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99+ Dofollow Backlinks List To Boost Traffic [Updated In 2019]

Dofollow Backlinks are the heart of SEO. It provides a way for users to find other sources of information on related topics. For the search engine, backlinks determine the value and importance of the page. However, it shows the popularity of the page among the users. More backlinks you will have, the higher ranking you will get on the search engine. Evaluation of backlinks depends on various ranking factors as it is less quantity focused and more quality focused. However, if there will be more backlinks from unreliable domains will halt authoritative signals of domains. Simply we call them to spam links.

Why would you care about spam incoming link (backlink), anyway? Here’s the thing. Some backlinks are nasty enough to throw a bad impact on your whole backlink profile which you are building for so long. This kind of spam links may cause you Google ranking penalty.

#Spam backlinks are basically a link to your page placed on a trashy, irrelevant website with some random, ill-fitted anchor text.

Here is the info-graphic demonstration about spam links by Ahref.


Importance Of Domain Authority

Domain Authority (DA) is a score that explains the strength of a domain for getting ranked. This score predicts how well a website can rank on a

specific keyword

in search engine result pages. The Domain Authority score ranges from 1 to 100. Higher the Domain authority,

higher will be the strength of the website

. Along with the strength, the ability to get a higher position will be increased. Domain Authority is calculated by checking multiple factors, which includes

linking root domains


the number of total Incoming links

, into a single DA score. This DA score is used to compare websites or to track the “ranking strength” of a website over a period of time. Like other links, dofollow backlinks also depends on the domain authority (value and importance). Link juice come from different websites makes a different impact on a page. Links from higher DA website will be more powerful to strengthen your page. The strength decreases with the decreasing of DA score. To get into the top positions for a specific keyword on search engine result you have to achieve backlinks from other high ranked sites (Dofollow links and related niche are better) along with better on page SEO. For a quick approach, these are the key points in short:

  • The high domain authority dofollow backlink list is useful for website SEO.
  • These backlinks list gives quality website boost on SERPs.
  • It allows people to get backlinks from article submission, comments, and guest blogging.

When backlinks grow rapidly, it feeds spam as an origin. That spam will be prevented if you focus on the qualitative sites with authority relevance.

Importance Of PageRank

PageRank measures the number and quality of links to determine how important the page is. However, a more important page receive more links from other websites. As it takes authority into consideration such as and The page with lower PageRank can achieve high visibility in the search engine as it is linked with the highest ranked sites. Those sites match the specific search words positioned on the first in SERPs. As it gathers the set of hyperlinks which counts the vote of support for the website. From dofollow backlinks, you will not only get a higher preference rank on the search engine but also get targeted traffic on your site. Let’s check the dofollow backlinks list of 2019 which actually work. By quality backlinks, the site will get brand authority.

High PR (PageRank) dofollow backlinks list:

  1. Coursera
  2. MDN web docs Mozilla
  3. Github
  4. Tumblr
  5. Nature
  6. Gravatar
  7. Slideshare
  8. Openstreetmap
  9. Bbpress
  10. Onetab
  11. Granta
  12. Noriskdomain
  13. Storify
  14. Localstack
  15. Hubpage
  16. Buzzle
  17. Sooperarticles
  18. Ehow
  19. Judysbook
  20. Seekingalpha
  21. Selfgrowth
  22. Biggerpockets
  23. Brighthub
  24. Moz
  25. Webgenio
  26. Directorylist
  27. Webpronews
  28. Thefreelibrary
  29. Articlecity
  30. Flickr
  31. Blogger
  32. Pinterest
  33. Dailystregth
  34. Reddit
  35. Zotero
  36. Eternagame
  37. Discussionapple
  38. Diigo
  39. Search engine people
  40. Wp SEO tricks
  41. Web hosting one dollar

High PR Educational and government Dofollow backlinks list:

