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Beyond Keyword Research for a Six Figure Authority Site

Exciting news! A new addition to my family arrived last week, a Baby girl weighing 8lbs 4oz arrived (quickly). Everyone is doing well and I am very excited!

Splitting my time with a growing family, online business and real world day job will continue to be a balancing act.

For those of you in the same boat I hear your pain/struggles and will try and continue to share the systems I put in place to allow me to be able to continue to grow my business while not taking time away form my family.

Today post is the next phase of the six figure website challenge!

phase 2 research

Phase 2 – Research

In the future the entire attack document will be revealed but for those looking to build a six figure website along with us this is to show you what we have done.

What Has Been Done So Far…

The purpose of this phase is to complete research related to your core problem and ultimately find the data you will need to move onto phase 3.

This is about doing the up front leg work so that you can hit the ground running in the next phases.

What Does Phase 2 Cover (Overview):

  1. List of similar sites
  2. List of relevant sites (blogs, forums, directories, associations, news sites, organizations, businesses and schools)
  3. List of influencers 100-1000 (including their social media profiles)
  4. Keyword Research
  5. List of affiliate and CPA offers (apply to all)
  6. List of questions/problems to answer as you come across them

What Does Phase 2 Cover (Details):


List of similar sites (5-10)

This is one of the most important steps. Find and identify sites that are addressing the problem you are wanting to solve that are doing it well and are clearly successful. Finding these sites, understanding the amount of work that has gone into them and the amount of success they are having will give you ideas of the ultimate angle you want your site to take.

The information to capture for 5-10 sites is the following…

This information provides a rough idea of the amount of content and links required to duplicate the success of the similar site you have found.

The more successful the site the better!


Relevant Sites (100+)

This is a great task for a VA to do. They should go out and find as many sites possible that are relevant to your target problem. Break these types of sites into simple lists for the following types of sites…

  • Similar Sites (simply copy from previous page)
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Companies / Stores
  • Directories
  • News Site
  • Association (school, government or other)

This list of sites will be used in the future as link targets, content idea sources and other uses as needed.


List of Influencers (500-1000)

Similar to finding sites that could provide opportunities for you site in the future it is equally important to find influencers in the space you are going to be targeting.

The method of finding influencers is not as clear as finding sites by simply poking around Google.

Here are a few great articles and tools to help find the influencers…


As you identify these influencers make sure to record them on another tab of your Google document…

  • Name
  • Website
  • Very Short Description
  • Twitter
  • G+ Page
  • Facebook Page
  • Email


Keyword Research

This is actually something I am not putting much weight on for this project. Since I will be creating thousands of articles for this site targeting one main keyword is not the idea of the site.

However doing some intial keyword research to understand the approximate search volume of some key phrases and getting data to be able to see what kind of grouping you will want to do.

The tool I use for keyword research is Long Tail Pro (watch free video here).

Here is an article I wrote a couple years ago which I believe is still relevant for finding easy to rank for keywords within competitive niches…


List of Affiliate and CPA Offers

Because we are focusing the sites around a central problem we are looking to find affiliate offers which are tightly aligned with the problem. What we want to accomplish in this part of the research is identify and apply for many relevant affiliate or CPA programs.

Just because you want to use one program doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply for others. If something changes with the one you definitely want to be in a situation where you can easily switch links to the other offer.

For each affiliate/CPA offer here is what you should record…

  • #
  • Affiliate Offer / Problem
  • Company
  • Description
  • Payout
  • Applied to Program
  • Accepted to Program
  • Status
  • Pretty Link (MAKE SURE TO SET YOUR LINKS UP CORRECTLY – Here how to track affiliate links in google analytics)
  • Affiliate Link (Destination URL)

The closer your main CPA offer matches to the main problem you are trying to solve the better!

List of Questions You Come Across

This section is straightforward and should just be a list of all the questions you have come across people asking about your topic. I find this exercise is a great source of creating content ideas and also starting to understand the problem in your audiences own words!

Nothing fancy with this tab in the sheet simply enter a number and then the question plus you can include a link to the source of the question for future reference if you want.


Conclusion of Phase 2 – Research

This wraps up Phase 2. Having a VA to help with these tasks is a huge time saver (how to hire a VA).

This phase is all about laying the ground work for the next phase. Understanding the competitive landscape in your space and ultimately getting your mind ready to move to phase 3…determining your “BIG Idea”!


I will be releasing the Google document I have used but I want it to be in a finished state before releasing it. I am learning and adding as I work through the process myself. So for those who are very interested in getting access to this document…I hope you bear with me J


Hope your journey to building a six figure website in 2015 is going well!

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I am a 36 year old husband, father of 3, engineer and a huge fan of developing systems to build useful and profitable websites. The reason I build online businesses is to provide financial independence for my family and yours AND so I can spend time outside skiing and biking with my family.
Jon Gillham, Online Entrepreneur

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