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10 Best Cloud Storage For Photos To Rescue Storage Capacity

If you went on an amazing trip with your friends, probably you have captured all those memorable images on your hard drive. Is there enough space to store all those great images? Or do you have any backup of all those captures just to make sure that you won’t lose them because of hardware problem?

Well, if you have faced these kind problems previously, you should probably change your mind and start using online cloud storage. Do you have any idea what kind of cloud storage would be great for you?

10 best cloud storage for photos In 2019.

This list of top ten best cloud image storage contains the best place to keep your images with high resolution, encrypted security, including more advanced editing options. Also, you can easily access your images from anywhere and anytime you want.

#. Cloudinary: The leading image cloud storage

Cloudinary is one of the best cloud storage for photos with a large community. It works on image management as well as video management. It directly uploads your images from the browser to the cloud with secure API. You can also manually upload the images and resize them, optimize them and lot other options are there.


See how to scale your page images with the help of GTmetrix and Cloudinary.

Cloudinary manages from Organizing to monitoring all the operations and manipulation as well. Image optimization can also be done with URL based API and SDK for easy integration. It delivers all kind of image resolution and pixel density to the user.

It also efficiently maintains synchronization across different networks. There are some plugins available for WordPress. But I would like to suggest you not to use those plugins but do it manually with the help of media link.

Special Features:

  • Automatic Optimization
  • AI-based image moderation
  • Video transcription add-on
  • OCR text detection add-on

#. PCloud – Best Secure Online Cloud Storage

PCloud is another best cloud storage for photos that are available since 2013. PCloud provides high storage in low cost with highest encrypted security. Every online cloud storage provides free trial for their subscribers so that user can get an experience of utilization before buying any subscription.


PCloud is also one of those best cloud storage who provides a free trial to the user. With PCloud you will get up to 20GB free space and 1GB for every friend if you refer any. After a free trial, you can go for annual and life plans. If you go for a lifetime then it will give you the discounts for using services for a long period of time.

If you don’t like their service they also have a money back guarantee plan for 10 days. The clients are also available from Linux, MacOS, and Windows if you are setting up on a desktop. You can able to access and sync the images from any device you like to use.

For web clients, you will get to enjoy various tools of Pcloud such as image viewer, editing in just one place. If you are a WordPress user then you can use the Pcloud plugin to backup the image files as well as edit them, format them. You can also get backups from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, One drive and Google drive. You can also easily generate a link and share it via Email.

Special Features:

  • Accessibility and multi-device usability
  • Collaboration businesses
  • Unbreakable security
  • Backups

#. Sync – Free Image Cloud Storage

Sync is also one of the best cloud storage which provides easy access, store and shares files and images with the end to end encryption securely. You can also send files to anyone who doesn’t have even an account on Sync.


The other features are the same such as file request, password, protection, notification, and permission, etc. It is available for 30 days free trial before moving to the premium plans.

There is an app is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Androids, and Web as well. To use your images with WordPress you can create an image link there and send/link it to the WordPress media gallery. Use this guide to know the procedure.

However, on Sync you don’t have to pay for Zero knowledge encryption like Pcloud. For those who always look for high security on images, they will go for But there is a disadvantage of Sync that you cannot preview the images through browsers.

Sync Features:

  • End to end encryption
  • Data protection and versioning
  • Sync Vault cloud and Backups

#. Google Photos – Google’s Online Image Cloud Storage

Well, almost all of you have used Google photos for storing your images. It gives unlimited image cloud storage for free and you can access them from any devices. If your mobile device is correctly configured with Google photos then all the images will be stored there as well as the videos automatically.

However, if we talk about privacy then Google photos will keep your images private until you share with others. You can even see images offline when network services are not available with you.

One amazing feature of Google photos is that it can recognize the objects in your image. Whenever you type any keyword that matches your files or images, it will show those images on the top.

It automatically organizes your images according to date so that later you can search for any date you want. Well, there are no other features such as zero-knowledge encryption and client-side encryption like PCloud and have.

Like other web-based image servers, you can serve images from Google Drive to your website. If you have a WordPress site you can use the Google Photos Gallery with Shortcodes plugin to fetch and show your images on the website.

Special Features:

  • Power of search enhancement such as Google Al, ML-based, Quick Access
  • Third-party apps such as CloudLock
  • Migration tools and services

#. Egnyte Connect: Best Cloud Storage

It may be possible that individual users do not prefer this online cloud storage because they don’t give the personal plans. The main advantage is that Egnyte Connect gives higher serving speed because it uses Block-level file copying method in which only the changed/modified part of files are synced.

Their plans require a minimum of 5 users if you want to buy a Business plan or Team plans. As it has effective features for working on photos, you can easily preview and sort the photos from your gallery. It also uses machine algorithms for recognition features similar to Google photos.