  1. Michigan State University
  2. Tech Websites
  3. Berkeley Blog
  4. Amcollege
  5. New Paltz
  6. NC State University
  7. Public Health Law site
  8. Academia
  9. Edublog
  10. University of Texas Arlington
  11. International Relations American University

High DA(Domain Authority) blog commenting sites:

  3. shoutmeloud
  4. ProBlogger
  5. Rankwordpress
  6. Digitechnopost
  7. Quicksprout
  8. Matthew Woodward
  9. 99techpost
  10. Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog
  11. SmartPassiveIncome
  12. Backlinko
  13. Blog.blogbing
  14. Growmap
  15. ChrisDeeWaard
  16. Torrefsland
  17. Express writers
  18. Migrationology
  19. We3travel
  20. Blogging tips
  21. SmartBlogger
  22. National Oceanic and atmospheric administration
  23. Justagirlandherblog
  24. Inspire To Thrive
  25. TechSpot
  27. All Tech Buzz
  28. Gotch SEO
  29. Maketecheasier
  30. Robbie Richards

High DA (Domain Authority) Dofollow Backlinks List:

  1. WordPress
  2. Microsoft
  3. Dell
  5. StudioPress
  6. Livejournal
  7. Instructables
  8. Amazon
  9. Deviantart
  10. Disqus
  11. IBM

Benefits of having a backlinking strategy:

Natural link building is always appreciated by the search engine. As it has a great impact on SEO of page, the authority of both domain and page, Search engine rank pages. Backlink strategy contains more benefits than online marketing.

  • Improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SERPs (Search Engine Rank Pages).
  • Drive huge traffic on your website.
  • Increase the trustworthiness of the website.
  • It builds authority and credibility of the website.
  • Increase brand visibility of the site.
  • Build a strong relationship with visitors and turn them into customers.
  • It enhances the conversion range of business.

But make sure you consider the things while building backlinks. You should not ask the webmaster to link back to your page with anchor text. If such action is noticed by the search engine then you may have to pay link penalty. Building purchased backlinks by sponsored content is not good, as it clearly states as “Sponsored Content”. Mostly these backlinks are evaluated as “nofollow backlinks” but still have value to drive the traffic on sites. If you find relevant communities to your niche online then it creates a worthy relationship with webmasters to get the backlinks. For example, Gov has quite more value as it is commenced by the huge community so ultimately it has high domain value. Conclusion: The above mentioned dofollow backlink list will help in website growth as it practices SEO techniques. These dofollow backlinks list contains safe and spams free destinations. You can easily access your site with the above-mentioned sites and improve your indexed rank on the search engine.

10 Awesome Free Website Background Image Resource List [2020]

Background Image is a complementary part of a website. Using a big website background image can help you create an inspiring and unforgettable experience for your website visitors. In modern web designing, this is a big trend to use full-screen images used as homepage background.

It really increases your website engagement rate as you can see the test result below.

Apart from capturing visitor’s attention, it helps in bearing information about your brand with minimal text.

According to Inc, posts with images typically perform 65% higher in engagement rates than text-only posts

Before choosing a website background image some factor that you should consider. Let’s check them one by one…

1. Choose Relevant Website Background Image

Typically, website background image selection is one of the most time-consuming moves when it comes to setting up a full-screen background on your website.

So where you need to put your focus?

To efficiently engage the readers into your website and carry information about your brand, you need to choose a picture that’s both relevant and exciting.

Let’s for example, if your niche is WordPress tutorials then a picture of you working with WordPress would be more efficient than a beautiful landscape. Again, if you can make that picture more dynamic & responsive it would be much better.

Helpful Resource: How to make dynamic responsive background images

In case you’re wondering where to find relevant website background images, you have a few options. The best choice is to use your very own image because this will ensure the image is relevant and that there are no licensing issues.

2. Use Optimally Sized Images

Another biggest concern while using a full-screen website background image is its size.

You should configure the image with proper dimensions, and at the same time, you must also pay attention to its proportions, resolution, and file size.

