan for content inside it. After scanning the page the bot will send the information to Google’s search database. Once the page’s information appears inside the Google database it becomes discoverable by users search queries. So it’s a very important task to submit URL to Google search engine.

Where to submit the URL?

To submit and verify your website with Google you have to use the webmaster tool. Webmaster tool is cloud-based software developed by Google specifically for the website owners. This is like a gateway to submit your work to Google’s search engine. Before verifying your website you should know that the webmaster tool has two different versions. Google had introduced the new version of search console (webmaster tool) back in first of January, 2018. However, you can still access the older version in case you like to use. Now to access the webmaster tool you will need a Google account. Normally we all have our account on Google. But if you want to create a new one then you should apply here.

Bonus point: Connecting your Analytics account to the webmaster is recommended. So try to use the same Google account for both the tools. Now go ahead and follow the tutorial below to submit URL to Google search engine.

Steps to verify the website (New Version)

  • Inside the page click on the search console.
  • Now click on “Add Property” on the top left corner.
  • Go ahead and add the site URL there.

After submission, the tool will automatically scan for your submitted domain availability. Once the scanning is completed, it will provide five options to verify that the domain is yours.

  1. HTML file
  1. HTML tag
  1. Google analytics
  1. Google Tag Manager
  2. Domain name provider

To verify the site, you have to follow one of the given methods. Here we will go through the first two processes of URL verification.

1. HTML file upload

The webmaster tool will generate an HTML file. You have to download and upload it back to your Domain /root folder.

  • First, Download the given file.
  • Now go to your web host and open the cPanel file manager. (If you have FTP clients then you can use it as an alternative)
    • Go to your domain name (File directory)
    • The file should be uploaded on the ROOT directory means
    • See the example below.
  • Once the upload process is done, come back to the webmaster and click on verify.
  • Google will look for the file on your website automatically. When they find the HTML file inside your domain, your domain name will be verified.
  • If verification is not completed, you can try once more with the correct procedure.
  • Or you can use the HTML tag method alternately.

2. HTML tag verification

HTML tags are meta tags written in HTML code with specific number-character string. Webmaster tool will provide you a unique HTML tag which you have to paste inside your home page’s <head> section. There are various ways to insert that HTML tag inside the heading section.

Using Yoast and Rank-Math to verify the HTML tag is more efficient than the header and footer plugin.

Remember: When you are going to paste the HTML tag always open a new tab. Because you will need to verify tag placement form the webmaster page.

>> Yoast’s method of verification

In WordPress left admin bar go to SEO > General > Webmaster tool.


Paste the HTML tag inside the blank box and click “save change“. After saving go to the Google webmaster tool’s verification page and click on verify.


>> Rank-Math verification method

After installing the Rank-Math plugin, go to Rank-math > General settings. Then go to Webmaster tools > Paste the HTML tag inside Google Search Console. Scroll down and save the settings.


Now like the previous example, go to Google webmaster tool and verify the website. Once the verification process is done, you can access the webmaster tool dashboard. The next step is to submit your website’s sitemap into the webmaster tool.

Submit sitemap to Google

Having an XML sitemap is really essential for SEO. Google can retrieve important update of a website from the sitemap very fast. The sitemaps are updated automatically when you add or remove or update any content inside your website. This will also include the post types that you want the search engines to index.

To generate a sitemap for your website, you can use any one of the mentioned plugins below.

  • If you have Yoast plugin installed then your sitemap address should be
  • If you have Rank-Math plugin installed then your sitemap address should be
  • And If you have Google XML sitemap plugin installed then your sitemap address should be

After confirming the sitemap address, it’s time to submit URL to Google for indexing. To submit the URL to Google, go to your webmaster dashboard and click on the sitemap.


Now add the last part of sitemap URL inside the blank space after your domain name and click on submit.


After submitting, it will send a notification saying that Google will check for the update soon.


Verify The Submission

As you have already submitted the sitemap, you can track the status of indexing. You can also detect the number of URLs discovered during the last indexing. Moreover, to check the status of child sitemaps click on the primary sitemap.

To verify the indexing of individual URLs you can inspect them on the top search bar. It will show whether the URL is indexed by Google or not.


Submit URL to Google Search Engine For 2x Faster Indexing

You can also submit URL to Google individually (don’t need to submit sitemap every time when the website gets an update). This method is useful for content such as a blog post, a new page, etc. After creating your post you can apply the inspecting procedure to get indexed even quicker. Here’s are the steps to follow:

  1. Copy the URL of page or post which is recently published.
  2. Go and paste the URL inside the inspect bar.
  3. Wait till inspecting process is finished.
  4. Since the page/post is published a few minutes ago, it will be available but not live on Google.
  5. Below the URL status, there is an option for “request indexing”.
  6. Find that and click for individual indexing request.
  7. Once requested Google will show you a message that they will look for the requested URL soon.
  8. Wait for at least 30 minutes and your page/post will be live on Google.

