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Bluehost India – A Comparison With Bluehost Global [2019]

When it comes to building a better website with higher performance, high security and constant uptime then you need to have a fast, reliable and secure hosting service. That is a known fact to almost every webmaster, blogger, and marketer around the world.

With the increasing amount of requirement, there are lots of different web hosting company rising around the world. Some of them are really good, steadfast and expensive. Again some of them provide good/average performance but comparatively cheaper in price. And some hosts are not that much reliable to run a good website.

When it comes to the most popular web host we start with Bluehost and Siteground, two considerably fast and feature-rich web hosting company. There is no remaining secret that most webmaster, blogger and internet marketer consider these two hosting over the other hosting company in the business. I always prefer to use Bluehost for my website and for client’s websites as well.

But in the last month, I decided to try with another version of Bluehost (relevant but very new to me). And this is an honest review about what I have found in the whole new experience with this alternate version. Now before going to technical terms let’s know about the Indian version of Bluehost.


What is Bluehost India?

Bluehost India is the latest edition of the U.S, published by Endurance International Group (EIG), mainly to offer local hosting service to the Indian users. The idea behind this edition is that if you reside in India then you can have their nearest server station to gain a better server performance.

Bluehost Indian Edition is without any doubt one of the best web hostings in India. Both versions of hosting offer great service, reliability and support. However, the performance of Bluehost Indian version can only define by the practical benchmark of a hosted website in it.

While choosing the Indian version many questions may arise for Indian users such as,

  • Does Bluehost Indian version provide the same quality of service as provides?
  • Should I buy the Indian version or the Global version?
  • Does Bluehost India has extended payment options, unlike the .com version?

In this situation, the user can be confused to make the right choice. Therefore, I have collected some of the key information for both hostings to identify their strengths and weaknesses.


How Bluehost Indian version differ from the Bluehost US version?

As we already know both are from the same ownership group still there are some differences between these two editions of Bluehost. As soon as you go further will know about how it comes to the differences.


#1. Hosting Services: Vs provides great offers to all kind of customers from individuals to business owners. Their service packages include Domain registration, shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated managed hosting and the pro web hosting.

These hosting packages are reliable, optimized for performance and offered with a handy price for the users. Whereas, Bluehost India furnishes the hosting solutions such as Cloud hosting, VPS Hosting, Linux hosting, Dedicated Hosting. These affordable and powerful hosting solutions are reliable and easy in use and specifically for Indian users.

And hey, you should be very happy about one question, Does provide Bluehost WordPress hosting?

Ans: Yes, they do. You can check it out. In case you like, you can use this link to get 51% discount on Linux hosting.

Final report: Either of them offers great service, but we believe Bluehost’s global version crafted their services little bit more advanced way.


#2. Uptime Guarantee: Vs

Usually, Most of the web hosting mention the uptime with 99% guarantee. In this case, both version of Bluehost also mentions that their hosting service provides 99.99% uptime.

But I had to know what is the practical result of availability and these are the statistics (Pingdom uptime monitor) for two completely similar test-sites hosted on and

Uptime report of WordPress site hosted on


Uptime report of WordPress site hosted on


As nowadays the goal of web hosting service is to keep customer’s website up and run with good server time response. Both of these two hostings maintained their statement quite nicely with at least 99% uptime which means that normally you won’t find your website down with Bluehost global and Indian version.

Final review: As you can see both hosting are very good with up time but was down for 27 minutes while was 100% up for the 30 days test season. However, I have to say these test results do not prove that same thing will happen to you.


#3. Website Building: Bluehost global Vs Indian Bluehost

Nowadays having a website builder in your hosting service is a must. Not everyone knows how to build a website with codes. In case of, you will be offered with free goMobi website builder with drag and drop site builder.

To install WordPress, Drupal and other well known CMS you can use the one-click installer. also included lots of other scripts to quickly build your desired website. Bluehost India also provides eCommerce optimized scripts and secure access control to give ease in the installation process of ready-made website scripts.

You will have access to a free drag and drop module to customize your installed scripts. Also, you will have one-click WordPress installation like the global version.