Here is a good example with all the details…


According to gs.statcounter, the most desktop screen resolution size is (global) 1366*768 pixels. So you have to take care of these stats while choosing your website background image…


Again the same stats says for mobile is 360*640 pixels.

Mobile-Screen Resolution-Stats Worldwide-website-background-image

According to Malama Online Marketing, the best size for the website background image is 1920 x 1080 pixels and the ideal ratio is 16:9. The dpi (dots per inch) should be at least 72.

These are some recommended stats only, but applying the incorrect image size can lead to pixilation, distortion, stretching, and other viewing problems. So always look for the optimal image to set as background.

Bonus Tip: You can take advantage of Cloudinary speed test tool which will guide you to use an optimal image for your website.

Additional Reading: How to fix optimize image issue occurred during GTmetrix test?

3. Delicately Examine Your Image Overlay

After setting up the background image your next task will be adding text overlays (such as company name and a few short attractive sentences) on the top of the background image.

While adding text overlays keep in mind that…

Add only limited text to explain about your website. If you will include a long paragraph with wide heading the result is you are taking visitor’s attention away from your website background image.

Try to keep your text short, sweet and better add an additional page inside the website with an internal link from the standalone page.

Keep in mind that text is easily readable, written with a simple font and with visible color.

Here’s an example…


Additional Reading: Best cloud image storage for photos in 2019

4.Test Your Site At Different Browser

Usually, we always use our favorite web browser while working on the website. But what important is to check whether the site works well on every browser across different devices or not.

So before you finish implementing website background image, it’s really essential to experiment with your design across different browsers.

There are more factors that you may have to take a look but these are the most essential whenever you have to choose background image for your website.

Now Let’s Find Out The Free Resources From Where You Can Use Your Website Background Images.

5. Free Website Background Image Resources

Earlier I have mentioned that using your own definitive image is a better option, however, when you should use a professional-grade image, and you haven’t prepared one by yourself, you may want to browse license-free image sites.

1/ Unsplash – Beautiful & free photos

Unsplash is a website assigned to sharing stock photography under the Unsplash license. The website is under which have their headquarters in Montreal, Quebec.

According to wiki Unsplash claims over 110,000 contributing photographers around the world and generates more than 9 billion photo impressions per month on their growing library of over 810,000 photos.

2/ Pixabay – 1 Million + Sunning Free Image is a worldwide website for sharing photos, drawings, vector graphics, and film footage under a proprietary license. Hans Braxmeier & Simon Steinberger GbR are the owner of Pixabay, which was established in 2010.

As of November 2017, Pixabay offers over 1,188,454 free photos, illustrations, and vectors and videos, according to Wikipedia.

3/ Pexels – Free Stock Images

Pexels provides high quality and completely free stock photos which are licensed under the Pexels license. In Pexels all the photos are nicely tagged, you can search for individual images and also easy to discover through their discover pages.

You can contribute with Pexel too using this link [Contribute]

4/ Pikwizard – Free Stock Photo & Royalty Free Images

Recently I have found this website “Pikwizard” with some cool high quality image collection. The images are well organized and beautifully tagged so that you can find the right image for right purpose.

The interesting fact that images are completely unique than other free stock photo storage. You can like and share any image very easily with your friends. The user interface of this website is really handy. Moreover, you can edit images according to your requirement inside Pikwizard.

Looks like this can be another great source of images for your website background.

5/ Gratisography – Free High Resolution Image

Like the earlier Gratisography also provide high resolution images from millions of professional photographers around the world. Most of the images available in this website are so creative and can help you find the essential website background image.

Gratisography was founded and created by Ryan McGuire.

6/ Little Visuals – High Resolution Free Stock Images

From Little visuals you can download high resolution landscape images when you need free website background images specially landscapes.