From Egnyte connect you can open the photos in Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and also in Adobe In-design. So far if you have a business website related to the image or your business faster serving of images then Egnyte Connect is one of the best options for you. Visit their website and ask for a free trial before getting into the premium plans.

Special Features:

  • Easy access and share with any business productivity app.
  • GDPR Compliances
  • Hybrid deployments
  • Partnership program (Reseller)

#. DropBox: Best Cloud Storage For Photos

We all want proper Synchronization and affordable plans with excellent features which allow us maximum operations with higher encryption security. Dropbox service is one we would like to choose which is established after the mailbox and drop Carousel.


The features are combined and implemented in service. Along with another file format you can store your images and share them anywhere you want. like Egnyte connects when users make any changes in files, it will only sync the piece of the file which is changed and update it automatically.

Deleted files can be recovered in between 30 days but if you are a Dropbox plus users, recovery time is extended. It has LAN sync features and increased Synchronization speed. The service is expensive but it provides pretty good features than other image cloud storage.

The drawback is, it only gives 2 GB free storage space for free trials which is little low if you don’t have plans to buy a premium plan. Plus plans offer 1 TB of storage for $10 per month. There are plenty of plugins to share Dropbox files with your WordPress but Dropbox Folder Share is one specific plugin that allows users to show images and thumbnails for preview images.

Special Features:

  • LAN sync features
  • Remote wipe
  • Third party integration
  • Advanced Encryption Standard
  • Increase Your Free Plan Space Up to 15 GB Using affiliate Program

#. Amazon Photos: Amazon Online Cloud Storage

Amazon Photos is free online photo storage to Amazon Prime members, who can save and share unlimited photos on the desktop, mobile, and Fire devices. The Prime members get unlimited photo storage + 5 GB of storage for videos, document, and other files.


The prime member can also invite up to five friends or family members to receive unlimited photo storage and collect photos together in the Family Vault. Amazon Photos is accessible through the following devices:

  1. Desktop web browser
  2. Windows or Mac desktop
  3. Fire devices
  4. iOS and Android mobile devices

You can create a shared album with groups, organize them by people, place, and things. Even you can share your images with bigger screen devices like Amazon Fire TV and so on. If someone wants to print any images on a gift card or personalized gifts then it can be easily done with Amazon Photos.

For WordPress users, there is another option to serve your images from Amazon S3. You can also move all the images from your WordPress account to the cloud with Amazon S3.

#. OneDrive: Microsoft file hosting service

OneDrive is published by Microsoft. The application is already built in with Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. The user can store and recover deleted files or images until they are purged from OneDrive. It uses Geo locations data for photo services.


You can tag location from the map and people as well when the photo is uploaded.

However, it also uses PhotoDNA scanning tool which keeps the users in control and identifies similar images, videos etc. It has concordance with other web services such as, Windows live groups. From which you can easily store directly to OneDrive and share with your friends.

The drawback is that the folder should be located on NTFS. The service offers 5 GB of free cloud storage for new users. You can access OneDrive on Windows, Mac, Xbox, iOS, and Androids.

WP Media folders plugin allows you to access your OneDrive files directly from WordPress, and add, edit or remove media.

Special Features:

  • Advanced Sync Technology
  • API access
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Edit & annotate files

#. 500px: Photography Community + Online Image Cloud Storage

If you are a photo enthusiast or want to make your photography best then 500px is the best option for you. As the service uses algorithm so that views, like, comments are allowed and if you get more plus then your page will get one of the popular pages.


This makes the application more engaging. 500px is one of the best cloud storage that gives direct communication between photographers and clients by putting marketplace feature.

You can also add watermark and license to your photos. You can also preview your photos in various categories such as portrait, landscape etc. The encryption password can be used for security propose also.

To use 500px with WordPress you can use these three plugins. All of them are great, so choose one of them considering your requirements. Here are the WordPress plugins Media Manager Plus500px WidgetWP 500px, jsGallery.

Special Features:

  • Marketplace
  • Various category options
  • Encryptions Password Protection for security

#. Flickr: Image Hosting Service

Flickr is another popular cloud image storage size of 1 TB which offers free plans to the user. It also offers monthly plans of $5.99 and annual will be of $49.99 with amazing features added to it.


You can easily upload the photo by clicking on upload icon and then you can also make a tag on the photo. As like 500px, Flickr is also not accepting RAW files. You can also use Flickr in Android and iOS.

You can easily share your entire photo stream folder. You can also generate a link and share them via Email. There are lots of plugins available to use flicker photos with WordPress. Install any one you like the most.

Conclusion: As we have mentioned the 10 best cloud storage for WordPress, you can easily choose which cloud storage will be best for you. We have also included the variously available plugins for each in the list of best cloud storage.