Final review: Both editions of Bluehost offers great builder options. Normally it’s fine to have a complete standalone builder or an integrated module to customize the pre-installed scripts. You can say both are the winner in case of website building.


#4. Server Performance: Vs provides highly optimized servers for website and WordPress recommends user to use Bluehost for best performance. Everybody knows that the websites hosted on are super fast. Their server response time is very quick in India as well.

On the other hand, Bluehost India has local server station in India which allows Indian user to get steadfast server experience with their website. As stated earlier, one of the primary aims of building this Indian edition was to shorten the server distance.

However, you may want to know the test result given by the server testing tools. (Test were conducted three times before publishing the result)

The test result of

The test result of

Final Review: Both US and Indian version performs great in different regions but according to the test result can be better for Indian website specifically. I have seen the review of people complaining about the performance of in India.

But for now, I am going to depend on this result because in both the test website was completely similar and designed with the lowest possible load in it.


#5. Plans: Vs offers three plans in shared hosting plans. In which Basic plan is cheapest with one website, limited SSD storage and standard performance. Plus and Pro plans are offering unlimited website, unlimited SSD storage with standard performance.

Unlike plus and basic, Pro is offering CodeGuard for site backup. Moreover, In WordPress Hosting, there are another three plans – Basic, Plus, Choice Plus. Bluehost India is also offering VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, Windows reseller hosting and shared hosting.

In shared hosting, there are three plans -Starter lite, Advanced lite, and Business lite. These plans allow you to host over limited website and storage.

Final Review: comes up with various features than Bluehost India. However, Bluehost India has more services in budget compared to


#6. Pricing & Payment option: Bluehost US Vs India

The global version of Bluehost offers little bit more expensive plans than Bluehost Indian edition. However, pricing depends upon the service they offer with quality, performance, and reliability.

There three shared hosting plans Basic, Plus and Choice Plus costs $3.95, $5.95 and $5.95 accordingly. In fact, their product quality is going to reflect the price you pay.

On the other hand, Bluehost India Linux hosting plans offers standard single domain hosting package in 209 INR, the Business package with three domain name capacity in 299 INR, the pro package with an unlimited domain name in 399 INR and the final cloud package with 4BG RAM and quad-core processor in 499 INR per month. They do have other packages with a handy price tag too. payment options include debit card, credit card, net banking as well as offline payment, which are main thoughts of building this edition as there is no debit card payment option in the global edition. And so many people have difficulty to pay with credit card.

Final Review: Both the hosting offers great plans, maybe a bit expensive but well worthy. And in case of payment option Indian user may choose because they have multiple ways to complete their transaction and get their hosting on run.


#7. User experience: Bluehost Global Vs India

The user interface is big importance these days. The clean and easy to operate dashboard we have more engagement we will get. displays a more user-friendly nice looking dashboard with which a general user can work without facing any difficulty.

The UI in does very well. They are organized in a nice discipline way so that the user easy access to the tools they offer. But personally, I like the US version more than the Indian version.

Final Review: Nevertheless, Both the hosting does the same of the job of providing the user with an interactive and easy to understand and also the primary aim of a user is to use the tool more than the UI.


#8. Customer Support: Helpdesk Comparison


Pic credit: (

Now here’s the big thing and the most important one. How we get backed up by our hosting provider? Do we get enough help from them when we are in a difficult situation that would hurt our business entirely?

In this case, we have to look out how the customer support platform is designed, how they respond to the user, how they interrupt with the user to user discussion and help them find the pinhole to find a way out o their problem. is a well established and has been a part of the market for so long to understand the importance of good customer service.

They customize their bridge of support reach in 4 different ways so that the customer can get back to them with any of the available ways. They have personal Phone support, Live chat, Email, Telephone, and online forums. You can also look for their Twitter account and their Twitter support account to stay connected.

Here is an example of how the support team always get engage with the people who are using their service, see the tweets from Fernando Segura reviewing about Bluehost service and there is the quick replay from the Bluehost support team. Pretty quick, on the same day.

So you can expect them to reach you out very quickly if you ask them for help purpose or any other matter.

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