This website is live but no further uploads for over a year now. The young man who created this website died in 2013 and now his family runs this website. They are also fundraising in the hope to provide a number of schools or sports areas with portable defibrillators in the creator’s (Nic’s) memory.

If you have visited their website or used their photos you can consider a small donation towards the Hand on Heart Charity.

More information is available on Little Visual’s homepage.

7/ Canva – Browse Millions Of High Quality Images

Canva is another great option when it comes to high-quality stock photos to use for beautiful website background image. With Canva you can find images from seventeen different categories.

I personally prefer images of Canva for mobile resolution and can be really useful if you are creating a separate version of your website (especially for mobile).

8/ StockSnap – Beautiful Free Stock Photo

StockSnap is another great community which the website belongs to. Lot’s of amazing stock photo collection are there and you can find a great image for your website background easily.

You can download photos in many different resolutions as per choice. The images are really awesome and creative. You can use their pictures under the free license.

9/ Business Images – Royalty-Free Stock Photos in HD

Business Images is another website with high-quality stock images but only for the business-related niche. These images are useful for website contact pages, financial websites, software development companies or analytics related websites.

You can download both high-resolution and low-resolution images in different resolution-set for free.

10/ FreePhotos – Free Stock Photos

If I don’t mention FreePhoto, this list won’t be completed in terms of resources to free website background images. This is a fantastic website where you will see a great collection of random images ordered in a trendy-blog style.

Pictures are very detailed and captured from unique angles. So these images have the ability to catch your site visitors eyes easily. So honestly, photos from FreePhoto can certainly increase your website engagement rate.


So when you have to create a beautiful WordPress website with a wide background image these are the tools and information are going to help you a lot.

Are you planning to add a background image on your current blog or website?

I’m curious to know if you have such a plan to do anytime soon. Please let me know if this article helps you while setting up your background image, in the comment section below.

BONUS – Editing with Instasize – Creative Image Editing Toolkit

If you are working on your website through your smartphone, you can use advanced photo editing apps like Instasize to resize your images for optimal mobile display. You can also style and overlay your text onto your background image using Instasize’s text tools. Download the app on iOS or Android.

7 Great AMP plugin for WordPress You Need To Try

Website developers should make their website’s usability with better optimization in every device. The designed and features can be optimized in such a way that visitors can take the advantages of flexible and smooth usability of features.

The accelerated Mobile page or AMP plugin for WordPress is designed to ensure better usability from the mobile view for users. The utilization of plugins will make sure the loading time of web page along with the features.

Nowadays, The more importance is given to tablet and mobile view rather than the desktop version. Though it is being observed that more than 50 % of web pages are loaded with the smartphone.

Best AMP plugin for WordPress

So to make your web page phone friendly, we have mentioned the best AMP plugin for WordPress. That will ensure the speed of loading time as well as better usability.

1. AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Page


AMP for WP will make your website faster in the mobile view with additional functionality. The plugin will ensure more engagement on the web page with many social media supports.

The plugin will instantly optimize your web page on the mobile view with many extensions support. The useful extensions for better AMP features include AMP AdSense support, Email opt-in support, Call to action support.

The special feature of the plugin is custom AMP. That will allow web developers to customize the effective page design, content, and update. Moreover, it consists of a drag & drop page builder for layout and quick user experience.

AMP for WP also ensures the SEO support which enhances the SEO rating and improves the SERP ranking. The SEO plugins include Yoast SEO support, Genesis SEO support.

It also includes other advanced features such as AMP theme Framework support, AMP installation wizard, carousel support for gallery. You can easily add ads to your mobile version by Google AdSense (AMP-AD) support.

The social media extension support includes YouTube video embed support, vine embeds support, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram embed support.

The AMP for WP plugin requires WordPress 3.0 or higher version.

2. AMP by AMP project contributors


AMP plugin for WordPress is provided with great capabilities and advanced customization tools. The plugin ensures fast and high performance across distribution platforms.