You can add any of your choices. It is difficult to find all the functionality into one such as ease of use, speed, security and best value but here I have optimized the options for you from which you can choose, what you want for storing your precious moment captured.

Do share if you have more information about any other good image cloud storage for WordPress. Also, I will definitely look for more updates and if I manage to find one I will update here on this list.

9 Best WordPress Maintenance Mode Plugin In 2019

Whenever some changes and setting are being made by site owner then the effective way is to put your site content on maintenance mode. There are some other cases while you need the maintenance mode such as if you are migrating your content, theme setting or releasing a new feature.

Maintenance mode is for letting visitors know that the site is under construction. There are some maintenance plugins for WordPress which are user-friendly and handles the downtime during site maintenance + make your work simple.


It is used to notify the users that site will be unavailable for temporary with the good-looking maintenance page. However, the 503 unavailable response also affects the quality of traffic as well as ranking.

Best WordPress Maintenance Mode Plugin

Here, we have mentioned ten best WordPress maintenance mode plugin that will create an effective message of maintenance while the site is under construction,

1. WP Maintenance Mode – WordPress maintenance mode plugin

WP maintenance mode adds the coming soon page when your site is down for maintenance. In which admin gets access to the blog.

However, the registered users can also see the front end of the blog. You can also set the countdown time to notify your visitors when the site gets ready.

Though you can customize the coming soon page by editing color, text, and background. Various landing templates, responsive design, and social media icons are also available.

The plugin also works with the multiple WordPress installs. Subscriber form and a contact form can also be used to receive the messages from visitors.

Though they have already mentioned that the plugin can be unstable due to the cache plugin. So deactivate the cache plugins to activate WP maintenance mode.

The Exclude option is an important option while setting. You can exclude certain URLs from maintenance mode.

WP maintenance mode requires PHP 5.6 or higher version and WordPress 3.5 or higher version.

2. Maintenance – WordPress Maintenance plugin

Maintenance page plugin quickly creates the coming soon page. However, this plugin also allows customization options such as edit the colour, text and background, social icons etc.

Moreover, you can also add the logo to the maintenance page. Subscriber form is also provided to collect the user’s emails. This plugin doesn’t cost for providing the features.

You can also add the custom CSS and edit the color of link via the general setting. The social icons can also be used by simply entering social media profile URLs.

In subscribe form, you will be provided with option download subscriber list as CVC.

They are also providing the free premium version of Maintenance. It consists of features such as background slider, background video, Mailchimp support, footer editor and progress bar.

Maintenance requires WordPress 3.4 or higher version.

3. Coming soon & maintenance mode by SeedProd

Coming soon & maintenance mode is an effective WordPress maintenance plugin. The plugin provides various features and options to make an effective design for the maintenance page.

The customize options, custom CSS, HTML with multisite support and BuddyPress support will be provided by the plugin. It is SEO friendly and user-friendly also.

Like other plugins, it allows you to customize the background, text, and color of links and headlines. They also provide the premium version of the plugin.

The premium version is full of rich features in it such as campaign integrations, built-in referral system, mobile-ready design and layouts, progress bars and many more.

You can easily upload the video by just entering its URL. Moreover, social share options and shortcode support is also included.

Coming soon & Maintenance mode by Seedprod requires WordPress 3.5.1 or higher version.

4. Elementor – WordPress maintenance mode plugin

Elementor is live page builder plugin. However, this plugin also provides the maintenance mode.

You can easily design the maintenance page using Elementor page builder interface. It also consists of the set-up access exactly who can access the site while the site is under construction.

Live page builder can also be used for designing the maintenance page. As it contains various advanced features such as box-shadow, headline effect, animations, and gradient background.

You will also get the benefit of 30 free widgets into the page builder. The widgets list consists of the shortcode, image box, progress bar, text editor, social icons, sidebars, accordion and many more.

They have also developed the pro version of Elementor. Elementor Pro includes the theme builder with advanced options.

Elementor requires PHP 5.4 or higher version and WordPress 4.7 or higher versions.

5. Coming soon page & Maintenance mode by wpshopmart

Coming soon plugin provide you well crafted and creative coming soon & maintenance page. However, like other plugins, it also provides customized options such as edit color, text, and background.

You can also add more sections to show up the information on the maintenance page. Features consist countdown timer, live preview options, SEO friendly and social network integration.

You can also upload a single image background and 5 slideshow background with unlimited color schemes.

The plugin can be compatible with all the browsers. It also supports HTML5 and Css3 animations.

Moreover, the Pro feature of the plugin contains more advanced features such as Access control, YouTube video background, landing page option access, multiple google fonts and many more.

Coming soon page & maintenance mode by WPshopmart requires WordPress 4.0 or higher version.