Apply these steps to submit URL to Google for faster indexing. This method is very beneficial if you want your page on Google quicker. The quicker a page is available to Google, the faster you can start ranking. (But to rank higher you need better On-page & Off-page SEO)

Conclusion: Keep exploring the amazing features of Webmaster tool. They have included a branch of new and very useful stuff recently. So far webmaster tool is alone very useful for submitting, tracking and analyzing your website growth. I hope this standalone tutorial will help you to submit URL to google search engine easily and also get faster indexing of pages. If you have any query related to this article please add that inside the comment box. For more such article, keep visiting my blog and if you wish you can subscribe to our newsletter for quick information of the new article. Also, don’t forget to share this post. It will encourage me to craft more useful stuff here.

5 Best Adsense Alternatives For Youtube To Make Money

YouTube monetization is another solid source of income nowadays. As presenting your ideas and thoughts via video is more effective than blogging. People used to integrate their YouTube channel to Google AdSense to earn good revenue. But you can also use below-mentioned Adsense alternatives for youtube. However, earning money from vlogging on YouTube is growing day by day as put your ideas in pictorial presentation catch more eyes than blogging. But if you are linking the YouTube channel to Google AdSense, there are chances of getting banned due to a strict policy. If your account is temporarily disabled or banned from Google AdSense, then how you will monetize YouTube videos without AdSense?

There are AdSense alternatives for YouTube, which will make earning easy if your account is getting a ban from AdSense temporarily. Here, are the five Google AdSense alternatives for YouTube which can be used to monetize your YouTube videos.

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These are the top AdSense alternatives for YouTube in 2019

1. AdRev – AdSense alternatives for YouTube


AdRev is one of the best AdSense alternatives for YouTube. It provides multi-platform technology and services to content owners. As the platform has more popularity that over 56 million videos are monetized up till with copyrights this platform is YouTube certified so it is reliable for monetizing your YouTube videos. However, this network also helps to promote your channel which gets over 100 Billion annual viewers. It protects and monetizes your audio-visual content effectively with customized solutions and tools. You just have to submit your audio-visual content in any common file format and it scans for exact matches of your content continuously to protect it from any cracks. AdRev pay-out to their clients on a monthly basis. You can monitor your earnings anytime video-by-video. The minimum payout is $10 via PayPal. Channel network will optimize your channel time to time and engage the audience on your channel. AdRevs also guides about how to leverage all the youtube’s features. Though it requires 500 visits per day.

2. Freedom – AdSense alternatives for YouTube


Freedom is the most effective YouTube partnership network. It integrates your channel with multiple platforms and connects with other creators to enhance your business. It doesn’t require any contract or commitment. However, there’s no minimum pay-out if you have made $1 then you will get $1 via PayPal. It also provides referral programs which boost additional revenue of about 15% for one year. There is another source of extra earning by affiliate marketing. YouTube has already given the Content ID system for copyright management. The platform also provides the digital right management team to monetize unauthorized content. It also provides music library and sound effects to customize your videos. It is suitable for all the channel. There’s no minimum subscriber required for personal partner management.

3. Fullscreen Media – AdSense alternatives for YouTube


Fullscreen is a global network in social entertainment. It also serves with various brand opportunities to secure deals that fit your content. It takes your content on the next level by providing effective tools and merchandising. You can easily upload the videos on multiple platforms at the same time. It also stores and takes a backup of your non-compressed videos. The platform provides effective tools and customized thumbnails which will boost the SEO on YouTube channel. You can figure out the targeted audience of your channel by having free access to Epoxy. You can also create the GIFs from your video and share it on social platforms. From the video manager, you can edit the video which is to be monetized. It has various ad formats from which you can easily choose which format is suitable for your video, normally it depends on the length of your video. You have to hit the $50 threshold to receive payment from service. When you hit the required threshold, you will receive the payment at the end of the month from the service. You can add sound effects to your videos from the music library. However, it has a two years contract. Moreover, the platform is suitable for all the channels. Fullscreen direct will help artists by engaging the audience using tools of marketing.

4. Maker Studio – AdSense alternatives for YouTube


Maker Studio is the digital network which delivers high-quality brand stories and delivers them globally. As maker studio is integrated with Disney network, it will create more promotional opportunities to boost your channel. There is no commitment or contract required to join the service. The service also not require any particular no. of visits per day. However, it is suitable for all channels. You will receive payment via PayPal. The platform provides the high CPM YouTube MCN network for the channels which matches with the subject of maker studio requirements.

5. Machinima – AdSense alternatives for YouTube


Machinima aims to deliver your content to the targeted audience effectively. However, it is associated with various brands to distribute your content widely. Like other platforms, it also provides a wide music library to give sound effects in your videos. It has performance and financial analytics tools which helps you to monitor your earnings and track your performance. It helps you to secure your sponsorship, start the campaign and aware people about your brand. For gaming channels, this is a suitable network as it is the top entertainment network for gaming on YouTube. You will receive payment via PayPal. However, it contains 3 years contract to join their service.

Conclusion The above-mentioned networks are effective to monetize your YouTube videos. But your channel has to meet the requirements of the services to receive the revenue. However, it is not necessary that mentioned Google AdSense alternatives for YouTube will pay you as effective as Google AdSense but you can choose any of them if your Google’s monetization option is disabled.

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