The plugin consists of the compatibility tools for web page content. It is provided to assist the development of AMP experiences which also detects the bugs or errors occurs.

However, they have mentioned that AMP plugin will not redirect the mobile devices to AMP versions. The Amp version is served for mobile visitors found on the platform such as Twitter, Pinterest, Google search, etc.

You will also find theme supports which allows you to reuse the active theme’s templates and stylesheets consisting of all the WordPress features. However, three different templates are also available on the plugin – Native, translational, reader.

When the mode is translational and reader, the page will have a corresponding AMP URL. The other advanced features include CSS tree shaking, Core theme support, Gutenberg support, and many optimizations.

The plugin requires WordPress 4.9 or higher version and PHP 5.4 or higher versions.

3. AMP WP – Google AMP for WordPress


AMP WP plugin is the also best AMP plugin for WordPress. The plugin ensures the 5X faster the loading time of web page on mobile.

The plugin consists of many features such as Gutenberg support, full google AMP support, embed the images, videos, audios from any social media platform, etc. it also includes the native template functionality.

You can effectively customize the layout of the front page of AMP. The plugin provides the easy customization tools for developers to access such as custom CSS options, lightbox for images, customizable color scheme, etc.

The third-party analytics tracks the visitors such as Google analytics, Adobe analytics, segment analytics, Alexa metrics, etc. however the plugin will compatible with the jetpack plugin and all cache plugin.

For enhancing SEO, it supports Yoast SEO and other SEO plugins. The layout of the webpage with other elements such as author name, thumbnail, dates, tags can be easily customizable with one click of show/hide.

The AMP WP plugin requires WordPress 4.9.6 or higher version and PHP 5.6 or higher version.

4. AMP it up – Powerful AMP Plugin


AMP it up is AMP plugin for WordPress which creates Google compliant AMP version for the web page. The plugin ensures fully mobile optimization of the site.

The plugin utilizes the AMPHTML-Tool by for customizing the AMP version of subpages. For better user experience it provides AMP version of the web page under the same domain as the classic webpage.

The plugin also uses the SSL certificate via HTTPS protocol for security while creating the AMP version. For tracking the site mobile traffic, it supports Google analytics and creates the sharing option of social media.

The picture contains in the content of the webpage can be easily swiped through by AMP- carousel. However, you will also get live updates of the site whether the newer version of the web page exists on the search engine.

The videos can be easily embedded in content as the integration of YouTube and Brightcove is provided. Iframe content feature ensures the AMP pages loaded over an HTTPS connection.

The AMP it up plugin requires WordPress 2.0 or higher versions.

5. Better AMP – WordPress complete AMP


The Better AMP plugin provides the faster loading time of web page. The plugin supports many advanced features for making flexible and better usability.

The pages, posts, other categories, tags, author pages will be easily customized with live preview. Moreover, the plugin supports RTL language also.

It also consists of social media integrations which allow users to share the post in AMP version. Though it also updates the users whether the site is under maintenance or any other issues.

The plugin provides the support of Automatic AMP to show the AMP URLs.

The Better AMP plugin requires WordPress 3.0 or higher version.

6. AMP on WordPress – WeeblrAMP CE


AMP on WordPress is also effective AMP plugin for WordPress. The plugin will allow you to create fully featured AMP version supporting many customizable tools.

The plugin provides many options to customize the post, tags, archives, and categories. The premium edition also provides email supports such as MailChimp for WP, WooCommerce.

However, the plugin consists of the analytic support for tracking the mobile traffic, ads,, beaver builder, jetpack compatible.

For SEO support to AMP version, the plugin supports Yoast SEO. Web developers will have templates, 70+ filters, and actions for customizing the layout.

The AMP on WordPress requires WordPress 4.5 or higher version and PHP 5.3 or higher version.

7. Templatic-Google-AMP


The templates plugin is AMP plugin for WordPress which supports many effective features. The plugin will utilize the templatic template for AMP version automatically.