6. Under construction – Maintenance plugin for WordPress

Under construction is also a great WordPress maintenance plugin for creating maintenance page, landing page or construction page. The plugin is fast, user-friendly, efficient and having multiple templates.

The plugin provides multiple options such as SEO customization, option box, and popup, social network icons, countdown timer, whitelisted users etc.

Unlike other plugins, it is compatible with some of the cache plugin such as W3 Total Cache, WP super cache, Autoptimize etc.

Under construction requires PHP 5.2 or higher version and WordPress 4.0 or higher version.

7. Ignite up – Coming soon and Maintenance mode

Ignite up is decent maintenance page creator plugin. The plugin is simple and having multiple templates.

It supports almost every WordPress themes. Ignite up provides subscriber forms, customizable templates, autoresponder integrations, YouTube video background etc.

You can also add animation effect in the maintenance page. It also notifies the search engine that site is under construction via 503 error.

Ignite up requires WordPress 3.0.1 or higher version.

8. Coming soon & Maintenance plugin by Niteo themes

Coming soon & Maintenance plugin is a fast and user-friendly plugin. The plugin provides customizable features such as predefined themes, background graphics, social network share options.

The plugin contains functions such as custom URL bypass and user role management. However, it adds redirect mode also with Google analytics code.

You can easily customize the SEO meta tags and set response to search engines. You can generate bypass URL parameters to bypass CPM page for customers for preview.

Coming soon & Maintenance mode plugin by Niteo themes requires WordPress 3.0 or higher version.

9. Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

Minimal coming soon & maintenance is a quick maintenance plugin for WordPress. You will have full control over the front end of the blog.

The plugin has autoresponder integrations so that it can easily receive the emails from users. It provides subscriber form and contact form also.

You can see the preview before the activation of the page. It comes with the multiple google fonts, themes, Instagram filters, and content animations etc.

Moreover, they have developed the pro version of the plugin which redirects the coming soon page to HTTPs of the site.

Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode requires PHP 5.2 or higher version and WordPress 4.0 or higher version.


The above-mentioned WordPress maintenance mode plugin provides advanced options, multiple templates and themes to design the maintenance page.

But make sure you are using the updated version of PHP and WordPress because every plugin requires different versions for installation.

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6 Great Ways To Earn Money From Google [Updated in 2019]

Nowadays everyone wants to earn money sitting in front of the desktop. Millions of people around the world are earning money online completing a wide range of tasks.

Google is considered the most valuable online asset which boosts one’s net revenue. In fact, the source of income, Google pays billions of dollars every year to publishers for exploring their knowledge with millions of users.

One can earn regular income by enrolling in any of this listed Google’s service. If you are thinking “how to earn money from Google” then you just have to find the right way to earn from Google.

As the mission of Google is to analyze and structure the knowledge and make it accessible and insightful, it becomes easy to earn large amount from the system if you can figure out the proper ways.

In this post, I have mentioned a few platforms of Google for you to select the best option as per your convenience. There are six particular steps from which you can start earning from Google right now.

By saying that let’s start with,

How to earn money from Google?

Google AdSense: Make money online through website monetization

Image Credit: Google Adsense

Google AdSense is one of the easiest ways to earn money online. it is needed to build your own website by purchasing or creating a new domain on WordPress or blogger.

After building the website, the content which is delivered plays the most important role to gain traffic on the website. After setting a write-up on your blog, you can easily sign up for Google AdSense.

Google evaluates your website slider whether it meets high-quality standards. After getting approval from Google, advertisements can be displayed with the help of AdSense widget on a website or Blog.

When advertisements are accessed by visitors, Google pays 68% of what the advertiser pays them. But the content should have good readability to drive traffic on the platform.

Google pay: A faster, safer way to pay and earn

Image Credit: Google Pay Features

Google pay is used for peer to peer digital payment services but one can also earn money easily by using it. It is the integration of Android Pay and Google Wallet.

One just has to install the application from the Android play store. On the home screen, select add a bank account. After completing the process of adding account and registration.

It will create UPI PIN for a bank account which can be used while making payments or one can set up PIN by their own. After linking your bank account with Google pay, one can invite friends to join google pay.

If invited friends make their first payment from the sent link then the sender will get 51 on the first transaction of the user. You can earn up to 1 Lac Rupees from Google Pay.

YouTube Channel: Stream, Upload, and Share

Image Credit: Youtube

This is the third option to earn money through skill or creativity using YouTube. If one is good enough in creating videos whether it is of educational purpose, entertainment or business or marketing and development then one should create a channel on YouTube.After editing or customizing the video, one can upload it on YouTube channel.

Monetization should be enabled on videos. Once the channel or video hit more than 1000 subscribers or 10,000 views then Google will automatically display advertisements on videos. Apply for the YouTube Partner Program and start earning money after getting approval.

