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7 Most Influential Business Books Of All Time – At Least For Me

You rarely realize you are in the middle of a personnel transformation when it is happening…that is what this post is about. Here I share the 7 AudioBooks that have had the biggest impact on my business and its direction.

The inspiration for this post came from a comment on my last post from Alistair Cochrane who proposed the idea that he could track the big changes in his business looking at his audible history.Continue reading

Podcasts vs Audiobooks – Stop Listening to Podcasts

Today’s post will be a short one while I share some thoughts on the difference between listening to Audiobooks or Podcasts and which one is best for me. Plus I share my plans moving forward on why I will be listening to fewer podcasts and upgrading my account at Audible (links to Audible are affiliate links).


But first a quick car story…

I unfortunately recently had to buy a new vehicle after my “EntrepreneurMobile” as Ian from the TropicalMBA likes to call them (fully depreciated vehicles people choose to drive to allow them to reinvest more money into their business).Continue reading

Be Successful at Your Day Job or Build an Online Business? Can You Do Both?

Call me crazy, call me a traitor but I have a secret…the purpose of my online business is not to “finally” get me to quit my job… What?

What I am trying to say is that I do like my job (most days) but I have a very deep desire to be able to put my family in a position that if we ever so chose I could leave my 9-5 (I mean 7-6) job and move my family anywhere (most likely back to our hometown – great skiing and biking!).  So my goal of generating $15k/month of reliable net income by the age of 35 still stands.Continue reading

7 Habits You Must Quit In Order To Build an Online Business on the Side

Are you wondering how much of a sacrifice is required to build an online business if you currently have a day job and family?

This post lays out 7 habits I enjoyed but happily chose to give up in order to get serious about growing my online business.

Plus I let you in on the 1 tip that made giving up these habits not feel like a sacrifice.

Each habit took up a portion of my time and energy that was not used to grow my business. By cutting out these activities and applying more diligent focus in the last 2 years I have seen my business grow consistently from $1-2k/month to over $10k/month.

My typical online business work schedule has me working 2-3hrs each weeknight (7:30pm-10:30pm) and 6hrs per day on weekends when my son is sleeping. My total hrs worked on my business is typically around 25hrs/week (some weeks can be a lot higher).Continue reading

7 Ways to Make an Ass of Yourself in the Online Business World

The online world is a pretty amazing place… It is capable of sharing and showcasing some of the best of humanity – “people are awesome videos” “TED Talks” plus anyone can add value to world and build a business from anywhere – pretty amazing!Continue reading