If the AMP mode is got enabled then it will dynamically create the AMP URL for the web page. It also ensures the faster page loading time in the AMP version.

Like other AMP plugin for WordPress, it also supports Google Analytics for user tracking. You will see the different options available such as header code, footer codes for customizing the elements and embed the codes.

The templatic plugin requires WordPress 3.5 or higher versions.


The above-mentioned best AMP plugin for WordPress will make sure the best user experience with better usability. The plugins will also give flexible customization tools with many extensions supports.

As the plugin supports different versions of WordPress and PHP for installation. Web developers should make sure to use the latest version.

Recent Articles:

Best List Of Websites That Will Drive Traffic To Blog Post [2019]

We love sharing our thoughts in the form of article or blog post. After we create an article and publish it we share the URL on social media platforms.

First, we start with Facebook share. This social media platform restricts your friend list at 5k. Though, if you have been blogging since long, you might have created a Facebook page where you share your published posts.

Besides, some Facebook group with a huge member list allows you to share creative and relevant contents. So if your article carries great stuff and valuable information to the readers it worth a share among such a wide group of the targeted audience.

Previously, Moz examined whether Google uses Facebook shares to rank search results?

… and here what they have got.




So Facebook sharing is an essential part of doing good SEO.

In my case, Facebook sharing has been the biggest problem since I migrated this website from to Facebook doesn’t allow the current domain to share anything inside it. I have never found any solution to this problem until now. If anyone is aware of any solution please let me know in the comment or you can contact me directly.

After sharing the article on Facebook we go to Instagram and let our followers know that our new post has been published and is live now on the website. There are two ways to do it. First, profile link mention and the second one is the “swipe up” feature. I like it very much, very powerful though.

We have other major social media platform like LinkedIn, Twitter to maximize the traffic. Until now, I keep on mentioning that social media can boost up your traffic stats to a great standard. But…

… what if we don’t have many followers in these social media platforms?



Increasing social media followers takes a decent amount of effort and SEO too. If we don’t have the huge following list, I have to say, getting a nice amount of traffic to the website is very hard.

So, in this article, I will mention a short list of websites where you can submit your blog post. One thing keeps them separate from previous social media sites is that you do not require a large follower base to get lots of traffic.

Additional Resources: Dofollow backlinks list that can boost your traffic in 2019

Here’s List Of Websites To Submit Blog Posts Which You May Never Tried:

This list of all websites [6] already has a huge amount of traffic surfing them. All you need to do is create your content and publish in front of the wide audience. I’m sure you can drive a massive amount of traffic once you learn the trick on how to draw these readers mind.

Being said that let’s begin…

#1. Bloglovin’

Bloglovin’ is a very easy to use platform where people can discover their favorite topics and hence the relevant blog posts. Since it’s a huge source of knowledge, often people visit Bloglovin‘ to find articles of their interest.

As a reader, you can organize your feed by picking up your favorite articles. On the top right corner, there is a link that will take you to an editor where you can write your post and publish.

Once you publish your post and set the category as well as the #hashtags so people can find it easily and consequently with the inverted guest post method you can drive a great amount of traffic to your website.

You will certainly love to see the traffic statistics of Bloglovin’ and drive some from it to your blog post.


#2. Mix

This list of websites won’t be complete if I do not mention Mix. You might have heard of a website called Stumble Upon, which recently ended their service. It’s not good news, especially for me and others who previously got lots of traffic from it.

However, Stumble Upon is now replaced by Mix. You can explore lots of interesting contents shared by the members and also you can sort them according to your need and priority.

Pretty slimier to Bloglovin’ this website also allows you to write and share your article to a wider audience, independent of the following algorithm.

I won’t suggest you expect too much traffic from Mix in the beginning. With the time and your published post, you might be able to receive a good chunk of traffic from this website.

The traffic statistics of is added here, have a look.