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Google Opinion Rewards: It pays to share your opinion

Image Credit: Google Opinion

This is not a regular source of earning like the above-mentioned sources but you can earn money on a part-time basis from Google Opinion Rewards. One needs to install the application from the Android play store or iOS app store.

This app is created by Google Survey team so one has to answer the quick surveys and earn the Google play credits. The surveys will be sent around once a week after filling the form. After completing questionnaires of surveys, it allows you to earn Google play credits.

Those credits can be used to buy any kind of paid apps. One can easily receive up to $1.00 in play credit after completing survey forms.

G- Suite Referral Program: Share to Earn

Image Credit: G-Suite

Google is offering a referral program to make money by G- suite. For that one has to apply for the referral program. This program will give a referral link.

One can get the referral link in a welcome email after the registration process. For each subscription on G-suite, you can get $7.5. Though it is not available in all countries. The revenue will depend on country and prices of G-Suit subscribers from your referral links.

The process implements, when a referral starts the free trial for G- Suite by one’s referral link. By utilizing one’s promotion code in billing information within 14 days by referral, one will be then eligible for payment.

Once eligibility is approved, one can get the payment in their respective bank account. The referral amount will be based on the number of users who have paid for at least 120 days.

There are two plans of G-Suite for signing up into the program. First is G- Suite basic plan and G- Suite Business.

Google AdMob: Mobile App Monetization

Image credit: Ad-Mob

Google AdMob is a mobile advertising company by Google. if you know how to generate an application then you can earn good revenue from Google AdMob.

It allows developers to monetize their application by “renting” screen real estate to display ads. It has also integration with Google AdSense.You can create an app which provides value and exceptional relevance in every user interaction.

Engagement on application plays a vital role in the accumulation of good revenues. After creating an app, you have to apply for AdMob. The ads can be displayed as banner, video or native ads.

Before you display ads within the app, it is needed to create an account and activate one or more ad unit IDs. This is an identifier for the places in the app where ads are displayed.

The AdMob mediation has ad network optimization which automatically adjusts the position of one’s ad network which ultimately stacks to ensure maximum revenue. It also uses Google Mobile Ads SDK which helps app developers gain insights about their users and maximize ad revenue.

Conclusion: As above mentioned, sources are the best ways to earn money by sitting in front of the desktop. You can start generating good revenues by selecting any options mentioned above.

It will be easy for one to get work from Google by just creating a Website or creating a video or generating mobile application or answering survey questions. If you have alternative tips about “how to earn money from Google” then feel free to share that in the comment box. Hope this information will help you.

Top 5 Best Affiliate Programs That Pay Per Click [Updated]

Affiliate marketing targets real traffic to merchants or advertisers. The merchants make money from affiliate programs that pay per click by displaying their product on niche sites. However, publishers get paid to display the advertisements on their sites by best selecting the affiliate program. When visitors click on the advertisement, the publisher gets paid per clicks.

Though there are the trends of fraud clicks, most of the merchants prefer to pay per lead such as free sign-ups. The mentioned affiliate programs use highly advanced technology to pay only for high-quality referrals if publishers send real targeted traffic for their products.

Best affiliate programs that pay per click

Here, I have mentioned the best affiliate programs that pay per click which provides high qualitative affiliate marketing options.

1. RevenueHits

RevenueHits is the self-service ad network which optimizes earning with best performing offers for publishers. Publishers can easily monetize their digital asset and receive the value for their ad space. The services use smart algorithms which identify the audience as well as the context of your web. It provides customized high-performance ads and allows to place ads when you intend to put. After optimization, you can easily check the statistics data of best performing ads. The service also provides an AdBlock Pop solution for easy money making. But you can’t put 3 ads on one page and you can analyze the statistical data of ads. The service CPA-based network, so you need to increase the volume of traffic for increasing your revenue. However, they work around 5000 impressions per day. Payment can be done by three methods such as PayPal, wire, and Payoneer. The minimum threshold is $20 and $500 for wire transfer. Moreover, it consists of various pricing such as CPA, CPM, CPI, etc. You can easily choose from 5000 advertising option to choose. You will be provided with many ad formats such as display banners, pop ads, interstitial and sliders, however, you can also make extra earning by referral programs. You will get 10% of revenue in the first year, who earns at least $1500, and the publisher will be given 5% revenue who earns less than $1500.

2. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is the also self-service affiliate program where optimization meets transparency. You will find various ad formats including PPC ads. The minimum payout is $10 with various payment options such as PayPal, wire transfer, Payza and crypto coins, etc. you can easily monetize your website, tools, and mobile apps, etc. It provides smart links, it is CPC based from which you can easily send the direct link to targeted traffic. It has multiple ad formats such as display banner, XML, pop-unders and smart inks. The affiliate program also contains a real-time bidding ecosystem which allows you to access billions of impressions. However, it comes with the highest detection of security against malware actions. It also serves with powerful targeting capabilities which reach to targeted audience relevant to your advertising campaigns. Moreover, for additional revenue, the service is providing referral programs. You just have to place the referral link on the website and when the user signup with the program you will be credited. The amount of credit depends on whether the user is signing up as an advertiser or publisher.

