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Private Blog Network Building Service in 2015 – Is It Still Worth The Risk?

It has been several months since I last opened up my service, today I am excited to announce I am opening it up again for a limited number of spots!

Since the PBN de-indexing I wanted to make sure the risks were fully understood and today I plan to share a few data points to try and provide insight into what I believe both the risks and benefits of a private blog network building service is in 2015!

Done for you Private Blog Network Building Service Now OPEN! 

15 spots available

This post includes…

  • My Case Study Results (recent results!)
  • Is any PBN Safe and why a Silo’d PBN is Safer
  • Data from an Open Marketplace on how many people use PBN’s
  • Peoples Plan to Use a PBN for the Six Figure Website challenge

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Expired Domains and Private Blog Networks for my Six Figure Website Challenge?

Since announcing my plans to share how I will be building a six figure website in 2015 I have received a lot of questions.

One of the questions, understandably, has been do I plan to use expired domains, private blog networks or any other similar grey hat tactics?

This article will answer those questions, provide details of the plan I will be using and the risks associated with it.

The whole plan to build a six figure website is not substantially different from the case study that originally started which was the building of the site (My Case Study Website URL is Now Hidden). That site turned into a reliable income earner of between 1k and 4k per month.

For that site I used a lot of content creation, outreach and some strategically used expired domains to build that site.

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Risk vs Reward of Using Private Blog Networks – How to Not Let Fear Take Over

Private Blog Networks are dead! If you link to your site from a PBN Google will find you and punish you. The SEO sky is falling.

In today’s post I am going to share my thoughts on the risk vs reward decision we all need to make using PBN’s.

Plus I share how I like to think through my online business decisions using data and not let fear guide my actions.Continue reading

Update on Google PBN Deindexation

With over 1,000 sites I am happy to be able to share what I have seen over the last week and what changes I will be making to my processes.

This post will be broken down into 4 parts…

  1. What Happened?
  2. What Others are Saying
  3. How Have Sites I Have Built Been Affected?
  4. Theories
  5. 3 Changes Moving Forward

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Watch Hayden Miyamoto Find 1 Clean Expired Domain Per Minute

As I have mentioned several times (about 4 different posts) on this site a person I have learned a lot from is Hayden Miyamoto from (formerly Today I have a unique  opportunity to feature a guest post from him on how him and his team go about SPAM checking expired domains.

After finding and selling thousands of expired domains/building PBN’s I know this is the step in the process where skill and experience pays off. It is the toughest skill to teach to my VA’s and he has an additional checks that my SPAM checking process does not include.Continue reading