Additional Resources:

1. [10 legit ways] how to get traffic to your website for free

2. 10 keyword tools for YouTube To Increase Traffic [2019]

#3. Medium

Medium is already a very popular platform. A decent number of marvelous contents gets publish every day on medium. So you can be one of them too.

You can write about informative stuff, interesting about anything you know. The better your article the higher clap you will receive from the readers. Medium is also a high authority domain that has the ability to uplift your website too.

I started to write on Medium almost one year ago. What I believe now publishing a long-form article with additional resources [links back to your site] can get you a large number of visitors each and every day from this website.

The traffic stats say…


220M total visits in the last 6 months is an insane quantity containing 23.31% of US traffic.

#4. Quora

Well, mentioning Quora is essential in this list of websites. You might have already known about this website, it’s a very well organized forum especially for question & answer by various people all around the world. There are thousands of people looking for a high-quality answer to their particular questions.

Quora has a follower based model between the users, though it doesn’t matter a lot. All it matters the questions, answers and your frequent interests. Quora have an awesome algorithm to sort recommended stuff for you.

So if you take part in the people’s query and able to deliver working solutions and help them through your insights there’s a higher probability that you can get lot’s traffic from this website.

Good news is Quora has 93 domain authority that you will be so happy to get linked from it.

The traffic stats of Quora is given below…

Now, this is something almost 3 times more than Medium. 687M total visits in the last 6 months. Massive amount of traffic flow. I bet if you take this opportunity your monthly traffic increase a lot.

#5. is a little bit different from other sites mentioned earlier in this list of websites. This website allows people to view content that interests them and share it on social media [their] accounts.

Though, this is very impressive because more people will share more interest from the search engine will come towards that piece of content. Actually, you will get a great mass of traffic from this website and the external share.

I like this platform because of the passive off page SEO model. However, you might be disappointed if I mention that only a limited number of link a be added here.

To add unlimited article links in you need to pay for the packages. Let’s check the traffic stats of this website…

#6. Reddit

The last and the quickest one is Reddit. I already like it very much and use this website to drive lots of traffic to my blog post every single day. They are known as the front page of the internet.

If you have a great story and informative contents it can get viral on Reddit which have the ability to bring 1,000 to million traffic to one single page. Isn’t that amazing?

For me, sometimes only a link and a suitable headline drive more than 3,000 traffic per day. At the same time, you need to follow the rules and regulations of Reddit subdirectories before publishing your link or the link may end up removed by the moderators.

In Reddit, sub-directories are the best alternative of a huge follower base. Reddit also helps your domain to increase authority and Alexa rank so quickly.

Reddit has about 1.60 Billion traffic per 6 months and that’s why you should start using Reddit for publishing/sharing your contents.


Final Words:

So among this list of websites which one interests you the most?

Though they have different features and traffic data, your goal is to drive traffic from these awesome websites and benefit your domain strength as well.

I recommend you to try this list of websites and see your blog traffic grows every day. Also, I am excited to know how it works for you. If you believe this trick help you to drive more traffic to your blog please let me know here in the comment box.

For adding any such website, inform me in the comment section below.

Rozdhan – Tips To Earn Paytm Cash Daily [₹50 on Signup + ₹5 per Referal]

Quick Note: This post is only applicable if you are a resident of India.

Earning money online has become one of the greatest trends in the past few years. A couple of good ways are available to earn money online as well. However, different people choose different ways to make money. It totally depends upon their interest and time they can put into that method.

If you are in a busy daily schedule and still prefer to earn money online it’s necessary to know which way will be easy for you to do that. Nowadays the smartphone is a must for everyone. We all have it with us.

So using your smartphone to earn money is a really good idea.

There are various money making apps in India which helps you earn for doing small tasks and referring your friends. Most of these apps are available for Android phones.


So I recommend you need to have an Android phone in order to earn money from it and finally get your money in Paytm account or in any other form. Remember that this technique of earning money from an android app is not new and previously people have earned from these kinds of apps.