3. Shareasale

Shareasale is one of the best affiliate programs that pay per click. From the program, you can earn money by PPC (pay per click), PPL (Pay Per Lead) and PPS (Pay Per Sale). The platform serves both merchants as well as affiliates. It provides a real-time tracking system which quickly generates the commission. It has clickstream attribution technology from which you can view the recent clicks prior to the purchase. For uploading, separate data feeds by categorizing them which integrates multiple stores in one account. Custom link creation allows you to turn the deep link into shortened URLs which can be shared easily on social media. You can set up recurring commissions by approving or declining the affiliates by merchant API. You can also find merchants by Product API. However, it provides merchant services such as developing affiliate tools, crafting and distributing affiliate communication, promotional and seasonal dynamic ad banners, etc.

4. Skimlinks

Skimlinks is a content monetization platform. The platform servers all the core players of affiliate marketing such as publishers, merchants, and audience. Moreover, it serves over 60,000 publishers who entrust the platform for effectively monetize their commerce content. The service aggregates access to 65 affiliate networks. So that publishers enables to earn money from 48,500 merchants. However, it drives 25% revenue from commerce content. The service automatically turns ordinary links into affiliate links. As soon as users buy the product through links, it monetizes them on the desktop as well as mobile. The minimum payout is $10. In merchant services, it contains all the detailed insight data which is broken down by publishers such as clicks, CTR, AOV, and CR. It helps merchants to enhance their exposure to publishers. Merchants can join Skimlinks partner program in less than 100 pounds to enhance the exposure.

5. Adblade

Adblade is a native advertising platform which provides an effective monetized solution. The service is content-style ad platform which ensures 100% premium branded content sites. The service is entrusted by many agencies because of its highest brand safety rating. The ad platform ensures well content monitoring and website screening. Adblade’s NewsBullet delivers 3x more clicks than standard display ads. The advertiser can easily monitor the insight data regarding ad performance on the publisher’s site such as no of impression, CPC, CTR, and CPA, etc. However, the service enforces the brand safety control. So, you need not worry about inappropriate advertiser buying inventories. Moreover, Adblade’s proprietary technology provides the roadmap of CPM values for every placement. Payments are received through checks or choose ACH direct deposit at the end of a net 30 days of each month. If you are being paid through ACH then you must have earned at least $100. If you select an international bank wire then you must have earned at least $250 for your payment.


However, you will find multiple CPC affiliate program but only a few of them provides a large pool of advertising options, high CPC rates, and advanced tracking. The mentioned affiliate programs that pay per click contain all the core player of affiliate marketing. However, with advanced technology and security, you can easily generate good revenue by choosing appropriate merchant.

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6 Easy Tricks To Reduce Server Response Time

Sometimes during benchmarking of website speed, we found a problem like the “server is taking longer than usual to respond“. A slow server is a primary cause of slower website. Habitually we get frustrated after knowing that “our server is super slow to provide a 200 ms loading time “. But the good news is that we can reduce server response time by considering a few steps with WordPress. The optimal state of your server response time set by Google is 200 ms (according to the Google page insight). So to have a clear view of how much time your server exactly takes during the loading process, check your URL on

Nowadays this is a very important question for every website owner “How to improve my WordPress website loading speed ?“. There are many ways to do that but above all those steps, the first step is to have a reasonable server speed. In this article, you will know the steps to optimize the server to reduce server response time.

The faster your web page will load the higher rank it will achieve on Google

Many website owners normally use a fast theme or template and some caching plugins like w3 total cache, Autoptimize etc. But they are supposed to do the basic optimization for a WordPress site which is very important for a faster page loading along with performance. First of all, you have to understand the basics of a server response time. After that, you can take further steps to reduce server response time.

What Is Server Response Time?

Server response time is the amount of time that takes to load all the necessary server resources of a page before the browser starts rendering the page. Once the resources of your web-page are loaded, then the visitor will start to see your web page. This term is also called as Time to First Byte(TTFB). This is actually the sum of “Redirect time” + “Connection time” + “Back-end time”. So response time is one of the key components of the web performance of a specific website. This image will give you an IDEA of how Time To First Byte works.


Which TTFB status is good and which status is bad for your page?

  • 100 milliseconds TTFB is an excellent state
  • 200-500 milliseconds TTFB is the ideal state
  • 500 – 1-second TTFB is OK (You need to improve your page performance)
  • More than 1-second TTFB is BAD (You have to work on this to fix the issue)

What will happen if your TTFB remain as BAD? If your server takes more time to load the HTML source of a page, your website will take more time to load. Also, if you use a fast theme for your WordPress site that can’t make your page load faster. That’s why you need to give more importance on reducing the response time by your server.

