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Want to Participate? Mortgage Crushing Competition 2017

Want to build a site in 2017 that pays your mortgage/rent…

When I was starting out building my portfolio I liked to think about income from my sites in terms of the freedom it would provide… what was on the monthly budget that a sites earnings would pay for!

I would think along the lines of…

  • What would it mean to my family if the phone and internet bill were covered (and I live in Canada where the fees for these suck!)?
  • How amazing would it be if a site would cover all the costs of my sports skiing/biking in a year?
  • What if a site paid for 2 awesome vacations per year?
  • What if I could build a site that could pay for a wedding?
  • What if my mortgage/insurance/housing costs were essentially ZERO because a site had it all covered?

By attaching a concrete goal to a sites success seemed to help me stick with a site even in the slow initial growth stages.

With the above in mind me and my team have decided to compete in a friendly challenge where we each will build a site starting now with the goal that it pays for mortgage/housing costs by the end of 2017.


The Plan:

There are 3 of us involved myself, Kelley (who runs and Maddie (who runs Each with varied experience, I have built many sites and ranked them over 8 years, Kelley has built and had success with a couple while Maddie is…  well other than how to do some awesome content marketing she is a pure beginner.

Every Thursday during our Throwback Thursday (where we have a beer at lunch) we will talk about what we have done for the week and I will help to provide guidance.

Each of us will have a slightly different strategy but they will all be sites focused on earning organic traffic through great content and links.

  • My Strategy – Heavily use advanced SEO and Content Marketing strategies such as my 301 building block strategy while providing consistent quality content and links. The goal is a very high traffic site focusing on evergreen useful content and not trendy/viral content. I have not tested a “general” site in a long time and I am interested to use this as a learning experience. My primary monetization method will be display advertising. I believe site relevancy is more important then ever with Google Hummingbird and so I am interested in moving against that trend as a way to learn.
  • Kelley’s Strategy – Heavily focused on keyword research and creating an Amazon Affiliate site identifying keywords that are super low competition. She will combine consistent content and links from LightningRank to achieve her target in 2017.
  • Maddie’s Strategy – Maddie will focus on building an authority site focused on a topic she has some knowledge and passion in. Plus the keyword research shows there are a lot of opportunities that great content can win at. The focus will be on great content, genuine outreach and sprinkling in some more advanced strategies when it makes sense and with some help.

We will essentially be following the same attack plan with customizations we have been using for years to help build my portfolio.


Our Internal Rules:

Here are the rules so far… I will make more up as we go 🙂

  • $500/month spending limit per month
  • Can’t sell a service
  • Sites are 100% owned by each person and everyone covers their own costs but use my teams help to build/host the sites
  • We don’t buy the domain until Dec 22, 2016
  • The winner is the person who hits their number in a given month the soonest
  • The goal is to build a website by the end of 2017 that covers the mortgage/rent payments with its profits


Want to participate?

Anyone can participate!

At a minimum I will provide a monthly update here on exactly what each person has done over the last month and the results.

Last time I did this we had a CRAZY response to the six figure challenge which ended up as a success for myself and a few people in the group but I failed to keep up with providing updates.

This time around I would like to try and be more helpful and by the end of 2017 have a group of people who all have achieved crushing their mortgage payments through the creation of a money making authority site!

My Six Figure Challenge Site from 2015 Still Going Strong!

How you can participate…

Comment below if you are interested and any ideas on how we can be as inclusive as possible and help as many people as possible!

  • IF <10 people say they are interested in the comments below – We will provide updates in my normal monthly income post on how each of the 3 of us are doing.
  • If 10-30 people say they are interested in the comments below – We will have a monthly dedicated update and webinar covering the topics for the last month and training for next months work.
  • If 30+ people say they are interested in the comments below – We will create specific training (free of course) and a dedicated Facebook group where training and support will be provided.

About the Author Jon

I am a 33 year old husband, father of 3, engineer and a huge fan of developing systems to build useful and profitable websites. The reason I build online businesses is to provide financial independence for my family and yours AND so I can spend time outside skiing and biking with my family.
Jon Gillham, Online Entrepreneur

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