One such latest app is RozDhan, in which you can earn Paytm cash daily. This Paytm money is absolutely free. The only effort it takes to refer to other people and if you wish you can do simple task inside the app in order to earn more.

Receives $15 free hosting credits on signing up [redeemable after account upgrade($20)].

What Is RozDhan App?

Rozdhan is actually a video sharing application where you can find various trending videos and the viral ones. The videos are categorized under entertainment, health, music, film and funny, etc.

You can download and share these videos with your friends and family. Moreover, to earn money from this application you can upload your videos as well. There’s an option to earn extra money by sharing RozDhan app to people who have not used it before.

Once you have downloaded the RozDhan apk and register your account, you will earn total ₹50. ₹25 for registration + ₹25 as a referral bonus.

After that, for each people, you refer ₹5 will be added into your balance.

Bonus: You will earn extra ₹1 when your friends invite more people.

Sl NoInvitation codeAdd download link
106E96FDownload RozDhan App

How To Download RozDhan App + Get Sign Up Bonus

Installing RozDhan App on android phone is very easy like other typical installation. For RozDhan app download follow this guide:

  • Click on the link to install RozDhan APK.
  • After installation, open the App.
  • Now select your preferred language.

  • Now signup with your phone number. (You can select Facebook and Google as alternatives)

  • After OTP verification your profile will be ready to access,
  • Now click on the profile icon to signing in for the first time.

  • Congratulations. Rs 25 has been added in your account for the first sign in.
  • Now click on “add invitation code“. [for another Rs 25 to be added into your account.]

Invitation code: 06E96F

Cheers. You will earn first Rs 50 with this app.

How To Refer People + Earn Paytm Cash Daily On RozDhan App

After earning the signing bonus you can earn Rs 5 each by referring your friends. Is not that cool?

*1250 coins = Rs 5

Let’s see how to refer your friends to this app.

  • Click on the profile icon again.
  • Click on the “invite friend” icon.

  • You can invite your friends and family by using WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS and all Media available on your phone.
  • Ask them to Install the App and enter your Invitation Code. [06E96F]
  • Once they have done the signup and add your Invitation Code, you will earn Rs 5 & they will get Rs 50.
  • When your friends invite more people you will earn more.
  • You can withdraw money from the app to Paytm when it reaches Rs 200.

What is the Key to earn Paytm cash daily from Rozdhan app?

Talking and encouraging people to share Rozdhan is the key to earn Rs 150 – 200 on a daily basis. Let’s see how it’s possible!

Talk to 10 friends about Roz Dhan application daily. If they refer 10 friends each, you get Rs 15 from each friend. Total earnings per day= 15*10=Rs 150. You have Rs 50 sign up bonus. Total = Rs 200.

How To Earn More From This App

There are a couple of small tasks by which you can earn little extra rupees from the app.

  1. You can share your best memories with people in video formate.
  2. You can watch and download videos from the app to earn extra coins.

Steps To Withdraw Money From The RozDhan App

Once you have reached your payment threshold it’s time to withdraw your cash into paytm account.

To Withdraw cash:

  • Click on the profile icon.
  • Check whether the balance is 200 or more.
  • If yes, click withdraw on the right hand.
  • On the new page select the “to paytm account” option.
  • Fillup your paytm account details and confirm.

  • After everything is done correctly click on withdraw.

*don’t forget to check the daily limit and withdrawal fee.

RozDhan Payment Proof

This application is legit and it does pay to the user’s Paytm account. You can see the proof below with Rs 160 per withdrawal.

*Since 20% tax deducted during withdrawal you will receive Rs 160 per Rs 200 transaction.



Rozdhan is a great money-making app for Indian users. Many users are already getting benefits from this app. If you haven’t yet I recommend you should start using this app and earn money online daily. Rs 200 is not a big amount but at the end of the day it worth.

Wish you best. You can now earn Paytm cash daily 🙂