What Are The Reasons To Reduce Server Response Time?

There must be some reason why you are looking to reduce server response time. There are three primary reasons why you should improve your server response and how it will help your page.  

To Get Higher Ranking In Google

As mentioned earlier Google has announced that they are looking for the fast website to rank higher every day. So regarding this official notification by Google, you must take this first step to optimize your website to follow their rule. Of course, it will help you increase your website ranking. A tortoise speed web-page may have some possible reason to be skipped by Google in terms of indexing. And one of them is to bad page response or slow loading.  

To improve the user experience

Nowadays, everyone has fast internet access on their devices. So it’s a natural behavior that they will prefer to visit a website that provides faster page loading and good performance as well. Some other matrices like responsiveness, appearance, quality of the contents are also considered but a faster performance is the first positive point for your users. You can check on Google analytics to determine the bounce rate of a website. Lower bounce rate means the website is providing a good user experience and valuable content or maybe the website is offering some great service to the people Do you want to know how people can bounce from your page? What actually happens that your visitors will come to your page and if they found a lazy, bad design or non-responsive website they will leave your site directly from that specific page.


To Make High Conversions

There is no doubt that you can make a massive conversion with a really fast, responsive and good content website. An overall good user experience helps you to get more visitor to the website and at the same time if you are using an advertising network or affiliate marketing there is a higher chance that you will earn a good amount of money with your website. Probably you may know that a lower traffic website can’t even get the approval to promote some stuff on that site. So to get more people on your page, you will need good SEO knowledge + good contents and a really fast website.


So now it’s time to know the procedures to reduce server response time.

How We Can Reduce Server Response Time

In this part, you will know about the steps you need to follow to minimize the time taken by your server to respond to a page query. Just before entering into the details of each step I want to mention the reasons that generally increase the response time.

Warning! Reasons that increases the response time.
  • Slow Web Hosting
  • Poor Caching Configuration
  • Slow Database Queries
  • Use of Older PHP version
  • Bloated Web-page
  • And Larger Traffic

There are more external reasons which affect the response time but their impact is very low. Now let’s see how we can cure the problems.

Choose a Reliable Managed Web Hosting

When someone is visiting your web-page his browser will send some request to the server according to the number of resources available on that page. After getting the request from the browser, the server will send the resources to the browser and it will be printed on your screen. In this case, the server should respond really quick to deliver a faster page loading experience to the visitor. If there is a delay while responding by the server to the browser’s request, the page will slow down. So, it is very much essential to get the steadfast server from a managed hosting service. You should try to stay away from choosing the cheapest web hosts as typically the lower performance will reflect the price you pay. The cheap web hosting company uses the shared hosting, where the server resources get partitioned into several parts to handle the traffic hike and avoid the bandwidth problems. Also, they use this method to earn more cash while serving limited resources to the user. Can You Imagine How could a single shared server handle too many requests!! As a result, the requests will be queued or delayed and make your page respond really really slow. So I would suggest you get a managed hosting service if you really want to make your website super fast. There is one more advantage with managed hosting that you don’t need to go for the technical stuff as everything will be managed by the hosting company themselves. For a good manage hosting, I would like to recommend


and MilesWeb WP hosting. MilesWeb can help you fix most of the issues related to slow server response and can easier your journey.

  • Solid State RAID-10 Storage Arrays for fast page loads and maximum redundancy.
  • Server software is the combination of NGINX, Varnish, and Memcached.
  • Pre-installed PHP 7.3 to all the server with power cacher and MariaDB for faster database caching.
  • Worldwide data centers enable a batter service possibility from the nearest data center.
  • Easily scalable computing resources with just a single click when you need it.

Use A Light Weight And Fast WordPress Theme

After choosing really fast hosting, the second step is to find and install a lightweight theme that includes all the important features for your site. So many times people install a very simple theme for faster loading but end up slowing down the website with lots of extra plugins to bring the required features. Therefore it’s better to choose a theme which is lightweight as well as has almost all the important features of a blog or website should have. Remember that choosing the right theme for your WordPress website is a major game changer. Again avoid installing NULLED themes as it will decrease the performance of a WordPress website. I would recommend you to choose Generate Press, Genesis theme and schema because these themes are light as well as powerful and very easy to use. All these themes are available to use in both free and paid version.

