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Should You Build a Niche Site on an Expired Domain – Case Study Results

I firmly believe that SEO tricks, shortcuts and voo-doo can-not be relied on to build a solid online business… But, a healthy dose of creative SEO strategies that produce reliable results are great tools to deploy.

This post shows the initial results of a quick test I did building niche site either…

  1. on a relevant powerful expired domain
  2. on a fresh brandable domain but 301 redirecting a relevant powerful expired domain to the new domain


The Question

A logical question when it comes to expired domains is…

Can I shortcut the path to a profitable website using an expired domain to build a money site on and with the existing real links rank my new content more quickly than I would on a new domain?

Test Strategy

In order to test out this strategy I decided to build several sites on expired domains while also picking up several domains with the intent of 301 redirecting them to a brandable URL.

This test has spanned 8 months and the sites were also measured against a control group of sites I did not use expired domains to either build the site on or 301 redirect.



#SitesExpired Domain StratregyMonetization MethodRelevance(1 low - 5 high)Results(1 failure 5 smash success)
1Specialty SCUBA diving equipment301 redirectEBay and Amazon53
2Outdoor HobbyExpired Domain BuildAmazon42
3Scholarship (1)301 redirectLead Gen34
4Scholarship (2)Expired Domain BuildLead Gen33
5Hobby Craft NicheExpired Domain BuildAmazon41

Basically there were 3 websites that were successful and 2 complete failures.

Both failures were built directly on an expired domain while sites that were 301 redirected did not have any failures.

The results are simplified in the table above as a measure of success but it is clear for me that building a money site on an expired domain is a risky proposition while 301 redirecting a really solid relevant domain seems to be a great way to give a site an initial boost.

Other Comments…

Speed of Ranking – All sites that were successful had a great initial start compared to the control group. With all the talk about the sandbox(not fully convinced myself yet) this seems to be a good way to get some initial rankings…

Launch to 40's in 1 week

Launch to 40’s in 1 week

Money Site on Non Relevant Domain Did Work – What was interesting with the one moderately successful money site built on an expired domain was that it was the least relevant of all the test sites.

Complete and Utter Failure of 1 Site – Site 5 should have been a success…it was a great domain, no spam, still indexed, extremely relevant and easily monetized niche….however it just doesn’t seem to want to budge. Ranking in the 80’s and sometimes dropping out completely. The content on the site is 10 articles of 1000 words very similar to the other sites. For some reason this site is just not liked by Google at all!


My Site Building Procedure…

Based on this test my new plan for building out my new sites has continued to evolve but surprisingly the basic plan is still very similar to what I used to in 2012 to build out my student loan site which continues to earn a couple thousand dollars per month…

  1. Problem and Niche Identification
  2. Keyword Research
  3. Buy Money Site Domain
  4. Create Quality Content
  5. Build Authority Website
  6. Buy Expired Domain and 301 Redirect
  7. Monetize Site With Targeted CPA Offers
  8. Build Niche Relevant Private Blog Network
  9. Promote With Blog Commenting
  10. Promote With Guest Posting
  11. Create Niche Dominating Round Up Post
  12. Add Some High Powered Links

If someone were to follow the 12 steps outlined above I am confident they would have a successful website on their hands!

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I am a 33 year old husband, father of 3, engineer and a huge fan of developing systems to build useful and profitable websites. The reason I build online businesses is to provide financial independence for my family and yours AND so I can spend time outside skiing and biking with my family.
Jon Gillham, Online Entrepreneur

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