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No Excuses for Annual Goals

Most of us use this time of year to set goals for the new year and I wanted to use this very small post to share a personal story about my own excuses and self-sabotage!

Be Aware of Excuses and other Self-Limiting Beliefs!

What do I mean? Allow me to share my personal story with you from last year…

I often have some physical fitness goal as part of my annual goals. However over the last two years, as my discretionary time became more limited, I gave myself easy outs:

  • “family is the priority followed by day job and online job…not working out means I correctly prioritized my work”
  • “I don’t have time to do it all, something has to give”
  • “I can catch up later”
  • “I don’t work on my online business when my kids are awake so I need to make the most of the time they are asleep”

With these limiting beliefs or excuses I didn’t push as hard as I could have to find a solution.

Given my schedule I am not beating myself up too much for not finding a solution sooner.

Typical Schedule:

Priorities – Wife, 2 kids/family, day job and online business…

  • Wake – 6am
  • Leave for Work – 6:15am
  • Home By – 6:00pm (20 min commute)
  • Family Time & House Cleanup – 6:00pm-8:00pm
  • Work Online – 8:00pm – 10:45pm
  • Prep for Next Day – 10:45-11:00

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5 Activities I Need to Quit Today and 5 I Need to Do More Of – My 80-20 Work Week

Have you ever had a really good internal debate about what activities you should be doing to push your business forward and what you shouldn’t?

For a long time I had the focus that everyday I worked on my business I had to do “something” that pushed my business forward.

Although this was good to make sure I was working on something new and moving the business forward it wasn’t always the most efficient use of my time.

Today I take a deep dive into the activities I do as part of running my online business and

If you are like me and have very few hrs to devote to your business then like me we must be ruthless about only working on activities that are effective at growing our business.Continue reading

Speed vs Control and What Teaching My 2 Year Old to Ski Taught Me

I don’t know about you but I would imagine that most people reading this post and working on building an online business are balancing 100 different things and struggling to find so called “balance”.

Keeping it all “balanced” is probably not a realistic goal (at least I haven’t found it). Family, Online Business, Day Job and the 1,000 other things that demand some amount of attention in a day is beyond what can reasonably be accomplished.Continue reading

2015 Online Business Goals

In this post I go against some of often shared wisdom (keep your goals to yourself) and go into the exact knitty gritty details of my online business goals for 2015.

There are 3 distinct parts to my business and for 2015 each gets one top level goal with a set of sub-goals that I can trend over the year and if achieved should result in my main goal being achieved.

This year I am aiming to keep it relatively simple with my one main goal for each of the 3 businesses I hope I can keep my focus clear.Continue reading

How to Make $100 per Day Starting From Nothing Within 3 Months Online

What would you do if you were starting from scratch online today?

How can I make $100 per day as soon as possible?

These questions and others like them are ones that I often get asked. A lot of people are looking for the fastest path to $100 per day since it represents in a lot of cases enough to support their families. To me the ability to not be dependant on a job or the size of a bank account represents true freedom…I would take the ability to generate $100/day over having $100k in the bank. Continue reading