Start using A Content Delivery Network

CDN is a content distribution network which uses several servers in multiple geographical locations to provide the high up-time and better performance to the server. CDN reduces the total distance between the visitor and website server. Whenever someone visits your website from a specific country, the CDN network will find the best and nearest server station from all over the globe to deliver the content quickly to that visitor. Content distribution network also protects the data through a mechanism called file mirroring. It compresses the data files to provide a quick data transfer. Moreover, it can boost your data to reach the visitor quickly with the help of SSD hard drive. There is a couple of CDN service available for the WordPress user.

  1. Cloudflare is one of the most used and most trusted CDN services that offer free plans for the starter. They have a large number of options which can really help you to improve your website experience. With the integration of Cloudflare, you can set up a caching plugin and serve the scaled image as well.
  2. KeyCDN is another fast premium CDN provider you can use with WordPress. Moreover, KeyCDN helps the user to serve static contents from a cookieless domain.
  3. MaxCDN (presently known as Stackpath ) is the most recommended CDN service by different WordPress expert and lots of satisfied users. Max CDN can boost your server response up to 200% faster with w3 total cache integration. The faster is your CDN provider the wider will be your audience.

All these CDN providers create a separate static domain to serve faster data to the user and can easily be configured with your WordPress caching plugin. So using a CDN is a vital step to reduce the server response time of your website.

Compress, minify and optimize your scripts

A web-page script includes JavaScript files, CSS files and various other external stuff like widgets, embeds, like & share buttons, live chat etc. That’s why caching and optimizing the web-page can decrease the size of your page and thus help in improving the server’s response time. Compressing and caching converts javascript and CSS into HTML doc which can be accessed much faster. Both the internal and external scripts of a web-page can reduce the loading time to a bigger extent. Some really good ways to reduce server response time caused by the included script are:

  • Combine the CSS files into one: It is better to combine the CSS file available on your website into one single file to reduce the number of requests made to the server. Your caching plugin should have this feature by default so make sure you enabled it.
  • Defer JS and CSS files: Keep the ambiguous CSS and Javascript file as external so that it could be easier to cache and deferring them to make the website load really faster. Async javascript plugin can help you to defer your javascript.
  • Making Inline CSS And Javascript Files: The tiny CSS and javascript files are not needed to be placed in an external spot. Putting them along with the HTML file as Inline to can reduce the time lag.
  • Minify The JS And CSS Files: Reducing the size of javascript and CSS by eliminating the unnecessary whitespaces, comments, tab spaces, and other unwanted characters can decrease the overall file size. Lower filesize can boost the server response time. Use fast velocity minify plugin or Autoptimize plugin to minify your files.
  • Use Keep-alive method: To retain the TCP connection for HTTP signals we use keepalive method. Make sure you enable this by applying this code to your .htaccess file.
 <pre><IfModule mod_headers.c>           Header set Connection keep-alive           </IfModule></pre>

Optimize your page images

Images are used in blog and website to make it beautiful and informative, but images can cause your site load even slower. You should compress and optimize the images to reduce the size and remove unessential file information. Read this guide to optimize your page image with the help of GTmetrix and Cloudflare. WordPress user can also use plugins like WPsmush, Imagify or EWWW image optimizer. These plugins scan the whole website and reduce the size of large unscaled images to quickly loadable scaled image. These plugins even ensure any significant loss in size of the image file doesn’t diminish the image quality. So it’s definitely a win-win method to use an image optimizer. Use lazy load feature to your images. Lazy load is a technique that enables the image to load when a user starts to scroll the web-page. Lazy load is a useful plugin that can help you to enable this feature in WordPress. There are more plugins available for that, so just search and test them one by one to find the best one for you.

Improve Database Performance

Apart from these recommendations mentioned above, it’s also important to ensure that your database is optimized. Cleaning up your WordPress database is a helpful tip to reduce server response time. Generally the MYSQL database stores all the data in the table format. If your site has been live for long years and consisting of lots of contents, then your WordPress database might have huge information. The massive data stored in the database can hugely affect the server response. There are various ways to optimize database performance and it can potentially turn into a large undertaking depending on the current state of your existing database. Rewriting your queries with performance in mind, changing your schema to group objects and using indexes are a few ways you can optimize database performance. Try to optimize the Database Queries because the slow queries are the primary causes for the slow server response. Install query checker plugin for WordPress to find the slow queries in your site and try to optimize them with the help of this guide or auto database optimizer. Instead, you can use the WP-optimize plugin for WordPress to Optimize database tables, Clean all post revisions, Clean all auto-draft posts, Clean all trashed posts and Remove spam and trashed comments. Also, read this important guide by CSS tricks to optimize your database.

More tricks to reduce server response time

4 Ways To Use Cookie-free Domains For Serving Static ContentsConclusion: So, we have learned why and how to reduce server response time for a WordPress site. If you have any question on this topic then please let me know about that. I would be very happy to help you. Also, if you have any other better idea to solve this server speed issue, then send me your ideas and I will mention them in this post with a good backlink to your article.

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